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  2. Hi Craig, sorry for the double whammy...could you post here the link to the 5 speed RAM you have installed and if you had any adjustment made?
  3. Craig, so the 5 speed was ok for you? No major adjustment needed?
  4. Hi Footgoose, what about this? https://moto-renzo.biz/en/Tecnical-Goods/Clutches-and-Spare-Parts/Clutches-Moto-Guzzi/Clutches-Moto-Guzzi-Spare-Parts/RAM-Clutch.html Getting ready to do the swap, as at 16K I don't want to risk to explode midway my European tour
  5. Hi guys, I was wondering if this one https://moto-renzo.biz/en/Tecnical-Goods/Clutches-and-Spare-Parts/Clutches-Moto-Guzzi/Clutches-Moto-Guzzi-Spare-Parts/RAM-Clutch.html would be compatible with a 6 speed or is another 5 speed clutch...cannot find the specs anywhere
  6. Hi guys, many thanks for the suggestions, I might give it a try to the legendary set (return it in case...they have set that supposedly is unerverdal fit...). As Steve mentioned, how many of the Tenni here went to double plate? I really like the current 6 gears set up and the bike run very nicely, if I understand correctly, a conversion implies going to double and 5 gears...completely a different feel. Is it possible still to get steel flywheel to avoid issues from th aluminium stock? My bike is 16k so far and nothing suspicious from the clutch.Gearbox was rebuilt at 12k it seems. Another curiosity, tenni are stated as 2002-2003....but, mine being 166, and assuming a cronologica built set up, I assume they are all 2002. It seems that has Öhlins in front (but not on back)... Trying to get to know this oldish lady before a take it for the long trip
  7. Anybody could refer to a decent thread about 1-interesting mods (especially for longish trips) 2- luggage? I was tempted to go for a SW-Motech legendary https://sw-motech.com/en/products/luggage/Legend+Gear/ tailbag+tankbag soft combo
  8. Hi Al sorry, I was referring to the 300 miles I clocked on driving her back. She has 16K now, about 600 of which I put on the last 2 weeks of nearly 0 degree This is my second Guzzi, but being the first a Cali, I def. felt the change in comfort. Planning to drive London-Lucca(Italy)-Amsterdam-London in April. Any UK lads interested in the trip?
  9. Hi everybody, this is the new owner of T166, currently in London. Just picked her up near Leeds and drove her home last week end. 300 miles on it, and lovely, lovely feeling inside
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