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Mounting Oil Cooler Grill

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23 minutes ago, docc said:

Ah, #49, for sale by the fifth owner. That is a very nice RM in many ways. Some uncertainty whether that is the original oil cooler grill.

Docc, like the valve covers that were resprayed on that bike. Maybe the stock silver was rattle can sprayed to “clean up the look of the bike”. Unfortunately it took some of the originality off the bike. I had leaned toward the same idea until learning the Rosso came in silver originally. :homer: 

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And much like the multiple locations that MG mounted the V11 fuel pump/filter, the photo below shows a 2002 Lemans with the fuel pump "out front" and the oil cooler mounted lower than what we see in the other above examples, using different brackets. 

In this arrangement, I don't think one could mount the OEM oil cooler grille due to the addition of the tab for mounting the horn above the cooler, or it would at least be very tight.

The variations are always interesting. :rolleyes:


From this thread:



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