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  1. What should it be at increased rpm?
  2. Update on my friends search... After him reading, looking and listening to my suggestions, he settled on a new Ducati Monster Plus. He got it for a great price and it was delivered last week. He had to attend a MSF course to get his license endorsement. I went to his place yesterday to give it its initial break-in run since he is too green to do it at this stage. I think the bike is perfect for him. About 400 lbs wet, it is very flickable. Not sure I like the throttle by wire...it had a different feel to it, but could be the mode I was in. Lesson learned...when someone wants a red Ducati they will not be swayed. And yes, @p6x, sitting next to a red Ducati my Griso looks more orange than red.
  3. It was filled and started earlier today. The red oil light would have stayed on if there was no pressure I assume. Warmed it up and upped the rpm a bit, shut it down and turned ignition immediately back on. Oil pressure holds for 3 to 4 seconds, then light pops on again. Seems all is well. Won't do it that way again though. I thought I had the oil but I was wrong. Thanks for the tip.
  4. 12 hours with oiled non-moving metals? What would be the problem?
  5. Took advantage of the hot weather and put on new tires, dropped oil and installed new filter. Now I have to decide on what oil to use. That's for tomorrow.
  6. Not sure if that was a lesson or judgment day. I attend Portland Cars and Coffee here in my town regularly. There are usually about 20 bikes, sometimes more, that come park under the big overhang in front of the building. All types, all years, just like the cars in the lot. One regular there has a beautiful CBX. The vehicles are different, the passions are the same. I am always amazed at the abilities of all these owners to keep their stuff in tip top shape, no matter the year. Except for me though. I was there with my bug splattered Stelvio after 12 hours riding to and from the rally. It was a mess. Better on the bike than on me.
  7. Putting a new tire on my bike. I noticed the grease on the rear wheel spline was white, thick and a bit sticky, albeit a bit on the light side. Anybody know what it is? I think regular grease might be too thin in hot weather.
  8. Super high temps in Oregon this week...no fun also. Oh, to be 55 degrees and cruising again. And 55 years old while we're at it.
  9. This just popped up...spendy son of a gun! https://www.facebook.com/share/r4V6ddFNzaJyc7oM/?mibextid=kL3p88
  10. Yep, waiting on lines sucks, but it is a good time to work on your patience and watch people who have none, or elect to go elsewhere, as you suggested. Yet I feel the bigger concern is that population growth is taxing the planet to the point that Earth itself is overcrowded. Resources used up. The waste we produce. The chemicals we use. And don't get me started on plastics. All that is going to be our downfall because none of that is changing. Fighting a crowd to take a picture seems a bit lower on the scale. We ain't seen nothing yet. We are screwing ourselves...but money talks. It always has. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but that's how I feel.
  11. That's country living for you. I'll have to check on mine after a winter layoff. A mouse ate the insulation on a major wiring harness on my sister's Toyota, a couple thousand dollar repair. IDT the Italians ever cared to use soy based insulation on their wiring. I hope that is a practice that has stopped.
  12. Not so sure that Liquid Tight would pass inspection. Maybe lose some slack and strap it horizontally to the masonry would be the trick.
  13. Looks pretty clean from the pics...a beauty! @fastaussie, still holding out for champagne?
  14. I found 4 liters of Motul 10w60 for $50, and LiquiMoly for $72. Yikes!
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