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That is where I was last weekend, on the shores of the Eder Reservoir (Edersee) for the annual rally of the german language forum that I am active in. Cold at night in the tent, but lovely sunny weather during the day. Here are a couple of pictures:

( the GTR 100 on the left is mine. I went to a Guzzi Rally on a Kawasaki, but don't tell anyone... :whistle:)




There were two spine frames there, the greenie on the right in the second photo, and a rather pretty 2002 Le Mans in red. The greenie had only fairly recently been bought by its current owner, and had a couple of issues, so it got looked at by the experts (and fixed...).

The friendly looking bloke in the red t-shirt is Bernd, the author of the Guzzidiag programme.

(If anyone should wonder why he is staring into a cardboard box, his laptop is in there. The box is so that he can read the screen in the bright sunlight.)

PS: sorry it is such a shitty photo. Shot from the hip with a telefon in full sunlight, so I couldn't really see how the photo was going to turn out. I'll try harder next time... B)




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I am glad we not the only ones to pull off seats to connect diagnostics . . . 

Which always gathers an interested crowd . . . :nerd::sun::grin:

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Any more closeup pics of the Guzzi with the sidecar there in the background?

Looks like a fun get together as always!

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I wish we had a bridge to cross-over to participate to these "other side" events...

I remember when shipping your motorcycle back and from was as cheap as purchasing a train ticket.

I did not see any V100 Mandello in the bunch; I am certain you guys talked about it... what's the (German) word about them, then?


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3 hours ago, PJPR01 said:

Any more closeup pics of the Guzzi with the sidecar there in the background?

No, I'm afraid not. It is a Le Mans 850, if I remember correctly. I didn't look at it very closely, but it looked very trick.

There was also a Daytona sidecar there. I think it is a shame to bolt a side car on a Daytona, but it was very well done. The owner bought it that way, and he loves it. I think there were about half a dozen side cars there in total.

2 hours ago, p6x said:

I did not see any V100 Mandello in the bunch...

There were two V100 Mandello S there, both green. One of them belongs to one of the forum admininstrators. There are about 13 in the forum now, at least last time I looked. Maybe more now. Those who have them are all very pleased with them.

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So great to see a picture of the GuzziDiag developer!

I love the way the guy in the red hat appears to be standing at attention, saluting. I don't get that at SpineRaids . . .


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15 hours ago, guzzler said:

Glad to hear Greenie got sorted out....!

It was basically just a "decent tune up". Karsten (yellow t-shirt and overalls) did all the tinkering, Bernd checked what Guzzidiag can check.

They set the TPS (goal was 160 mV, it ended up at about 158), balanced the throttle bodies, set the CO trim. For the CO, they started at -20 and varied back and forwards in steps of 10 to see how it reacted. The focus was on just off closed throttle, i.e. how snappy it was when the throttle was opened from idle. The final setting was -20.

10 hours ago, docc said:

... the guy in the red hat ... standing at attention, saluting. ...

Yeah, it does look like that. :grin:

That is Peter, the bloke who owns the Daytona side car rig. I only met him about an hour before that photo. His Daytona got looked at too. Karsten used to have a Centauro, so he knows that motor pretty well.

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Yes. They started there, tried this way and that, and ended up back at -20.


The important bit is, I reckon, the "this way and that", i.e. not just set to any particular value, but starting at a value that is known to be fairly good, and varying one way and then the other to find the best value. What they were observing, as mentioned, was the throttle response coming off idle.

The process seemed to me to be analagous to setting the mixture screws on a carb: set them to the value in the Workshop Manual, then screw them in and out to find the best setting, in the case of the carbs the best idle.

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