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  1. These might work for you https://www.mgcycle.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=2916
  2. Mine got dropped off at my front door yesterday and I haven’t had a minute to look at it yet. Big thanks to @DucatiGuzziIndian for undertaking this project!! Now I wonder what’s gonna happen to all those fat aluminum Roper plates . . . Hmm . . . I reckon they’d make some nice trivets
  3. And that’s why we love them . . . Beautiful, temperamental and prone to fiery outbursts
  4. Someone over on MGNOC is selling a V11 Sport fuel tank, early model w/ chinpad. Looks to be in good condition . . . if anyone here is interested. https://www.mgnoc.com/classifieds.html
  5. When I first insured the Griso for the minimum liability required by the state of California, I paid Geico ~$95/year. They were the only one honoring my decades as a foreign motorcycle driver license holder and I did it all online, never talked to an agent. After a year or two, I can’t remember they offered to increase the liability coverage with no increase in premium . . . All good! When I added the V11S to the policy, my premium went up ~$5/year Although for some reason the vin # makes it appear as a V11 Ballabio, so that takes the Sport nomenclature out of the equation. I won’t complain . . . After the Covid debacle, they issued me a $20 refund . . . Now after many years with them with no claims and automatically added discounts my yearly premium has gone down this year to $77 for the 2 bikes. So, 2 bikes, 1 policy and decent coverage for less than $100/year and a company that seems to look after their customer without me having to talk to anyone or be on the phone for hours on end . . . Yeah, I’m happy with Geico! And as @LowRyter aptly said, don’t think for a minute your claim is gonna be treated more fairly by one company over another because you’re giving them more money . . . . There is a good reason the very rich don’t carry insurance when not obligated, it’s cheaper in the end to cover individual incidents if and when they occur than pay for a recurring policy that you may never need . . . . Insurance is a scam . . . . Thank the Lloyd’s of London
  6. In California, the minimum insurance requirement is bodily injury and property damage liability with $15k/30k and $5k coverage respectively. I carry $30k/60k and $50k liability coverage for 2 bikes, including legal defense in case of lawsuit for the princely sum of $77/year, including various discounts. I don't feel the need to carry comprehensive or collision on a 10 and a 20 year old bike. As for uninsured drivers, note that California requires proof of insurance to register a vehicle, not that it makes a foolproof condition as you could have insurance at time of registration and drop it for the rest of the year, so I'm sure there are still plenty of uninsured drivers out on the road.
  7. And if the red Quota doesn't work out, you could check out that Stelvio, 2017 with less than 1k miles . . . I know, it's not RED! https://www.atlanticcycle.com/search/inventory/query/Moto guzzi/type/Street Bikes
  8. I've tried sending an email from the Craigslist post and didn't have any problem like you described, it seems to have gone through just fine.
  9. @p6x I haven't gotten any reply as of yet. I think you're right about the emails going through Craigslist servers being pushed to the recipient's email client. At least, that's been my experience, no need to be logged into your Craigslist account to send or receive email messages. Your guess is as good as mine concerning the seller behavior . . . All I can say is, try to be patient and give it some time, he might resurface and actually respond to his messages. One good thing is that the ad is still up and was updated yesterday 1/05/24 . . . . Fingers crossed!
  10. There you go @activpop . . . A road map to matrimonial bliss and harmony . . .
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