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V10 Sport Mapping

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I decided to fine tune the fuel mapping on the Daytona engine. The bike ran very nicely but at town speeds the initial crack of the throttle needed some refinement. It didn't jerk around or anything like that but I could here from the exhaust it wasn't perfectly clean although as I said it didn't present any rideability issues. I'm being super fussy here but I also now have access to original .bin files for the Daytona and Centy engines and my original map was quite a bit different so I decided to make up 5 new maps and load them and evaluate by the old seat of the pants methodology. Once I got to the second of my new maps I stopped there because the bike was running as close to perfect as you could ever want. Anyway here are the Delta main and offset maps to show the differences between my original maps and the new map I came up with and decided to stick with.

Screenshot 2024-05-29 172922.png

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