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  1. The probable reason for this is because now the clutch is correctly bled and this is what a normal V11 clutch feels like. Air in the system with make the action spongy and increase the clutch engagement/disengagement zone. Phil
  2. None of this concern is really an issue. If you disassemble the original electric tap you will find a 12mm outlet hose size fed by 6mm internal passages in the tap itself. The 12mm outlet dia of the tap is only there to match the inlet dia for the external pump they chose so the hose is the same size both ends and doesn't need to be a "special" with different end dia's. The original external pump is way oversize for the application anyway as later in tank pumps demonstrate. As we all know the theory demands in any pump application the inlet be of greater flow than the outlet but nobody told Guzzi this so the original electric tap set up is for all practical purposes a 6mm inlet with a 12mm delivery. It works just fine that way. Once again the practice and the theory don't align and in those circumstances I'm happy to go with the proven practice. Using a std size tap outlet would be fine with regards to fuel feed but you then need a hose reducer between the pump inlet and tap outlet which is an easy thing to machine up BUT the length of the hose between the tap outlet and the pump inlet is so short you can't afford to have any section at all of that hose with a length of even a little rigidity due to an inline reducer/step up fitting. Having an additional length of smaller diameter hose looped to accommodate a step up isn't practical in that area either. Not enough real estate. Phil
  3. I just think of this stuff docc because I never commute anymore and all the miles I do on cars and bikes are either freeway or country roads pretty much. No point me testing anything in reality. Brakes, tyres, clutches etc last for ever with my vehicles. Maybe wheel bearings I could comment on if you have decades to wait, lol. Phil
  4. Problem with that theory is the 99-2000 parts manual shows no clamp and the 02-2007 I have shown has a clamp that's never been fitted to any model as far as I can see. So it's not an outdated carry over from a previous manual. The original image posted may be an even later iteration or amendment to a mistake in the manual. This is why in the aviation world the parts manual was never allowed to be a legal reference for the assembly of aircraft components, it was a part number sourcing reference only. Never to be used to demonstrate assembly order. Phil
  5. Parts manuals. Here;s another version of the parts manual. Has anyone ever seen item 19 fitted on a Guzzi V11 Sport? It's not the part number for the clamp that connects the trumpet sleeve to the throttle body either. Parts manuals, they can be misleading sometimes.
  6. I guess KLM's covered isn't the best measure docc. What you want it a bike that's used for suburban commuting with lots of shifter action. Phil
  7. Yep. The rubber sleeve that connects the trumpet to the TB is in the previous parts manual drawing. Phil
  8. No it's the airbox sealing sleeve. Phil
  9. Because it looks good and I'm a racer 17X5.5 inch rim. Phil
  10. I bought these. Metzler Sportec M9 RR 180x55 on the rear and a 120 on the front. I liked the look of them and the tread pattern looks quite sexy and they seemed quite expensive so I figured they must be good. Phil
  11. Here's a tip, anything made of rubber buy as spares when you can and treat them with preservative and a clip lock bag and store them away out of the light. Rubber parts are a PITA to replicate or find an alternative to. I have my stash. Phil
  12. No it's modified. Had the bell cut off it to fit the pod filter at some point. https://www.officine08.com/p69547_intake-joint-moto-guzzi-1100-sport-i-e-air-filter.html Airbox seal https://www.stein-dinse.com/en/moto-guzzi-rubber-air-filter-short-1100-sport-i-e-corsa/item-1-1127372.html Phil
  13. Yea they just have a full circle grommet style seal on the airbox Pete and the trumpet inserts from the airbox and connects to the T/B. The rubber seals are still available I think but the trumpets are hard to find, new anyway. Phil
  14. Martin lost the championship because he's a hot head that rides on emotion and bravado and lets his emotions on the track overwhelm him which leads to poor choices. The crash was his fault entirely. I can see an argument for a rider in Marquezes place not engaging with a guy in the title fight at the last round UNLESS that rider has made the total balls up Martin did then it's a straight fight for track position. Bezzecchi is correct Marquez is a protected species and caused his crash. Marquez is a PITA and gets away with way too much in my view. Getting towed around to a decent grid position in Qualifying is a joke. All it means is there is a slower rider without the actual raw speed further up the grid to @#!#$# everyone else around and get in their way come the race. It should go to the old WSB style Qualifying of the one lap shootout where each rider has a warmup lap and then he's got one lap alone on the track to lay down his best time. A true reflection of the riders actual speed and all the yellow flag bullshit is eliminated. BSB has gone back to this system. Then you don't have riders that don't have the actual raw speed without getting a tow in the way at the front of the grid and causing mayhem in the first 1/3 of the race. Marquez knows he hasn't got the raw speed so goes high risk at the start of the races and rolls the dice which often either takes another rider out or at the very least ruins their race by holding them up. Chances of this system being implemented? Zero. Phil
  15. I suspect those will be gold anodised alloy screws. I have a ton of them in a box in the workshop. Phil
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