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  1. Here's the Ti plate from my right wrist care of Phillip Island turn 10. BTW Mick if you put your middle and index finger on your left wrist like you're feeling for a pulse and move your thumb and feel a tiny, tiny vibration as your thumb is moving get the plate removed. It's the Tendon sawing it's way through on the edge of the plate. Hence the removal of mine. Phil
  2. I made up some bevel box drain plugs yesterday. I cheated and bought a couple of M12x1.75 plugs with the same hex head dia and turned down the threaded section and cut 10x1.5 threads which are a bit of an odd size for a drain plug. I had to also remove and shorten the magnets and re fit them as they were a bit long. Phil
  3. Best part of a Centauro is with V11 body work and tank you can turn one into a 5 speed version of my bike pretty much. Phil
  4. That Potomac river ditching was not only a great piece of flying but also decision making. Very cool head. Almost as cool as Neil Armstrongs moon landing with warnings going off repeatedly and fuel critical. If you look at Armstrongs flying career before the moon landing it's littered with exceptional flying decisions made under the pump such as flying a B29 to drop an X15 and the 29 got a runaway prop. Exceptional pilot and human being was Armstrong. I recommend his Biography "first man" the film doesn't do him justice really. Phil
  5. Although not a pilot I've spent hundreds of hours in the 3rd seat of commercial jets with commercial pilots and even a few test flights out of Seattle with the Boeing test pilots on pre delivery flight tests. The stick and rudder and instrument flying stuff is a given but what separates them is three things in my mind. As a pilot you must have a profound sense of personal responsibility and be highly disciplined. Add to that the ability to be cool in a crisis a lot of which comes from repetitive training in crisis situations which private pilots don't get. Commercial pilots for large companies get put through the Sim wringer every 4 months or so and need to pass that test. An ability to know when the rule book no longer applies is also an advantage such as when you have a cockpit fire you don't fly around dumping fuel to hit you max landing weight target you just get it on the ground and hang the structural stress issues.
  6. He is but really annoying to listen to. Phil
  7. If you wait long enough it will circle back around. Phil
  8. You're never going to believe this Mick in 100 years but I owned the identical car same colour Fairmont everything for about 8 years. No rear blinds though. I bought it after my car was wrecked and it was not my best buy. Plenty of rust. It ended up a genuine beater in the end and leaked so much water it had grass growing in the passengers side footwell carpet. My most vivid memory of that car was how seriously under powered it was. The early days of strangling legacy designed engines with emission stuff before the figured out making them clean and still having power. An overtaking manoeuvre on our country roads in that car was a fraught affair requiring perfect timing a wind up and foot to the floor. Phil
  9. Yea, not important to me Mick, I like the challenge of getting a manual car off the line clean and smooth. One of the joys of motoring is a manual transmission and a clutch. That's why I didn't buy a Supra until they released a manual version and I'd never own an automatic motorcycle with the exception of a scooter. But then again a scooter to me is purely a functional thing designed for a specific purpose much like a fridge, washing machine or an electric car. A mobile version of a white good with the same emotional connection. Phil
  10. You know I've worked on race bikes for women that race, I've pit crewed for woman racers, I've dated women riders, I've been on multi bike 3 day magazine road test with a female rider on the team and obviously observed many of them at track days. One thing they all share in common. No matter how good they ride on the road or track once you get to walking pace like the pits or a carpark they are all wobbly accidents waiting to happen and more times than I can count do happen. Phil
  11. Mick, close to the bottom of my priority list for a car and motorcycle is outright acceleration. Any modern road car with more than 450hp and motorcycle with more than 100 hp is a totally pointless exercise. I have 200 hp motorcycle and it's less enjoyable to ride on the road than my 45 hp motorcycle and that's why it got retired off the road over 10 years ago with 800klms on the clock. I wouldn't own a Tesla even if someone gave me one. The Supra forum is full of people modifying their road cars to make 600-750hp! Why. It's not like they have the ability or the environment to use it. Phil
  12. I had to laugh a few years back on another Guzzi forum some member waxing lyrical about electric bikes like old blokes who still want to look up to date, hip and "relevant". He'd taken one for a ride and was impressed by how when you stopped at an intersection you could sit there and hear the birds chirping, lol. When I get on my motorcycle what I want to hear when stopped at an intersection is a big V twin with free flowing mufflers idling underneath me. It's one of the joys of riding a big V twin, the noise it makes. The irony of owning one of the worlds most individual brands of transport and preaching about how you need to get rid of them is not lost on me. Phil
  13. Nothing wrong at all with JB weld and it's equivalents just not in this application. Red Loctite is available at every auto store. Phil
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