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New member from the Netherlands


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Hi everyone,

just wanted to introduce myself as a new member. I have been nosing through this forum since I started looking into getting a V11 and have to say there is a lot of info available.

I’m not new to Guzzi’s, had a couple of Tonti’s in the past and had a 8v Griso Tenni for about 10 years. Then bought a V85tt travel, which was a great bike to ride but the allroad theme is not really for me. 

Then sold that one and got a RnineT last year, after I did a test ride on my dads RnineT. Have to say that I really enjoyed the smoothness of the boxer. But then again, it’s not a Guzzi.

while browsing the internet I found a V11 Lemans Rosso Corsa for sale, went to have a look and was impressed with the state of the 19 year old bike. So I bought it. 

currently in the garage are a 850 Lemans, R nine T and the V11 lemans. 

I will be looking into getting the shifter upgrade and rusty picket roper plate. 

mand I will have a look into uploading some pictures of the bikes.


E from the Netherlands.

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Hey man… welcome aboard!

In six months time it’ll be interesting if you’re as into the boxer ‘smoothness’ or jiving that V11’s syncopating jazz

Six months should do…  😗 

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The first and last LeMans make great stable mates. Would love to see more pics of the handlebars and fairing on the 850. Do you know what fairing that is?

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I've seen the gorgeous Stucchi fairing in red. The whole package in that blue is just magnificent! :food:

Welkom, MojoFuzzi/ "E" !  :mg:

Consider creating an album to post your wonderful images from the forum Gallery without downsizing:


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