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Community Answers

  1. yes it looks like it feeds into 85 on the start relay
  2. wide tyres are for them that fling themselves around race tracks
  3. the narrower the better in my opinion
  4. And something for the oddballs amongst us… headphones and a whisky will aid consumption
  5. dig it. mine’s leaking though… ☹️
  6. cheers for your write-up on the gearbox phil- got me thru it. It was only after i re-re-read it that i realised i should’ve draw-filed the bearing surfaces- i polished them but probably put a slight radius on them. Working bloody lovely though now 🙂. Makes me appreciate the v11 setup as when it’s good it’s very good. I got a vfr400 this year and the action thru the box is no comparison. Which i wouldn’t have expected as when i saw inside the v11 guts it looked so… agricultural?
  7. had a blast on a pals uly once, i kept hitting the end of the revs cos i was used to the v11. I love that the guzzis have that extra 2 thousand revs- really feel good in comparison
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