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Just now, Joe said:

Docc 101, B roads to almost no road, many turns and twist never getting on a dreaded 4 lane road ever. GPS ridden off the beaten path, the long way home, makes for a good ride on a V11 Sport. :bike:

Haha, formerly known as " cow paths!" :bier:

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On 5/29/2024 at 9:02 AM, guzzler said:

Meanwhile clowns with the attention span of a gnat on gear nod off at the wheel.....!



Ha ha.

Mate, I remember the ole knock off 5 and stay alive ad's, but what I was on about was the clowns that were very easily distracted at 100kph were even more so or downright dangerous at 95 kph....Not that too many actually did so.

I've spent quite some time on our roads over the years and have seen all sorts on them eh.


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