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Does one uninstall Power Commander before using GuzziDiag tools?

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...soooooo many threads here and elsewhere about using GuzziDiag tools, and I may have missed it, so I thought I'd just ask directly so it is easy to find:


If one has a Power Commander installed, does the Power Commander need to be removed before using GuzziDiag, IAMxWriter, and IAMxReader, or can the Power Commander be left in place?



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Yeah, just plug the ECU in directly. Look, especially, at your CO Fuel Trim setting. "Zero" is a good place to start. Negative double digits are worth zeroing.

With a proper "Decent Tune-up," any desire to keep a PC will likely fade . . .

Here, Al, I distilled our collective knowledge into this compendium thread. The first post is all 6 steps.


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Thanks, I would love to eventually eliminate the PCIII and hopefully will; not because there is anything wrong with it, but it is aging technology and another added complexity and potential point of failure.  Now that we can tune the ECU directly, I think that's a real opportunity to simplify.

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26 minutes ago, mjseymo said:

If you load the map from Meinolf then no power commander needed and no low rev cough either! He's a member on here. 🙂


Thanks and yes perhaps.  The challenge in my situation is the number of modifications I have that may not lend themselves to a standard map or someone else's custom map without actually measuring AF across the map.  I dropped him a personal message several days ago though to see what advice or maps he may have.  I'm in no hurry as tuning the ECU and/or PCIII will be the last things on my long list, a list itself which is still behind a few other projects.  But I'm just reacquainting myself with all this information as I start that process.


See here for the modifications that may make using a standard or someone else's custom ECU map impossible or difficult.   And I would actually consider reverting to using the airbox, but modifications I made to the fuel tank to "balance" the fuel availability makes reinstalling the airbox impossible.  So we're sticking with "pods"... well the K&N's that have the long runner pods like velocity stacks.





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1 hour ago, red lion said:

If I put Mistral exhaust on my V11, Do I need a new map or just adjust the CO fuel trim to zero to make it run good?

IMO, the V11 runs better with some exhaust other than the LaFranconi they were delivered with.

Repeat the Decent Tune-up every valve adjustment interval and enjoy the benefits . . .

Is there more to do? Sure, but that is such a reliable and repeatable procedure without "a new map."

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