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  1. These bikes have always intrigued me ever since I saw one cruising years ago on the roads in Yosemite NP. It is surprising how many of these pop up for sale near me, especially late models. I can see one of these in my future, just for the thrill of that beautiful engine. It is a far cry from my '83 RT R100 which I purchased new. https://www.facebook.com/share/mVBQhNWyQPjT18SW/?mibextid=kL3p88
  2. Now that you called them Mickey Mouse @Lucky Phil, I have to change them.
  3. In the shop working on the Griso...this came on, brought back memories of a certain someone in NY when we were 15. 54 years ago...Wow! Perfect Love https://g.co/kgs/Q7T9sCq
  4. I have the Pirelli Scorpians on my Stelvio. They feel good on the road, not sure how much confidence I would have on them in the loose stuff. Not even sure I want this monster on loose stuff.
  5. Well I guess that's why they call it an adventure bike. Chalk that up as #1. Good luck with it!
  6. I would offer him 2k max. Needs wheels and tires, plus everything you find after you get it home.
  7. Im thinking there is a good reason to keep one there...summer.
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