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KR versus KS - please confirm


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Please confirm your V11:

Z (Italy) GU (Guzzi) "KR" = 1999-2001 Short Frame, both RedFrames and Roso Mandello (Short/black frame)?

ZGU "KS" = LongFrame ?

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So, KS certainly doesn't designate LongFrame as there are two LongFrame KR, right there.

(Plus, 114957 looks like quite a lot of 2003s made as of March 2003!)

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99 V11 =  ZGUKR0000XM111333

01 V11 = ZGUKR00001M114451

03 V11 = ZGUKTA0202M211214

04 V11 = ZGUKTA0203M211381

Cheers Tom.

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So far, whether 1999-2003, short frame or long, or Sport/LeMans/special edition, the only KS reported to me is in The Netherlands.

Could "KS" be Lambda probed V11?

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