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Guest rarerider

Hi everybody out there, maybe I have already met some of you on MGNOC, as I have sometimes written on that list. How to begin: I'm in the second half of my forties and work as clinician at a city hospital in my hometown. Milan, Italy. I'm married and we have two sons, the first one beginning his teens, so I don't have much time to ride. I've been riding bikes since '89, after a ride on my brother's Beem twin: it was so different from my teenage experience, and really couldn't have stopped after that!

I've had different bikes from then: always street bikes, naked for the most. I was looking for the"perfect one" to fit me, though it's difficoult to meet all the needs on such a specific tool. I use the bike in everyday commuting and make some good trip in summertime to meet my family on holidays: usually I log 10.000 Km. a year.

I'm just back to V11, that isn't my first Guzzi since I owned an used Centauro for about a couple of years in late nineties. Said back because I've been robbed of the V11 last summer, as I've posted on every list I could. I was really lucky to have my one back and now it's a couple of months that I can enjoy again this experience.

I'm very glad of the work done by the mech and the bike now works even better than before: the work done on the clutch and the revision of the gear make the shift very smooth and easy. I don't spend much time on the PC but I like to share news about our bikes. So hope to keep in touch with you! :)


Beniamino Vigo

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Hi Folks.

I've been on this forum since early Fall of 2002. I'd like to thank Jaap first off for running a terrific forum. I now spend more time here than on the Guzzi discussion list or the Ural board. The features of this forum are just awesome! It has attracted a great crowd too!

I have been riding street bikes since 1980. I have owned 24 motorcycles over the years. Half of those were Guzzi's. What can I say? I'm hooked on them. I'll soon be 42 years old. I have a daughter and son, both teenagers. And I have a beautiful wife who has always been supportive of my year 'round cycling habit. (I don't own a car. But my wife does. :lol: )

We've been together for 23 years now. Married for over 19 of them. I'm a lucky guy.

I spent 20 years in the US Navy. Primarily I was a nuclear plant mechanic. I've served on subs and carriers. I was hit badly by a red light runner in 1995 and seriously injured. I annoyed the Navy into letting me finish my "20" even though I couldn't have passed a physical to save my life. (My legs were crushed and my left shoulder injured.) I was over due for shore duty anyway. I believe they owed me that! Besides, I made myself so valuable to my shop that they couldn't afford to let me go! :D I took it as a high professional compliment when it took three young guys to replace me when I retired in Sept. of 1999.

I've been rebuilding seats as a hobby since 1993. A local Dealer forced me to turn pro in 1996. I've been doing it full time since 1999. I do OK for a guy who works outta his garage! It's thanks to the internet and all my past customers that I can earn a living from this. If I had to depend only on local business, I'd be much skinnier now!

My V11S is my main ride and transportation. I rode 60 miles round trip to a VA Hospital for a physical this morning. The misty rain made the bike filthy on the return trip. But it cleared up this afternoon. It was beautiful out today so I decided to clean and polish the bike. Feels more like June than February! But the cold will be back tomorrow. My wife, Donna, took this photo of me with the bike in our driveway this afternoon. I decided to use part of it to update my avatar as well!

The luggage system is something I built Summer before last. Holds the two Givi E360 bags and my camping gear perfectly! My wife and son like the bolt-in passenger backrest too! Hard to believe I've had the bike two years come May! Time flies! This has gotta be as close to the perfect Guzzi (For me.) as I have ever owned! Gorgeous! Light handling and fast. Great "feel" and "character" to the motor. And easy to care for as well. Guzzi really hit a home run with this model! :mg:

Springs feels like it's just around the corner. 'Can't wait to meet some of you at the Guzzi Rallies this year!


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The Guzzi World sure is a small one. Like Al and Lex I also work for Cisco Systems (maybe we need to start a company club). I just read Rich's bio in the MGNOC monthly rag and found out that he grew up in the same town that I did in Pittsburgh (Mt. Lebanon) and worked at one of my favorite resturants. Rich, I camped next to you and your son at last years WV rally. Im sure we crossed paths as kids or young adults back in "Cake Town" (inside joke).


Anyway, I moved to Columbus, OH 4 yrs ago - Dublin, OH to be exact - not the most exciting place in the world - and found that I could not be a good Dad & husband and still play golf. But you have to have an outlet of some kind - I was too young to die!! I've always wanted a bike and rode a lot as kid. I would see all the Goldwing riders with these shit eating grins on their faces as I drove by. One of my good friends from Erie was a big BMW rider and I worked with another big rider (Tim Gundlauch- races Guzzi) while in Pittsburgh and the thought of those bikes never left me.


So I decied that I needed a hobbie that that would not infringe on my family life but still gave me "the Juice". The answer was simple - motorcycles. With the help of my friend - I purchased a 1992 BMW R100GS - loved that bike but always had my eye on the touring Beemer - R1100RT. Another friend just moved to central Ohio from PA and was in the process of divorice. He asked if I would help him sell his bike - it was a new 98-R1100RT w/1200 miles on it. I ended up buying that bike and rode about 12k miles per year. Mostly in the earily morning weekend hours and a couple o longer trips. I love that bike and still do.


But then I saw her!! The Green V11 Sport and fell in love with. What would a person ever do with two bikes and Im sure the feeling will pass. Well it didnt and 9 months latter I purchased the V11 Sport without ever test riding it - hell, I didnt even sit on it. After I picked it up from my dealer and drove the 10 miles back to my house - it was all over. I put 11k miles on it in less than 8 months. Then the Cal Spec Sport came out and I thought I would sell the Beemer and get a Cal Spec Sport. Loved that bike and it gave me a chance to do some custom work to that bike!!! Put 10k miles on that in less than 7 months.


Well the poor Beemer sits - and I usually use the V11 for my early morning runs and the Cal Spec for afternoon or just toolin around. The V11 is my favorite and Im hooked on Guzzi for life. The people are just an added bonus to this whole experince. See you on the road!!

Jim in Dublin, Oh

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I rode a variety of nippon hardware in my youth when I joined the U.S. Navy, Honda 350 twins and fours, Yamaha RD350's (and production raced them too as well as an Italjet 50cc Vampire roadracer - I wished I had never parted with that little bundle of noise), a short bout with a miserable bitch from hell Kawasaki Z-2 and then I sold everything and got married the last year I was in the Navy. The motorcycle bug never leaves you though and at year 2 in the marriage (a good one - 24 years next week) I purchased a Yamaha 650 Seca, one of the best bikes I've ever owned - except for the wear rate on Japanese parts was horrible and the entire bike was sacked out at 38,000 miles. I tried to move a telephone pole with it and so that got replaced with a BMW R65. Nice bike, better with clubman bars, rearsets and a Ducati fairing. I sold that and quit riding for 13 years. Then one day in the van pool on the way to work, a buddy of mine handed me the 1997 Motorcycle Buyers Guide. I thumbed through it but I kept returning to the picture of this absolutely gorgeous, svelte, sexy Italian Moto Guzzi Sport 1100i. A year later I bought one. That was followed by a 97 California, a 2001 V11 Sport and a V65 which my daughter is learning to ride on. She's really inseam/height challenged, so the other bikes are not an option. My son rides too and learned to ride on the California. Since I returned to riding in June of 1998 I've put a collective 87,000 miles on my Guzzi's. I love them. Right now the Sport 1100i is being upgraded to the Cliff Jeffries My16M ECU in an effort to do away with the evil characteristics of the ECU's on those models.


Oh yeah. I'm 51.

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Guest Phil/TX

I'v been reading these bio's and have to put in my $.02 worth. I'm 58, and a poor speller. I started riding in 1962, first bike 1958 Showa 125. I was in the Air Force in Japan. I have owned over 80 motorcycles, and don't have any Idea how many miles I have ridden? I have been riding AHRMA Vintage MX for about ten years, but will have to quit (knee problem) I wanted to ride in the + 60 class, but would rather be able to walk when i'm 60. All good things must end! Current bikes are:


02 Le Mans

96 1100 Sport

66 Honda Super Hawk ( in progress)

74 Can Am 175

75 Montesa MX

72 BSA 250 MX ?

72 Rickman

71 Bultaco sherpa "T"

69 Montesa 360( Basket)


Married for 38 years, two good kids, two sweet Grand Daughters, tons of friends.

Still woundering how come it took me 36 years before I got my first Guzzi? :bier:

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Well, most of you may recognize me as the guy who is soliciting money for the "MOTO GUZZI MOTORCYCLE" little league baseball team...and I imagine that some of you may be somewhat suspicious of me. So in an effort to preserve my good name, I thought I would enrich your existence by introducing my humble self! Besides, if Carl Allison can post here..I can too (good guy, he lives several blocks away and is ALWAYS willing to help).


Pretty mundane bio. 52 years old, born Clark Air Force Base in Phillipine Islands and (mis)spent youth in Des Moines, Iowa. Okinawa (near Japan). Brooklyn, New York (Fort Hamilton). Puerto Rico (Fort Buchanan). Oakland, California (Oakland Army Base) as the son of a career soldier (who in 1965 was in the first promotion batch to the new rank of Sergeant Major).


Joined Army myself in 1969 for 3 years, spent at Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey and bought first bike in 1970, a brand-new Kawasaki 175 Enduro. 1971 saw me on a Suzuki 250 Savage (enduro)...and those brothers and sisters were the most enjoyable motorcycling days of my life, riding through the pine woods of New Jersey without a care in the world! The movie "On Any Sunday" was a semi-religious experience when I saw it then. In 1972 I bought a CZ 250 Motocrosser and got out of the Army. Sold the CZ and thought I would become a professional motorcycle racer :blink: so I went to a mechanic school in Milwaukie, Oregon. While there I met an Oregon State Trooper who unknowingly recruited me into law enforcement. I moved to California and several years later graduated from the police academy.


But my existence was meaningless...still no motorcycle. Until 1986 when I bought my first HUGE street bike, a 1985 Kawasaki GP-z 550. But, sad to say I sold it about a year later to pay off some debts.


Re-married in 1987 (yeah, I know I left out the first one) and now have 3 wonderful children and a wife. SWMBO was ambivilant about the bikes, and I guess I became so myself.


Until mid-December '93 when while looking for a burglary suspect I fell and broke my ankle :( . As I was laying there I KNEW something in my life was about to change drastically. And it did! While in the hospital (severe break..three operations, 9 screws and a steel plate) a friend brought me a motorcycle magazine to read.


I was hooked again, and it was a Moto Guzzi (Sport) that reeled me in! But Guzzi's seemed a little impractical to me then, so in '94 I bought an 88 BMW R100RS. Traded that for an '88 K-75S BMW two years later and then in '98 bought an R1100RT BMW. I put some Staintunes on the RT and I thought it HOWLED! Seriously...


But inthe back of my mind I still remembered that Moto Guzzi, and when I saw the new V-11 Sport, I just knew that despite my lingering suspicions about MG's reliability I just had to have one!


So, on a cold and rainy day in February 2002 I rode my first Moto Guzzi. And that, brothers and sisters was that! I sold the BMW and an SV 650 (see it at SVRIDER.COM forum 22, with the Triumph Speed Triple bodywork - I'm very proud of that creation) and plunked down some change for a '01 V-11 Sport. Ten months later, the free ($1000 accessory incentive) tankbag FINALLY arrived, and I'm still infatuated :wub: with my silver V-11 (Stucchi x-over and windscreen, Leo Vince Ti-ovals, Rich Maund seat, gold powder-coated wheels and other misc modifications).


Love this list and many thanks to Jaap for allowing me to bore everyone on it with my bio. And if youre ever on I-5 in Central California, stop by and see me in Patterson. Wave down a "black and white" and ask for Sergeant Camarda (they'll find me). Heck, if youve bothered to read this far, the least I can do is buy you a cup of coffee! :bike:

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this is my first post here and I don't even own one of these bikes yet, but that's just a matter of time and money (like what isn't?). Just need to sell a R11GS first.


I've been riding almost 15 years. Mostly BMWs and a H-D Sportster. I had a 1000S for two years but sold it last year. I was just too busy to ride it for fun and it really wasn't the best commuter bike.


Besides the GS, I still own the Sportster and an SP/Le Mans hybrid. I used to roadrace the pig and it gathers dust in my garage in racing trim. I currently race the Guzzi in WERA Vintage 4 and 5, or will once the top end is back together. Actually, I took the last year off from racing due to needing to spend the time with the new baby and the family.


Racing the Guzzi is loads of fun, and compared to the Sporty, maintenance free. I now have talent in a straight line - I can actually pass people somewhere besides on the brakes. Any lines on loop frame racing parts are greatly appreciated.


I'm 37 with two little boys and a wife who really wants us to get something that we can ride around on, so that's the reason for the Le Mans. I spend most of my time running a two year old commercial real estate business I'm a partner in, so plain old riding around is limited. I never thought I could justify buying a V11 Le Mans, but I am seeing some amazingly cheap prices right now. Add one of Rich's seats and we should be all set.


That's about it. I look forward to learning from you guys and to "joining the club" very soon.


see ya



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i am 59 yrs. old.

started riding in havana cuba when i was 12 .

my first bike was a 1948 harley davidson,single cylinder,made either by hd under license,or by dkw in germany. hd acquired them as part of the war reparation act.

this was a 2 cycle engine good for a top speed of 70 mph.

i used it as a motorcross machine since i could not ride on the streets ( i did ,often but was almost always scorted back to my house by the police )

and thus i came home everyday with a piece of the bike in my hands.

it just kind of fell apart over the rough roads.


left cuba when i was 16 to ny and did not ride again until i moved to connecticut in 1979------


then,-a 1980 c400 honda that i kept for 3 months and

then moved on to a 1980 cb 900 honda .gave it away one year ago.

in 1982 got a 1982 bmw r100rs which i still own and ride..........just back from a ride on it ......

and,in 2002 bought my first moto guzzi a le mans teni...

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Nice to read about the other Guzzi riders, interesting backgrounds too.


Here's mine,


Born 6 oct. 1954 Living in the Netherlands=Holland.

First bike at 18 years, in following order:

Matchless 350cc single (ex dutch army) Always leaking.

2x Ducatis 250cc, 350cc singles OHC's

Matchless 350cc single with alu primary chain cover. Not leaking!

Yamaha SR 500 single

Suzuki VX 800

Moto Guzzi V11 sport naked colour "green glycol"


I was educated as an ships-engineer, sailed for 10 years on steam- and dieseldriven ships all over the world. "exwtk=ex werktuigkundige"

Later I acted 9 years as an tutor for refrigeration technicians.

At the moment working as an dutch government official.


My moto: say what you think!

To all of you: Happy Guzzioning and MANY THANKS TO JAAP.




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Hi Guys (& Girls???)

since I'm also new to these things , w.i. forums and moto guzzi's this might not go the way I want it to get out but anyhow I'll try.

I rode piggy back on a lot of guzzi's owned by my bro and finally bought one a couple of weeks ago but let me introduce myself first:


My name is Rudi, live in Dordrecht / the Netherlands and getting almost 41 years old, seems that most guzzistis are a bit older


To pay for the bike I work as a captain in the Dutch merchant navy on a Heavy Lift vessel, which means I get to ride a bike about 5 months a year only.


My previous bike was a triumph tiger 955i, really loved that bike, nothing wrong with it except my legs were a bit too short so I traded it in for a V11 Le Mans Rosso Corsa, which I fell in love with when I saw it on Intermod last year.

I tried a test ride on a scura at Teo Lamers but they were not so interested in a triumph so finally got to a dealer in rotterdam.


First the positive things, It really is a fantastic bike, engine much rawer than my old tiger (triple) but not as smooth

and the looks are : bellissima

but I already have some flaws, tank and front wheel had some slight scratches which will be replaced under warrenty but the dealer forgot to order the parts so I'm already waiting 2 weeks in vain

and last week my speedometer cable broke plus neutral light just stays on.

I replaced the cans with titanium giannelli's but since my dealer doesn't own a computer I'll go (today) to Teo Lamers to get it tuned and hopefully the dealer in rotterdam can solve the neutral / speedo problems.


Still , I'm positive about the first 1400 km on the bike, might take a while to get used to eachother.

Well this should be long enough, if somebody has an answer to a neutral light which stays on all the time let me know although the bike is new and under warranty..




2003 rosso corsa

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Hi All

Im 42 live in Fareham which is on the south coast of England with my girlfriend who rides a BMW Scarver.

I did 14 years in the army [REME] fixing tanks and apc.Now i fix cars and bikes broken down on the roadside for the AA[automobile association].

First bike was a yonda cb72 which i rode [illegaly] at 14.

Pasted my bike test on a moped i borrowed in Belfast , on returning to my base in Germany i bought my first real bike a Lemans111, great bike had for 7 years then decided to try a change so bought a Yamaha fzr 1000 exup fast bike but crap gearchange and clutch though a very secure handler.Then bought a 1200 bandit which i rode for 3 months[yawn] then i found a small Guzzi/Ducati dealer in Alton and accepted the offer of a test ride on a Centauro, loved every minute so bought the bike.

I had a low speed crash on the Centauro and the mechanical repairs done by the dealer where done incompetetantly and the bike was never right again.

Luckily a friend who has a Scura told me that our local dealer had a Tenni that had been sitting in the showroom for quite a while and the price had dropped to £5795 so i bought it and i love it and hope i can keep it the right way up.

Regards all thx

Martin :mg:

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Guest Jeff Kelland

Jeff Kelland, 46, live in southeastern MA. Diesel engine electronic tech/ Fire apparatus tech. Married 19 yrs. 2 teenage daughters 15 and 17. 1 dog, yellow lab 16mos. If it has an engine and wheels I've probably worked on it at 1 time or another. Been afflicted with motorcycles since I was aware of them, parents forbid them, 1st one at 18. I've had a lot of them, Japanese, American (did the hd thing for quite awhile), British, and Italian, never owned German, Chinese, or Russian yet. Quit for 2 or 3 years and got the hots for a 900ss duck which I really liked, traded it in for a 748 duck which was the best handling/ best running (chipped and piped) motorcycle I ever rode. Shame it was too small for my 46yr old back and I rode it way too fast all the time, it was only happy that way. I went to look at a used Beemer and found the Goose. Thought about it for 3 weeks and traded in the Duck. So far I think it was a good choice even with the small problems it has (read about most of them here before I bought it). I have 2 mid 60's triumph bonneville projects, a 350 ducati project, and a 74 Norton commando/featherbed frame project. Work and Family limit my riding time but I try to get out early Sunday mornings to the northwest RI and northeast CT area and burn up some farm roads before the traffic starts. The Le Mans seems ideally suited for me and my type of riding. I'm looking forward to sorting it out and getting it to run right. I think that's part of the fun (sick huh?). This sight by the way is one of the best I've seen, serious enthusiasts with real information, thanx, Jeff :helmet:

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Guest scottd132

New today, I Live in Seattle. I have a 2001 V11 CF sport. Basically a apple green sport with the CF fairing front fender, side covers and other CF stuff. I just added the MG Ti exhaust and computer. I raced motocross as a kid in colorado, first street bike was a Yamaha RD250 at 16 and the my uncles Kaw HK750 (two stroke triple death machine). I wasa asalesmanager for a Kaw/Hon dealer in Colorado and after college took time off from riding for about 15 years. Now in Seattle I starte3d back with a Suz Katana 600 and hated it which kept me out again for a couple years. I finally bought a Quota nd liked it but bit the bullet a year ago and sold it for my new V11. THE BUG HAS BITTEN!!! I refuse to ride anything else because it may be smoother and faster and I may do somthing stupid like replace my V11.


I look forward to the MGS01 but have to wait and see. I went on a fun run this weekend and checked out the new toys and felt the attention given to the Guzzi was pretty cool as most guys just go....dude....torque???


Well, good to be here, I intend on spending lots of money and time making my bike fast and fun.


Scott :D

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Guest JohnInNH

Humm... I thought we did this once before here....


Born in 1955 in NY City but lived in CT, but spent most weekends in VT at our "camp" . It was my Uncle who gave me the bug. He was into motorcycles big time. He had em all. Black Shadow + Sunbeam+ Old BMW's+ bikes in his living room and kitchen. A kids dream. :D


My Dad got me a mini-bike at 13 which I rode on the dirt roads in VT, and really any place I could. Dreamt of having a real bike, but the parents would never allow it.


After I got out of the service (US Army) I got my 1st bike, a Triumph 500 cc Trophy. Long story.... Then a 1957 "pan" chopper. Had some bad experiences got into some trouble, then got out of the HD scene.


A few years later I got a Honda CB 750 which had a front end tank slapper issue then traded in quickly on a CB750F. Kept it until the "Interceptor" hit the showroom floor. Fell in love and ordered one w/o even riding it. Almost killed myself on the way home. That bike has NO feedback at all. Sorta like power steering and an electric motor.


Got stupid on the VF750F for a while, it was only fun over 100 MPH or on the edge in the curves. Then met a guy with a HD and we were buds so I picked up my 1980 Sturgis. I had that the longest and put the most miles on it. Re built it 3 times. Sold it so I could buy my house in NH many years later.


Had 2 BMW air heads an r80RT which I sold and got a R100RS. Due to a health problem (nerve degeneration) I lost use of my right arm and could not use it. It sat for 2 years.


My arm got a little better and I moved some bikes back into the Dealer (AJ's in MA) for him at closing. I fired up a FI California and loved it, and traded my R100Rs for it. Kept it for 4K miles but the seating position was to crowded. No real way to move the seat back cuz of the computer. Had this bike fit I believe I would still have it. But it was not meant to be.


Sooo... One day I was at Marsh Motorcycle in CT I saw the LeMans. It was THE bike. :wub: I took a test drive and signed the papers on the spot. I traded the California and wrote a check.


I had been admiring the Moto Guzzi's for a while. AJ's had a V11 for a while which I thought was tits, but knew not to ride it. Saw the V11 evolve into the Le Mans. The almost perfect bike. Once I get the foot pegs and bars sorted out it will be just right. The only thing I don't like about it is the crappy MPG.


I am married and have 3 kids all out of the house. I run a small home based company which keeps my wife and I tied up. I also spend a LOT of my time on the shooting range. I shoot Highpower Target Rifle, and Cowboy Action. I have shot in target competition since I was 10, and am a Certified Firearms Instructor.


In our spare time (that's a joke) My wife and I Kayak (flat water), and we used to be in a bicycle club and rode in a few 100 mile rides (in a day) on our tandem. I really enjoyed the ability of being in-shape and riding 35 miles a day (training) on the bike. 50 MPH on a race bike is the closest thing to flying. I had a custom built Paramount 58 cm With DuraAce components. SOMEDAY I will start riding my bicycle again. I just do not have the time.


Oh I forgot :huh: I have a Miata and have a VF-Eng Super Charger on the way. We like to go out after work and watch the sun set while we ride around the back roads in VT + NH :pic: I feel like we are riding around in a New England Calendar

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I am 39 years and drive my red and grey Le Mans in Halmstad, Sweden.


My login name is not because I think I am the leader of this gang.

I just like Italian things so I also drive an Italian car, Alfa Romeo.


To my friends I say that I always put a hand up to hello when I meet an other

Guzzi driver but in 2 years I haven’t done that yet. Not so many Guzzis in Sweden!


I also drive an Italian bicycle and an Italian windsurfingboard.


This summer I am planning to drive the 1.400 km to Mandello del Lario and bring

My bike to its hometown, hopes she likes that.


Tommy Nilsson / alfaguzzi

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