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brand new (updated design) 60 DEGREE SPEEDO DRIVE GEAR, TRANS END


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When MGC couldn't supply me with their updated design speedo cable, they suggested this. I didn't hesitate and said sure, and received this drive, instead of a cable. I'm confused as to why they would suggest a speedo gear when they couldn't supply me their speedo cable. How is this supposed to replace my broken cable? For some strange reason, ultimately my fault, I keep receiving non-usable parts from MGC. I've since ordered an updated design cable direct from Germany, (I believe MGC's supplier)

Return fees and shipping cost prohibits an MGC return. I'll sell this $60 shipped stateside to anyone that wants/needs it, brand new in the box. https://www.mgcycle.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=141

thanks, Anthony


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