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20 hours ago, TJH said:

With the tps in my hand but connected the minimum reading is 204 mv .
With very slight pressure using a screwdriver in the slot it will get down to around 150 mv.

While you wait for a better TPS, (see Phil's suggestion) try popping the bottom off and looking for the reason why you can't get enough travel. There may be plastic molding flash, or some other rework will allow you to get back on the road. 

I measured the resistance of an old TPS that was worn and erratic but gives some representative figures.

Top pin to mid pin: 2.65KΩ Throttle closed; 2.65KΩ Throttle open.

Mid pin to bottom pin: 3.84KΩ Throttle closed; 1.22KΩ Throttle open.

Top pin to bottom pin: 1.22KΩ Throttle closed; 3.92KΩ Throttle open. 


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Thanks again for the interest and responses gents.

I’ll check that out MartyNZ , thanks for the info and I’ll keep you posted.


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