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Historical race bikes and Riders

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39 minutes ago, KINDOY2 said:


I was seated in the Indy mile stadium, watched this live, in town for the MotoGP races, rode over to the fairgrounds to see the dirt track racing. Rossi, Kenny Roberts, Nicky Hayden, & I think Willie G Davidson were all in attendance, weather was perfect. Kenny was supposed to do a parade lap and stop but he went for more and ran wide open across the start/finish line. The 750 2-stroke was screaming as he roared by the grand stands, the capacity crowd went crazy, unforgettable.

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Kenny was to then as to what Rossi is to now . "who is gonna come in second"

 and do not forget Agostini !

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On 4/29/2023 at 9:36 PM, KINDOY2 said:


I saw him cut 4 laps on that bike at the Indy Mile during MotoGP weekend.  He rode it hard and was power sliding it, he looked as fast at the racers.  Anyway, the crowd went wild, and the announcers were giving him praises and Yamaha did some commemorations, all the while Kenny never says a word.  Finally they ask Valentino Rossi if he'd like to try it....in his accent "Noooo, it loooks a lidddle toooo dangerous." 

Kenny answers with his first words of the night, "He's smarter than he looks."


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