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Motorcycle Day at PDX Cars and Coffee

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Not a big turnout because of early off and on rain, but the Norton guys don't mind the precip. @swooshdavehad his Interstate at the head of the pack and the Norton Club was there in full force. I had my Coppa there. Just one other Guzzi. We all lucked out though, rain stopped by 8AM.


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A couple videos from the Motorcycle Day with some nice shots of that Coppa. I wasn't there last year, I think I was having dinner with @docc instead. The year before that I did have the Guzzi out.

@activpop What was the other Guzzi? I think I missed it. Also I was at the back of the pack as we came in. I get to pick up any parts that fall off the other Nortons. :D

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@swooshdaveThere was a V9 by the real estate tent set up by the building. I chatted with the guy for a bit. He was marketing homes with space for car or bike enthusiasts. He would have loved to sell you something. 

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