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Clutch bleeder.


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I installed the "remote bleeder" for the clutch from the Griso, Breva and what have you the other day.

Part #12 here, buy the screw and the  seals with it:



Bleeding the clutch was very comfortable after that. I had to buggerise around a bit to fasten the end of the extension, but once I had that I could bleed the clutch in a comfortable upright standing position, one hand on the clutch lever, the other on the spanner on the bleeder. It remains to be seen what the permanent solution for the upper end of the bleeder extension will be. For now, it will be secured somewhere out of the way with a cable tie.

The first attempt at bleeding involved a carpenters clamp. As I mentioned, a bit of dicking around to get it set up, but it was worth the effort. :)


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I just bled the clutch on my GRiSO yesterday. It did not cross my mind to rig up something to hold the bleeder line and wrench as you picture.

Brilliant, makes it a one man job. I had to draft my loving wife into pulling the clutch lever for me while I maneuvered the two wrenches.

Another associate mentioned that he had installed "speed bleeder" type check valve/nipples to make it a one man job.


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14 minutes ago, Ratso88 said:

... to rig up something to hold the bleeder line and wrench as you picture.

So, on the Griso, the bleeder is not secured in such a way that one can use it one-handed? Intersting. I assumed it would be.

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The line is secured at the frame under the seat when in normal operation.

Bleeding requires moving the line down and away, turning it into a three handed job.

Still, easier then trying to access a bleed nipple on the slave cylinder.

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Yeah, looks to be the same principle. Look here on the second half of the page under "product specifications":



The mechanic I go to when needs must be uses a bit of hose with an inline one-way valve in it. No idea where he got the valve from, but with that he effectively has the same principle as the speed bleeder / stahlbus system in a version that he can stick on whatever bike he is currently working on. I've watched him using it, and it seems to work very well.

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