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3 hours ago, audiomick said:

...how hard is it to pull the starter motor apart?

See repair/overhaul advice here:




You could also search this site for "valeo". You will be going down a well trodden path 

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I've just been in the garage and pulled the starter motor off. I only got it half way apart, and then realised I had to come back home and read the instructions that @MartyNZ kindly provided properly. Nevertheless, I reckon the starter motor has been replaced at some point. The bracket for the "decorative" cover is held on to the body of the starter with cable ties, which I assume is not original. I'm contemplating leaving that off altogether, far too shiny for me, a little pointless, and in the end only excess weight. :whistle:

Anyway, up to where I got, it all looks almost new. Sufficient fresh, clean grease on the moving bits, no dirt. I can turn the motor by hand quite easily. If I don't discover magnets without clips inside, I have to assume that it is absolutely ok.


One question: the number on it is DEM D6RA210. It is a Valeo, not a copy. Does anyone know for sure if that is original or not?

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