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  2. Shop manual and parts catalogs are on their way! Still looking for user manaul and original key blanks.
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  4. I'm going to get an "OTJ" training session from my son at Xmas so that I can post photos the proper way and avoid further churn for docc and other MAC/Apple users. (Forgive my un-adaptability, I'm from the "old" generation and still file paperwork in a steel file cabinet!)
  5. I gave up trying to link to Google Photos. Seems only half can see them from my files, so I upload them to imgbb.com and link from there.
  6. [ Haha, well: successful "strike my last sentence" edit! I'm giving myself a raise! ]
  7. Srike my last sentance from the record. As I previously noted, the 10th digit is a 1, and we all agree on the year. I might find out Monday at DMV why the title was printed 2004. They know what the 10th digit means... one would think... and they issued the title.
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  9. Yeah, I found that "3" easy to read as a "9."
  10. They are viewable by opening the link, but to get the image to display in your post takes a "Copy&Paste" of some sort. When the image opens on another site (like Google Photos), clicking "Copy" will paste the image into your post, but add it to your (limited allowable amount of "Attachments"). To see what you have already added to your attachments, click on your username and select "Attachments." If you click on the image in Google Photos, it reopens in a new widow. "Right click" that image to drop down a new menu and select "Copy Image Link" (not just "Copy Link"). Pasting Copy Image Link "hot links" the display to the host site. Some sites block this and only a link (no image) will display. This is what @Tom in Virginia's image displays using Copy Image Link:
  11. Tenth digit in the VIN: Y= 2000; 1 = 2001 Identical parts/ wiring/ etc 1999 - 2001.
  12. Wasn't there some in metal available, was it a beemer part ? Will look some more. Cheers Tom.
  13. Took a pic of a spare I have..... Paul B
  14. With automobiles , about August the next model year is being produced. When you start buying parts you need the VIN to get the right parts .Most parts places will take your license plate info and produce your vehicle's VIN .
  15. Note on my report that they show my injectors as IW 091. I called and they said they read that number from the injector body; it could be a typo but he's asked that I send a picture to verify when they arrive, for clarification. The flow numbers on the report align with the IW-031 published figures and I can't find reference to any IW-091. Stay tuned for academic, incidental drama.
  16. I haven't received my injectors back for install and testing yet, but I got the report back from Injector RX. Although I didn't have any 'symptoms' from poor fueling, I'm sure there'll be a noticeable improvement in smoothness from equalizing vacuum and therefore throttle balance, as well as better throttle response and top end power (a little). A 10% difference at WOT is huge. I'm impressed and pleased with their reporting. $46.00 including return postage, so about $55 round trip.
  17. My methodology for setting street suspension is this; 1st, set ride height and sag. I like 1/2" front and 1/2-1" rear. Front is difficult to change, so 1/2" to 1" is ok. Spring rate is more important. 2nd, set compression F & R on flat straight roads with the sort of surface you want it to work on. 3rd, set rebound on curvy bits with increasing speed until you get where you want to be. There's no perfect setting for public roads, but it's good to know what you prefer in certain places. I keep mine pretty soft normally, but tighten it up significantly for the SSR because the roads are nearly flawless and very slow where the work is hardest.
  18. guzziart


    Hi Tom, The original owner told me the bags & mounts are HB's. I hear you about the cruise control, I've got cc on my Wing and it is one of the deciding factors in possibly getting my hands on a v85tt. The my V11 has a very light throttle pull imo and I really haven't seen a need for a throttle lock, cc on it. My V11 has bar risers that are as high and rearward as possible without longer br & clutch hoses & wiring mods. Although this bike is great at burning up interstate miles, the most I've ridden it in one day was 450 miles in 2007 when my buddy still owned it. I got it from him in 2015 and the most I've ridden it in one day since then has been about 300 with breaks in between. Art
  19. orangem2

    Scura build

    Any updates... sounds amazing
  20. That's a beauty.............. these are wonderful and soulful machines. Ciao
  21. Be aware that if the actual hose fitting that is broken, (The usual way is the little hooky-toothy bits on the *Ring* break off) you can pick apart the broken parts and new parts on the hose fitting and replace the broken bits, including the all important o-ring, with the new parts without disturbing the stupid shrink-fitted hose, (If indeed your bike has the shrink-fitted hose? All the CARC bikes do.). We do this all the time when frustrated owners have bust their fittings.
  22. By comparison, Menudo is pretty good. Actually, the time I had it, it was OK, actually good.
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  24. I'm not a cheese expert,I don't understand the science that well,so for sure I couldn't explain it,but I think that cheese curds are formed on the surface of some type of cheese process and scooped up floating on the top of the whey? They're curly rubbery little pieces of salty cheese about the size of a frito chip. A regular Poutine is just good french fries,covered in a hot brown gravy with a bunch of fresh cheese curds sprinkled on top. What makes a great Poutine for me,is that halfway point where the curds are melting into the hot gravy,but still have a bit of firmness to bite into. This Pannhass or Scrapple you guys are talking about,sounds similar to what we'd call fried hash up here. Whatever leftover meat or veggies happened to be around,tossed into a hot oiled cast iron pan with garlic & onions for a base and usually buffed out with potatoes.
  25. 2001 Moto Guzzi Rosso Mandello V11 Sport #49. 16k miles. Has Mistral crossover and Exan (Italian) carbon exhaust with removable baffle that sounds amazing. Power commander. Also has a Penske rear shock. Otherwise it is well maintained and original. Starts and runs great and has good Michelin Pilot Power 4 tires. Has a few small paint marks in tank from normal use. Only selling as I have wrist issues and can no longer sit on it for as long as I would like. I have original literature, letter of authenticity, parts manual, and workshop manual for the bike. Video of it running. https://youtu.be/2FSHFHEjas4 Bike is located in Mazomanie, WI. More than happy to work with shippers if needed. I have shipped and received bikes in the past. $6200 obo
  26. Ha, now I'm thoroughly confused! Are Google Photo images not viewable by Apple hardware?
  27. My bike is tagged 6/2000 and it's a 2001 model year.
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