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  1. My understanding is that it could be registered in the US as long as it meets the CARB and DOT safety standards and EPA requirements that were in effect at time of manufacture...and there are no open recalls in the USA on this model. Piaggio can supply that notice with the appropriate VIN.
  2. Placing an order for myself and one other member for universal crosses. CR 15/22x50.2 Made in Italy. Since the Canadian supplier deals only in wholesale, a gentleman there will package and send through UPS or Canadian Post as a favor. It is not their everyday method of doing business, and if he was deluged with single orders my guess this deal would end. Units are around $35 US plus shipping... This is the only place I have found that has them in NA. They are available also in Romania...if you happen to be in the area.
  3. I found them in Romania...Montreal is still closer.
  4. Those are the ones he says are in stock...CR15's. I sent him the pic for confirmation.
  5. I just got the Stelvio last week...no time to get into it yet. Who do you think I am?...Speedy Linguini? I'll keep questions about that on the proper page.
  6. I've got one axis on the rear that doesn't articulate smoothly...did a search for this problem but didn't come up with much. Are there replacement parts available...like needle bearings and cup?
  7. Are the forces the same on bolts at both ends of the rod? I have the aft one out and it was dry as a bone...no sign of lube. I wonder it that falls into the same need of upgrade as the forward one.
  8. I'm sure this has been asked, but I'm a new guy. You can have different but comparable relays on the same block, right?
  9. Comparable bikes just sold for around $6500. One beautiful Rosso sold here in a day and a Connecticut Nero sold this week, both low mileage. The Nero took some time to sell. I was surprised at that.
  10. Newly purchased 2012 Stelvio home with me now. Bought new by PO in 2014 from local Guzzi dealer in in Canada. His wife worked there as saleperson and it has been serviced there until they closed up shop. 7k miles, very nice shape and true to form it seems with every bike I buy, original rubber. Took almost 1 hour to get through customs since nobody there was familiar with bike imports so they had to read the regs and ask a lot of questions with others. First questions asked of me...Moto Guzzi? Is that Japanese? lol Much thanks to the forum members for answering my questions and giving me valuable info, especially Pete Roper. His information was precise and plentiful. After about 30 emails back and forth, I asked if could remove valve cover to confirm roller tappets. The manufacture date was not able to be verified on headstock because all of the stuff in the way but engine numbers were after cutoff. But Pete said only true confirmation was visual, so I asked and owner obliged. I got it for a great price. 600 miles round trip with two nights at my sister's in Seattle to break up the trip. Plus I took care of stuff at her place so she was happy to have me...especially since I fixed her bedroom pocket door that the roller came out of the plate on top of the door. One thing for sure...this bike is not going to see any dirt. I bought it for the highway and that is where it will stay. Tires and CARC bearing service, oil, filter, valve adjustment and fresh non-E gas is on the menu.
  11. Yep, you need to get eyes on it. Better to find out whether it is a $2800 or a $4800 bike before the sale. Have you checked out shipping? Prices have went through the roof for that service. Might be the dealbreaker right there.
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