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  2. Hmmmmm. Can't see pic, Pete. Might be "operator issue" at my end. Bill
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  4. Just because I'm a terrible attention whore but it does look very nice, especially in the sun! [img]https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/52767196911_28f284759f_b.jpg[/img]
  5. "Startus Interuptus " afflicts V11 after the early (1999-2001) and involve the Ignition Switch over the relays. Like so many afflictions, these matters are often "multi-causal" . . . (requiring "some owner involvement" . . . )
  6. I'll take a look at that topic and go pay close attention to what all goes on when the key is turned. I do always hear the fuel pump, when the starter does not engage I do hear the clicking of a relay, I will check on whether the lights dim or not. Thanks, back soon, rad
  7. Great looking wheels Jaap. Marvic magnesium? Were they worth the ROI impact on the performance /sweetness of handling of bike? Been off/on mulling rims for years… Haven’t heard much by way of pros & cons - to persuade myself to take such a committed plunge! So it’s a little thought in the back of the head - that sorta just sits there like a rabbit in the headlights… What impression did your experience leave you with - was it something worth doing over again?
  8. Have a look here. Mine (also a 2002/2003 Le Mans) doesn't always start on the first push of the button. There's a click, the dashboard lights dim, and that's all. After a few attempts, it will start. Some good tips came up in the thread: https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/topic/28565-starter-button/ To help in solving your problem, what exactly happens when you press the starter button and it wont start? Nothing at all, there is a click and the lights dim but the start motor doesn't turn? When you turn on the ignition, do you hear the fuel pump kick in?
  9. Hey, A friend dropped his 2002 V11 LeMans off here asking if I would track down the reason for the intermittent starting, actually, not starting. I had seen posts about the subject on other forums some time ago regarding the Norge and possibly others. A search has a myriad of different threads but some of that is hard to follow and use for diagnosis of this Guzzi. The symptoms are an on and off starting situation. It will start, shut it down and it will not start immediately afterward. Just odd. Battery is good, holds charge and shows 12.65 at rest, load test indicates good. I will check the grounds, starter positive cable connections, what else...? Are starter switches notorious for failure...? Ignition switches...? Appreciate any assistance here. Thanks, rad__
  10. My fondest memories of @belfastguzzi: Oh, yer shift spring breaks on the way out for a pint? Pitch her against the Armco and see to it, lad !
  11. As in, five more? Just what are these five Guzzi "sitting about the place", @belfastguzzi?
  12. A p.s. to that: it might sound unwieldy, but that system is in fact eminently logical. It's not quite the same thing, but we have an example here in the forum in the form of the name of member @al_roethlisberger . The "oe" is most likely an anglicisation of the German ö . The two dots are called an Umlaut = sound changer, the ö does sound like oe, and adding an e after the vowel in question is the "official" workaround when writing words with the Umlaut letters ö, ä, and ü on machines (computers, typewriters...) that don't have the necessary key. So we have "Röthlisberger" as the name. That means "he who comes from Röthlisberg" or "one of the folk from Rhötlisbeg ". "Röthlisberg" means "Rhötlis mountain", and that is here in the German speaking part of Switzerland: https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=18/47.01303/7.77832 So it is fair to assume that one of Al's ancestors probably came from there.
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  14. One wee air bubble trapped in the small, plastic 90º elbow between the reservoir and the master cylinder can be maddening. I recall a week of fighting with this on my front brake. Finally resolved it by anchoring the lever in the "pulled" position overnight to let the air wander up into the reservoir. There may have been some tapping, bumping, and cursing involved . . .
  15. My understanding is that it could be registered in the US as long as it meets the CARB and DOT safety standards and EPA requirements that were in effect at time of manufacture...and there are no open recalls in the USA on this model. Piaggio can supply that notice with the appropriate VIN.
  16. Some further thoughts: I've been noticing temperature specs on various relays. Cheaper ones often have 80°C as the maximum operating temperature. The ones from Hella seem to have 125°C as maximum across the board, regardless of the other specs. The other thing is, Hella seems to state 100k operating cycles across the board. I haven't seen that specification very often at all, but it seems to me to be very relevant. That leads me to think about how often the relays in our V11s cycle. As I understand it, they all cycle once every time the bike is started, i.e. most of them go on when it is started, and back of when the bike is switched off. The one that supplies the starter solenoid goes on when the button is pressed and back of when it is released. That means, if the relay is good vor 100k cycles, one could start the bike six times a day every day for about 45 years without exceeding the limit. Even if I have remembered wrong, and it is "only" 10k cycles, that is still six starts a day every day for 4 1/2 years. The relevance of that line of thought relates to the business with diodes, and that those relays may be prone to arcing across the contacts, which may cause a failure. I can't help thinking that if the relay is rated that high, and if one changes the relay every 4 years or so as preventative maintainance, one would probably not have a problem with that particular issue.
  17. After getting shattered bearing in gearbox replaced I found clutch wouldn’t work. So tried to bleed fluid as line hadn’t been attached to slave cylinder. When pumping clutch leaver I found there was very little fluid coming out. So ok master cylinder has failed so got a kit for it from Aussie. Gave it to a mechanic to do. He fitted kit but still couldn’t pump fluid through. There was no damage to the old kit parts. Clutch was working fine before gearbox problem. I had clutch line disconnected from slave cylinder because I couldn’t remove it from back of gearbox. Any thoughts on what is going on?
  18. Tell me, would it be possible to get that registered in the USA? Here in Germany it would be likely to be difficult or impossible. Anything that gets a new registration has to correspond to the current emissions regulation, exhaust and noise. It doesn't matter when it was built, or if it corresponds to the regulations at that time or not. As far as I understand what I have read on the subject, to get that bike registered here, i.e. a brand new 20 year old bike that had never been registered, one would have to seek a special dispensation from the equivalent to the Department of Transport.
  19. Because it's German... Seriously, though: "Less is more" can also be translated as "Weniger ist Mehr", und that is actually the literal translation, and is in common use as a saying exactly as it is in English. In the sense of the meaning of "In der Beschränkung zeigt sich der Meister" (literally "in the limitation shows himself the master") one might say in English "The skill of the master is evident in his understatement". As far as the apparently incomprehensively long words in German go generally, that is due to the grammatical rules of the language. Words are joined together to form the names of things, instead of using several seperate words. For instance: drill press = Standbohrmaschine, literally "standing drill mashine" = stand bohr maschine lathe = Drehbank, literally "turn bench" = dreh bank and so on. So those words that go on for ever are actually several words shoved together.
  20. Here's the corresponding BAT auction... 2 days left if you are interested! 1993 Moto Guzzi Daytona 1000 in Factory Crate for sale on BaT Auctions - ending March 25 (Lot #101,955) | Bring a Trailer
  21. Geez, if "less is more", why is the German phrase so insanely long?!?
  22. As the Germans say: "In der Beschränkung zeigt sich der Meister". For our english readers: "Less is more"
  23. LOL, I was a little surprised seeing it: just slightly on the garish (and tempted to say youthful) side of the balance for Jaap – though you, quite rightly, weren't averse to an Italian striped helmet.
  24. I believe someone already drew attention to that one here, but I can't find where.
  25. Oh man! https://silodrome.com/moto-guzzi-daytona-1000/ Sent from my SM-S901U using Tapatalk
  26. Not my bike anymore! And to be honest, I'm not really fond of all the italian flag waving... (wadda a mistake-a to make-a)
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