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  1. Apologies for that 6 minutes a fellow Aussie has stolen from your lives if you watched it through. The video starts off well when he can't actually get the name of the bike right (he called it a Mondello) On a positive note all the riding was done around my area of the world. The Black Spur and Reefton Spur are my local rides and the Guzzi Museum was built and is owned by Teo Lamers who retired to here and owns TLM Guzzi in the Netherlands. It's just over an hour away. Phil
  2. The front Brembo rotors on my 1000SS were below min thickness in 13,000klms that's one reason I replaced them. The original owner used to do a lot of pillioning. The rear disk on my DucatiST2 I had to replace at 42,000klms of previous owner miles due to being under spec. Wouldn't pass a rego check.
  3. I've actually been stopped by them another time . This occasion in a French registered Renault Megane somewhere in Italy, Florence maybe, cant remember now. Not stopping for a pedestrian at a pedestrian crossing. The pedestrian was half way across the opposite side of the road and hadn't actually reached the middle of the road and my side of the street so as all Italians do I kept going. Italians don't stop at a crossing for pedestrians until they are about to cross your side of the road. The Carabinieri stopped me, thinking I was a French tourist, saw the Aussie passport and waved me away. The Aussie passport, ticket to do anything at the time. Oh and NOT being French or German. My wife spoke Italian which also helped. Phil
  4. I wonder if I'm the only one here that's been pulled over by the carabinieri? Maybe not but I bet I'm the only one that's run into the back of a Carabinieri 4WD full of them. Once they found out I was an Aussie and not a German like the Rego plates on my BMW indicated they didn't give a rats arse and were on their way again. Phil
  5. Just make sure you email them before you order. I bought and paid for a new Brembo calliper from them a few weeks ago and they informed me they aren't available anymore which I already knew. So they don't stock stuff. They refunded my payment promptly but I lost out on the exchange rate and charges and they had my funds for 5 or 6 days. I mentioned this scenario in a recent post. None of these sellers carry stock and they don't keep track of the availability from their suppliers. Personally I'd go for wave disks myself. Phil
  6. You can use "Braking" disks or Galfer disks. I have used both. The part is as common a fit as mud. The Braking disks are mono directional so separate part numbers and the Galfer are Uni directional so same number. Same disk as my 2003 Ducati 1000SS and many other bikes. I can get the numbers if anyone needs them. I have the Braking disks on my 1000SS and the Galfers on the V11. Shopping around I think you can buy a pair new for around 550-600usd. Phil
  7. Yes Mick very odd that. I found out about this years ago from Paul Minnaert. Phil
  8. Thats like treasure to me. I like the "discovery" aspect of a trove like that. Discovering just what treasures are in the boxes. I'll be interested in V11 parts for sure. Phil
  9. The answer is in the thread drift I think. Phil
  10. You haven't heard the half of it. Get Mick to relate the recent new noise laws in a particularly nice part of Germany frequented by a lot of weekend motorcyclists that are so draconian even the local Polices can't use their Ducati police bikes because their std mufflers are too loud. One of the German members on the Royal Enfield forum happened to mention how when he rides his 650 twin around he "just naturally" turns the engine off at every set of traffic lights or stop sign etc and restarts again to move off. "Just like modern cars do automatically!" Needless to say people were flabbergasted at this "environmentally concerned madness". Imagine on your V11 where every start irrespective of the engine temp or OAT the ECU gives you the start enrichment trim for 4000 revolutions. Your saving the planet shut the engine off at every set of lights is actually creating more pollution than leaving it running not to mention the engine oil cooking itself around the exhaust ports because the oil flow has stopped and the oil now heat soaks from the heads causing future engine issues. Crazy dumb stuff going on out there these days and I don't think it's a particularly a German issue more a Europe/EU issue. Unfortunately we are getting dragged down the same path by politicians. Phil
  11. I know you were serious Mick, I know the draconian German rules I was just joking with you. NSW had yearly registration inspection requirements for cars over 3 years old and it was sold as a way of improving safety. Victoria has never had yearly inspections and the mechanical quality of Victorian cars is no worse than NSW cars. It's not like here there is a noticeable percentage of heaps of shit driving around our roads, nope. No headlines about tragedies caused by mechanical failures. So after living in NSW for 45 years and Victoria for 20 it's obvious the yearly inspection requirements are just another draconian way to cost the motorist money and impose nanny state rules on people. The Germans take it to another level though and I seriously don't know how the average earning Motorcycle or car enthusiast tolerates it. All the high end enthusiasts are fine because they can afford the massively expensive "TUV approved" accessories although I don't know how some of them can be approved when you hear them here on the roads. I'm now beginning to like the Harley riders getting around with straight pipes and riding flat out everywhere. They make the rest of us with sensible although illegal mufflers on their bikes fly under the radar. It's a finger up to the authorities. The cops never bother them anyway. None of the bikes I own now and very few in the past have ever had std mufflers and as for other mods well I'd be here all day. Can you imagine riding a Bevel drive Ducati around with the std Lafranconi mufflers the later ones were approved with? First thing that went on the shelf were those and the Contis fitted rules or no rules, EPA roadside inspection or not I wasn't riding my Hailwood Ducati around with the original shit Lafranconis on it. We have proud history here of fighting stupid rules like the mandatory headlights ON, the front number plate rule they tried to impose, the illegality of bikes with dual headlights like the Ducati 916 the list goes on. Proudly recalcitrant me. Phil
  12. You're kidding aren't you Mick Phil
  13. China recognises the "technical superiority of Moto Guzzis" Really? I thought it was the opposite that keeps this Forum alive. The endless quest to improve on the "lack" of technical superiority of Guzzis. Phil
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