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Technological advancement and such...

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A few minutes ago, I caught myself groaning about the slow W-LAN ( I think that is called Wi-Fi in many places outside of Gemany...) where I am right now. That got me thinking about where the "state of the art" was 20 years ago. If I remember rightly, I did have a wireless LAN at home 20 years ago, but the internet access was still via an ISDN Modem.

Go back 20 years, mobile phones were not a matter of course, and could only make phone calls.

Back anotherr 20 years, CD was a brand new, exciting, and revolutionary audio format.

20 years before that I can't remember, as I was only just born, but I can remember cars from that period, for instance. And I know that there was no TV in my home when I came home from the hospital as a new born. I think there was a phone, but it had a cord. The car had a push-rod motor, and cross-ply tyres.

The world has really changed, hasn't it?

Why the W-LAN got me on to this train of thought? I'm on a train from Hamburg to Munich (and it's the middle of the night, I'm bored and I should actually be trying to sleep...), using the free on-board W-LAN. On a train.Once again: free on-board W-LAN on a train. :o

Wonders never cease, and it never ceases to wonder how quickly one becomes accustomed to the wonder. And impatient when it doesn't work as well as one might wish. B)



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You should be old enough to remember 33 1/3 LPs and 45s playing on a stereo phonograph . Then 8-tracks , cassettes, CDs and on and on.

 BTW , we used to have a RCA Victrola that would play 78s . These records were as heavy as a flywheel . The big fun was to play 33s on 45 or 78 RPM or any combination of speeds. They would sound like Frankenstein or Alvin & The Chipmunks . Also to remove the center disc from a 45 where it would be off center and sound silly . We would laugh until we peed all over ourselves .  

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Listen , pot made music sound better than it ever sounded before . It also affected your sense of taste the same way .

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Instead of editing info out , I should have left everything in .  I keep forgetting not everyone was as much an explorer as I was. 

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17 hours ago, audiomick said:

W-LAN ( I think that is called Wi-Fi in many places outside of Gemany...)

WAN and LAN; wide area network and local area network.

Internet used to only be gotten via a wired cable from either a switch or a router connected to a modem.

In any case, WAN and LAN are still valid terminology. Some of my equipment is connected to my modem router via an Ethernet cable, not much, but I have my own "Cloud Storage".

Let us not forget that Ethernet cables have also evolved and have much more bandwidth than WiFi itself. A cable can move 1 Gbyte per second, much better than the best WiFI.

My ISP provides my Modem Router, and I have no clue what WiFi standard is in use. Today's latest is WiFi 6.

I have had access to email since the early days, when I connected to my company's main frame via an acoustic coupler. Lol, do you remember those? you plugged your phone receiver into them.

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On 7/8/2024 at 6:58 PM, p6x said:

.... acoustic coupler. Lol, do you remember those?

I don't think I ever used one, but yes, I know what that is. Those were the days.... :grin:

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