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Ti-Racing exhaust system complete

Twin AH

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1 hour ago, Twin AH said:

Anyone have a like new Ti-racing exhaust system complete they may want to part with.

PM me if you have or know of one available.


Thx in advance

I just saw one for sale within the last couple of days, brand new all in with the ECU for $700 US,,, I thought it was on here, but it might have been on one of the Face Book groups. It was down in the Texas area?


Edited to add info     I found the ad, it was from 4 days ago on Mike Skaggs FB page. The seller was Bob Marsh in San Antonio, he's got it marked sold now, but you may want to track him down and touch base with him, just in case, fwiw

New in box, with computer, footrest brackets, springs, hardware, mufflers, pipes....price includes shipping within usa..
Do not pay through Facebook pay, I and many others are having trouble getting paid, guess Facebook is hemorrhaging money and they have to get it where ever they can...
Located in san antonio texas
Paypal, venmo and cash app accepted..



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3 hours ago, Twin AH said:

Is their any way I can contact him privately or through this forum?


I ripped through his info quick, it doesn't look like there's any other contact info.

I get the impression, it went pretty quick, but if you want to follow it up anyways;you can dm me your email/contact info and I can forward it on to him on FB

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