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  2. (Pathetic whimpering noise from Aussie who would crawl seven miles over broken glass to stick matches in your turds for such a bike but is too poor to do so now he's retired and couldn't bring it here anyways......) Bargain!
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  4. On this ninth anniversary of this wonderful music thread . . . "Whad'ya want for nuthin'? A RUBBER BISCUIT?"
  5. Well actually no. They may have "cost" $3500 new and I like them but "worth" is another matter and judged in the eyes of the buyer. I'd buy it tomorrow if I lived in the US. Nice looking bike. Phil
  6. What are the last four digits in the serial number (month/year)? Your "0520" looks to translate May of 2020. In which case the battery is not even four years old. In that case I would be investigating the charging system, grounds, and external charging protocol . . .
  7. That red LeMans was mine for a while. It has a lovely set of four Speedhut gauges (tach, speedo, oil, volt) and extensive powdercoating. There are a few threads here about that bike for anyone who wants to investigate. Looks like it got a set of bar risers since I owned it.
  8. 0770-2019; 0520 The installation date was never marked. I purchased the bike in December 2020; I got it in April 2021.
  9. What is the date code of your outgoing PC545?
  10. I attempted resuscitation technique on my PC545; In my line of work, we used batteries to power instruments to be run in wells. While Lithium came to the knowledge of the public rather recently, my company was directly sponsoring SAFT into finding better batteries for our applications. Lithium appeared in the early 80's, and we quickly learned the danger and limitation of it. One of the known issue of Lithium batteries is named "passivation". It happens during storage before use. Prior to use the battery, you need to depassivate it, which is basically applying a load for a given period of time followed by a rest. Repeat until full capacity is restored. I did manage to improve my PC545 a little, but I have not been able to get back to what it used to be. This is why I have decided not to take the risk, and I will install a new battery. When I got the no crank situation, it brought back some bad memories. Not again!
  11. Be aware of Odyssey's specific charging amperage (and voltage). Common low amp trickle chargers/"Battery Tenders" can be damaging. (Odyssey is unequivocal about this.) I have seen PC545 brought back from the deep discharge state with proper "conditioning" . . .
  12. I just went by the spec sheet of the PC545L and PC545MJ; one has a lower temperature rating than the other. 113 degF versus 176 degF. This is why I went MJ; last year, during some of my rides temperatures were up in the 120 degF. The battery performance is exactly the same for both, only the casing changes. I ordered the MJ.
  13. See if searching the new nomenclature gives better results/availability: https://www.odysseybattery.com/products/ods-agm15l-battery-pc545/
  14. "MJ" is for metal jacket. If I recall correctly, same PC545, but with a metal jacket. I also recall the EnerSys Hawker Odyssey nomenclature changed. The V11 OEM battery has a new designation (but still manufactured) . . .
  15. I just had a no crank situation with the Le Mans last Sunday. This happened after riding to College Station from La Grange. I just had made a stop at Kyke Field for the Texas Tour, and I refueled shortly after. When attempting to restart the engine, the dashboard lights intensity went down, but the starter did not turn. I attempted a push start in fourth, did not start the bike, but managed to revive the starter. I was lucky. Back home, I checked the battery under load, and only got 9.6 Volts. Charged the battery, and get to 10.8 Volts under load. Seemed obvious something was wrong with the battery. An Odyssey PC545; I have now gone through all the posts I found related to batteries for the V11. I also went to Cyclegear to check what battery they had in stock; First and foremost, I found out that the Odyssey PC545 I was using was not best rated for the hot temperatures we have in Texas; https://www.odysseybattery.com/products/ods-agm15l-battery-pc545/ The better choice, would be the PC545MJ with a better operating range span, up to 176 degF (80 degC); the conventional PC545 top operating range is 113 degF (45 degC); https://www.odysseybattery.com/products/ods-agm15lmj-battery-pc545mj/ There is a significant price difference between the two: US$ 148, versus US$ 172. I also found out that for most of the sites offering a battery selector, the V11 is missing. Last I looked at Lithium batteries; several have warnings about the charge from your motorcycle, that should be between a specific bracket. For example, the Duraboost reads that voltage coming from the bike should be between 14.0 and 14.9 volts. After riding through all the posts, I learned the V11 charging current is all but stable and predictable. What I could do, is a battery cross-reference table, with all the brands and models, that are useable on our V11s. For example @MartyNZ was/is happily using a Shorai LFX21L6-BS12; I looked it up on the Shorai site, and it is in back order. Back in the 70's, most of the bikes from Japan came equipped with Yuasa batteries; If you look up Yuasa' site, you will find the proposed battery for the V11 is the YTX15L, and is no longer manufactured. I am going to go with the Odyssey PC545MJ. My PC545 dims: L: 173mm; W: 83mm; H 129mm
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  17. The Alpina wheels are $3500 !
  18. Damn...now I'm going to be tempted to pull a trailer...those single wheel ones are slick! Color coded to match no less!
  19. I posted this after some members were wondering what ecm model was in their bike because the ID tag was no longer visable. Kevin T stated that it can be found with Guzzidiag so, I posted a GD snapshot of my Lemans. ECM type can be seen in the lower left corner. Art
  20. For clarity in the matter of ECU type, none of the V11 Sports US models came with 15RC nor O2 sensor. Only Euro models! If your V11 Sport is a US import, it came with a 15M and no Lambda sensor - unless it was modified by a PO . . .
  21. Don't mean to turn this into a trailer topic but, two wheel trailers for motorcycles can be dangerous. If you run wide on a curve and a wheel goes off the pavement you might have a bad day. Motorcycle Trailers, Motorcycle Trailer Parts & Accessories (unigotrailers.com)
  22. Wouldn't GuzziDiag tell you what ECU you have?
  23. I was running stock oem map with Mistral crossover & mufflers & no dbk;the fueling is fine. Doc has already replied that you don't have an 02 sensor,which means that you should have a 15M ECU; I understood that some of the later '04 models had a 15RC,idk To make absolutely certain how your bike is set up;get a good light & eyes & possibly sensitive fingers to check all around the H pipe crossover; if your bike is one of the later models with the 15RC,you should find an O2 sensor mounted on the H pipe crossover. If the H pipe isn't stock or has possibly been plugged look for an O2 sensor that might have been tucked up out of the way someplace in that general area. fwiw
  24. I hate to do it but it's time to move on from my Ballabio. I just can't comfortably ride 2 up on it. It's a sweetheart bike. The biggest issue has been shifting but that was solved with with greasing the shift shaft, adjusting the eccentrics and changing the trans oil. It has Alpina tubeless wheels which were on when I bought it. The speedo died around 10k miles and I replaced it with a GPS model which now shows 2800 miles. Runs beautifully, never had an issue in the 3 years that I have had it. I would like to see it go to a good home. $3500 or best offer.
  25. Awright... I don't have an 02 sensor on my Le Mans, do I?
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