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  1. Tullahoma, Tennessee, near the downtown Veteran's Memorial Park I visited today.
  2. docc

    TPS Reset

    Yes, use the voltmeter. Only the fully closed throttle plate voltage is important (157mV). The idle can then be set wherever you, and your V11, like best. The idle voltage is not critical, but the fully closed throttle plate voltage indexes the throttle opening to the ECU mapping. It is very sensitive.
  3. I suppose I would call that "axial" play rather than lateral (side-to-side). That much side-to-side (lateral) play I would call trouble. I doubt what you are showing is a problem, but defer to those who know this gearbox from the inside . . .
  4. The cadmium plated bolts are the correct Guzzi part GU01357731 from Harpermoto. @Curtis Harper still has a few on hand. Always best to call Curtis (and mention V11LeMans.com). I could not find the correct shank length (thread length) bolt at McMaster-Carr, but sourced the powder coated nuts and washers there. Those part numbers and links are in this post:
  5. Spinetrepidation - akin to "Guzzichondria", the concern over having one's SpineFrame fit, roadworthy, and present for a proper SpineRaid .
  6. Yet, to the original post, "What if Guzzi did . . ." I recall an AnimaGuzzista interview with Ing. Carcano. I am paraphrasing deeply, but when told how amazed and enamored we, as a community, are with his V-twin big-block over all of these decades, he said something like, "May be time to move on? Perhaps a three cylinder diesel ." Now, that is thinking outside the box!
  7. Agreed! That wasn't mine! Let me get pic up of "Candy" . . . After working the brakes and suspension, "superbike" bars and Corbin Gunfighter seat, she was just out of ground clearance. And till weighed 650 pounds. Yet, not at all what people think of as a "GoldWing." Here we are, November 1999. Nine months later, my V11 Sport arrived.
  8. Well, at 650 pounds, the first year 1975 "muscle bike" (no fairing, no luggage, yet ) was as light as a GoldWing ever was . . .
  9. Everyone wants to say the V11 is heavy. Depends, I guess. My first liter bike was a first-year GoldWing. I pared it down to a sport-tour trim. Not to the degree shown below, but that big valve, big carb, hot cam, first year motor was a rippin' delight! At 650 pounds it makes the V11 Sport a comparative lightweight . . .
  10. Same number on my original Valeo.
  11. My, my. All this time and we are still learning about these V11 . . . So, it is not just the 2001 black/short frame Rosso Mandello that is without the mounting tab on the frame, but perhaps some/all of the 2001 Red Frames.
  12. An open source compilation of Spine Frame terminology . . . > Spine Frame : the series of big-block Moto Guzzi with the rectangular box-section frame member connecting the forks to the swingarm support plates. (Daytona, SPOrT 1100, 1100Sport-i, Centauro, V11 Sport/LeMans models 1999-2005/ all). Compare to "Loop Frame " and "Tonti Frame ." (Forget about all the other frames since) . . . > SpineRaid : A gathering of Spine Frame bikes/ riders/ aficionado for the purposes of comparison, note taking, sharing, and mutual enlightenment. > Spinus Interuptus : Interrupting some-other-kind of gathering with your Spine Frame . Don't fall for their relays. Or the free candy. > Spinendipity : Out for a ride on your Spine Frame and you happen upon another. Pure four-leaf-clover unicornism! > Spinurbating : Having a delightful ride out on your Spine Frame alone, finding the experience ecstatic, yet embarrassingly difficult to mention in pubic. > Spinelighting : "I wasn't out on the Spine Frame , dear. You must have left the refrigerator door open." > Spinadeniability : "No, no, I wasn't out riding my Spine Frame . . . eh, the hillside avalanched; road flooded; there were elephants. No really, it wasn't that I wandered off on my Spine Frame and lost track of time, reveling in the joy of riding, and got to work/home late." * nope *
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