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Norge start issues


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I have a Norge 2007 and my buddy Bones has a 2008. Both have the no start problem but the startusinteruptus mod has been done. The starter will run by jumping the start relay but the push start button on the handlebar does nothing. On both bikes.

is there a known solution?

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I believe they are the same relays but we have swapped a few around from know working relay spots. And we tested one of them and saw it working. Is there more than one relay in control of the starter button?

if I google there are scads of threads with similar problems but I have not found the answer. Most guesses lead to bad ground, safety switches and the interuptus mod. None of the threads I saw had answer to our specific problem.

we will check the SS, neutral and clutch switches next.

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10 hours ago, fotoguzzi said:

Bones did Batteries for a career so to be sure they are perfect. 12.75

Depending on the battery, 12.75 isn't perfect. For the factory battery, for example, at least 12.8 and change would be full charge. Then there is load, having a full charge voltage wise doesn't mean there is enough amperage behind that voltage. Have you measured voltage at the battery while trying to start?

A simple test is to hook up a second source of voltage, either a second battery or a battery charger, and see if the problem goes away. It is usually from the system sensing low voltage during the start attempt, and low voltage can either be from a lack of voltage on the positive side or a bad ground. If the extra 12 volt power stops the issue, it is likely a lack of 12 volt power and the battery is to blame. If the problem is still there with the additional 12 volt power the problem is likely that you have a wiring issue. You should remember that what can happen is if during a start attempt the ECU senses voltage below its threshold it will abort the start attempt. The ECU measures battery voltage through a fairly long and small wire, so there is some voltage drop at the ECU. You can see that by setting the dash to display voltage and comparing that reading to measuring the voltage directly at the battery with a meter. Typically the meter will read higher than the dash. Also to consider is measuring voltage always requires a ground to make an accurate measurement of voltage. A weak or poor ground will typically mean a lower voltage measurement then what it really is.

That you both have the same bypass makes me suspect perhaps the bypass is not done right, as with a proper bypass it separates the starters draw from the battery vs the ECUs measurement of battery voltage. That dramatically reduces the voltage drop the ECU sees when you try to start the bike. From the factory the ECU measures battery voltage on the same circuit that supplies the starter as I recall (it has been a while).

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The mod is a direct fused wire from battery + to the yellow wire going into the relay (yellow wire cut just before the relay seat.

Had same issue before the relay mod.also used two different batteries.

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