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I purchased a Shark Skwal i3;

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16 hours ago, audiomick said:

I expect you'll find out sooner or later. B)

But I can't imagine a helmet producer not having thought about that. I expect that the mechanism is more or less water tight. :huh2:


If you really want to know, put the helmet on, and go under the shower. :whistle:

Well, you would be surprised.....

See, those engineers design equipment to comply to some typical conditions. They try to make the range as broad as possible, but the weather in Texas is unique, even more now than before.

If our Shark junior guys used the typical European drizzle to isolate that slider, then I am safe and dry.

If I was to tell you that for the past few days, we had those incredible storms here, with the rain resembling the monsoon, meaning that my shower dispense less water flow than the rain...

The heat has been so intense last year, that the coating behind my rearview mirrors flaked out, leaving blind patches. The tank protection dilated and came loose. All the elastomers exposed to the UVs aged incredibly fast. There are also some rubber which loses consistency after exposure, it becomes sticky and never regain its hardness.

Anyway, I will find out sooner than later, because so far, we have not been going a single day without one of those storms.

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I have deluge tested the Skwal i3, and I can happily confirm that no water comes through the slider that operates the sun visor.

Furthermore, the lights come handy in the kind of storm I went through today. The sky was completely dark, only lightning would interrupt the penumbra.

Even if the lights make it look like the entrance of a brothel, I think it has some other useful purposes! ha!

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