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  1. This has me wondering if the short, unshielded end of the shaft forward allows the (otherwise unexplained) easier access to the front uni-joint Zerk in some V11. Anyone else with a shaft oriented this way?
  2. With the short/female section of the shaft forward at the gearbox, is the shaft Zerk accessible behind the safety collar? And, perhaps more to the point, is the front uni-joint Zerk more easily accessed with this shaft orientation?
  3. "Sometimes, I get a bigger hammer. Hoo, getta bigger hammer " . . .
  4. Sorry for the hurried reply. Same as @rydfly's images. Same as @MartyNZ reported.
  5. Running a 170 would likely give a rounder, more natural, profile on the 5.5" rim offering a smooth, predictable turn-in and more even wear. Probably somewhat easier to mount and a little lighter than the 180. Cons? It won't look as big and wide. I have the early Sport with the even narrower 4.5" rim, so perhaps members with the later V11 will chime in with more experienced feedback . . .
  6. Are heated jackets and such popular there, in Norway, @Tomchri?
  7. Consider, also, what size rear tire you wish to try. Some prefer a 170 on the later V11/ 5.5" rim over the 180 they were delivered with. Similarly, some early V11 Sport/Rosso Mandello owners with the 4.5" rim prefer a 160 rather than the 170 they were delivered with. The more "pointed" profile of the larger tire "pinched" onto the rim can promote flattening of the center . . .
  8. I can't hang with this amazing artist, but starting at about 4:00 is how I felt riding mySport with Josh's Katzenjammer today . . .
  9. Honestly, I found this a lot better to listen to and much easier on the eyes . . .
  10. This has certainly been my experience. After using aggressive HH front pads (along with my characteristic Jackrabbit-on-hot-lava riding style ), my front rotors reached minimum thickness at an embarrassing 50,000 miles/ 80.500 km. (The replacements are at 82,500 miles now and holding up fine.) I learned to use pads spec'd for the Brembo rotors (FF, GF, or GG) and also changed my service by restoring the piston movement at fluid changes, and my rear rotor made 114,000 miles/185.000 km before reaching minimum thickness. Seriously YMMV . . .
  11. Thank you for telling about Teo Lamers. Now that museum/collection makes sense!
  12. They do send you a medal or a trophy? A "sticker", at least? Welldone, there, @p6x! Re: "In Pecos, I lost idle briefly. I think it had to do with the extremely high temperature +100 degF, combined with multiple engine starts in a short span of time (I was relocating the bike). Apart from that, the Le Mans was perfect. " > The V11 ECU operates a fuel rich mapping at each start-up for some 4,000 revolutions of the engine, regardless of ambient and engine temperatures. This is particularly compromising in such high ambient temperatures when the engine is already at operating temperature. A nuisance, but something to be expected. "In Pecos, there was a ribbon of plastic flying that got caught on my left turn indicator, and overheating on my exhaust pipe. It melted on the pipe and left a black streak which is very hard to get rid off. " > Try buffing the stainless steel exhaust with some steel wool, perhaps 00 or finer to remove the melted plastic. Again, welldone! And thanks for sharing venture!
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