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  1. Sorted, I hope . . . That technical post belongs in its own topic to be archived as best we may . . . To wit:
  2. Okay, just my ignorance about the last generation of Big Blocks. They are not "cam-in-block" like the V11. More accurate to say "cam-in-head?"
  3. No problem to convert your image links, Pete. I forget what hosting you are using, but you can copy them "Direct" (URL begins "https" and not "[IMG]"). As far as inspecting for roller tappets, I guess I thought these would be resting upon the camshaft in the block under the push rods. You are saying they are visible under the rocker cover?
  4. The upper gearbox bracket was feature on the pre-V11 Sport. It can be fitted, with some fiddling, to the early V11 Red Frame Sports, but not the Rosso Mandello ShortFrame. Risk of a gearbox case crack at the mounting point is theoretically mitigated by the addition of this bracket to a Red Frame. Later (2002 and on) LongFrame are braced across the gearbox at the bottom from the lower rear subframe and no frame bracket for this piece.
  5. Sounds like a good time to remove the swingarm. It is not a bad job with the bike well supported. This gives full access to the front U-joint, inspect the swingarm bearings, bleed the clutch, service the main electrical ground to the back of the gearbox . . .
  6. Yep, the shaft Zerk fitting is for the splines. Too much lube and the pressure will impair free sliding motion. Rear uni? Or the nefarious front uni? The front one is most likely to suffer from neglect.
  7. Baldini was showing the marks can be incorrect in the image, far left.
  8. You can verify that the marks are correct by seeing that the trunions of the front and rear shaft yokes are aligned. [image courtesy of @Baldini]: And, yes, the rear should slide off. It makes me wonder of grease having hardened in there. How about some judicious heat from a heat gun or hair dryer (just remember to put it back before the wife reaches for it in the morning!) . . .
  9. This is so for the LongFrame V11, 2002 and on, with the 5.5" rim. Early, 1999-2001 ShortFrame V11, Sport and Rosso Mandello, have 4.5" rear rims and were delivered with 170 tires. Similarly, many have found that mounting "too pinched", which alters the rounded profile and have settled on a 160.
  10. Okay, then, the original single plate clutch and aluminum flywheel of the Rosso Mandello . . .
  11. I seem to recall that a spare gearbox input hub will serve as a clutch alignment tool? What clutch/flywheel combination did you go back with?
  12. Yes, the clutch parts must be aligned when the clutch is assembled . . . Then the gearbox input hub can be jiggled to fit into the clutch assembly.
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