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V11 wailing

Tom M

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Yeah just saw his , and want to take my silencers away. Any recomendations for super high noice silencer for my Guzz?

I have seen *and heared( at the GMG when everyone was away at the last day, there were some guys working at the factory and started up the Dakar bike that was on the exhibishion. Holly cow I have never ever heared a louder pipe in my life.. I have it on video , hope to get it on line sometime. I want some of these, I want some of these, I want some of these,.....


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Those sound better than my FBF can's I commend you sir :notworthy:


Thanks :)


Those things were loud! No packing in them whatsoever. They had an obnoxious "crack" sound. They were even louder after these vids were shot, when I replaced the stock crossover. I'm sure my neighbors hated me. Now I have a set of Mistrals, and I think my neighbors still hate me, but maybe a little less...

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