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  1. I’m a big fan of the odyssey, and use it in multiple bikes. But that crowded fitment eats at me, as it can be so tedious to get it in and out. So one of my v11’s has a li-ion just to achieve comfort with the fitment, knowing I could easily access/remove it on the road if needed. not wanting to start yet another a li-ion +/- debate, just saying that I prefer odyssey batteries and use them, but have li-ions in a couple bikes just to make my life easier. (So far no let-downs from the li-ion, but haven’t seen if they’ll last 10 yrs like my odysseys.)
  2. Sorry, no input at this point Al on the chuck/phil mod with the MotraTech, but will just add that I’m a big fan of the MotraTech. And i’lll be watching to see how yours turns out. If I came across another MotraTech setup I’d buy it to have just in case. My setup is slightly finicky, requiring a little different “action” with my shift foot, but overall resulted in a subtle but great change for me, as a “lanky” rider, and someone who wanted a little less weight/force on my arms for touring (due mostly to a shoulder issue).
  3. Took my girlfriend to hear Peter Tosh (from Bob Marley) when he came to town many moons ago on his tour featuring his version of johnny b goode. She was a fine young catholic girl, easily surprised when all the lights went out, by design, to just highlight the single spark/red glow on the stage, and how the crowd went wild…
  4. For those inclined along these delicious good-‘ol-boy musical lines, Aaron Lewis does some great work that just can’t help but be turned up, whether on the shop stereo, car stereo, or on the rare situations where I’m piping bluetooth into my helmet. Lewis is the original lead from Staind, which was a bit too melodramatic in style for my taste, and he can still get that way in his newer-found country genre, but whatever, he gets it right with “the road”, “sinner” (with willie Nelson), “northern redneck”, and some others. I don’t see a real video for The Road, just this user-made montage of truck pics as background to the song: https://youtu.be/XtIG88d8I90
  5. I also had assumed the EV would be different, but the title description lists the various V11’s as a fit, right or wrong. https://www.ebay.com/itm/273583824948?hash=item3fb2dde034:g:e04AAOSwwj5b~n5R&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA4CXLDPMx60yx8Ei%2FvbdSmXygX0%2BQEhXYQEUxaKv%2BSuDIxQLZbj8RlLHbcChrKo50caofkjBFk7LHpcNeAx3JzS9vfaFgaFIfoUG3E%2BV7ZuyBVe%2BM8DibqezrQWq1EJw%2Bz2nTxLnJZdrgnlTdnqcgS5Zo%2BCvk%2F2lbLG5ZER4w4WKHZIi4ybr7xheineOur54w%2BgvjAkeV5NnnPQKtgYxfYbHcqSMpRLurcWeADDWjFG1PwkmZkS67Qa4DwV0uGYrdNJPWZMSdxUGKa71%2Bx5UgaF30S8MbnKCSyuolRDbBH3lt|tkp%3ABFBMsszBnY5h Here’s the pic from the listing ($65) Docc, thats the same red-shirt girl i keep requesting to run parts for me, but seems she’s always busy. Looks as though she’s at your house.
  6. Anyone know if a ‘99 v11EV airbox will fit the 99 V11 sport? There’s one on eBay, and my greenie has pods i may want to remove eventually. It’s still a ways from being done, as that project is still languishing in the shop, in line behind other less enjoyable projects, but am casually looking for a few odds and ends.
  7. I’ll throw my name in for one, if/when it’s an option. My main rider v11 shifts great, but thinking the greenie project might benefit. Though that project is languishing, as the missus cracks the whip on the bathroom remodel, and already spending most of my time for the man…
  8. Thanks Tom. Docc, yep, i took things apart mainly to address some cleanup of the aluminum, and found the reset knob missing (so far unobotanium b/c i appear to have the 2.5mm shaft version rather than the readily available 3mm version), upon closer inspection the outer plastic housing is cracked, and then the speedo metal housing itself is slightly dented and with the bulb and bulb-holder completely missing. I’ll likely end up doing the JB Weld fix like you mentioned for the studs, for while I’d like to get that metal speedo case “just right”, I’m starting to see the payoff will be small and invisible compared to the hassle of disassembling a perfectly functioning speedo. But would like the bulb holder to be back in place, as thats obviously an easy thing so long as i can find one, though I’ll probably ride that Greenie at night extremely rarely.
  9. The bulb is, but its the mount, the 3rd item down on the page. I just had a bare wire (taped) under the speedo cowl when I got into it. I think the bulb on that same page, the 1st item, is for the idiot lights, and easily available, as would be the bulb for the speedo. So the question on the speedo bulb is just which LED replacement option have people liked, and then for the mount its that 3rd item down on the UK site web page.
  10. Might there be a UK member who’d be willing to ship something like this to me? Not for free of course…. (Scroll down to the 3rd item on the web page, the HAG14769 “bulb holder”) https://www.gutsibits.co.uk/pr/TheShop/index.php?f=e&Shnew=1&Model=1&ModelName=1100+Sport+V11&Cat=INA&CatName=Instruments+and+Clocks Nearly a giveaway, but they won’t ship to US. Other option is to find a cross reference, but no luck yet, and of course its not too difficult to make something else work but would rather have the actual part if it can be had for so little $$.
  11. What did you end up using in your speedo for a bulb?
  12. Touché. For the OP’s original question, I’d think this sort of thing is more at play than tire pressures and such. All those factors ultimately play into fuel economy, but when it’s off by that much it’s usually a bigger “smoking gun”. Though finding that smoking gun may not be easy. And fwiw on this thread, these days I’m getting about 36-37mpg on Red (v11 lemans), mostly 10-20 mile legs of mixed riding. Around 40mpg when she road trips and stretches her legs to cruise at highway speeds. Ethanol doesn’t noticeably effect my fuel econ, though I avoid it for other reasons.
  13. That may indeed be what will happen. If the gauge wasn’t working properly, getting it off to Joel would be the ticket i think, and then may as well do the proper straightening. But if the MGcycle part addresses the reset issue (which from what I see now is common), then no other reason at this point to tear into it, so the JBweld may be the most reasonable answer. the outer plastic cover that goes over both gauges also is cracked around the area where the odo reset goes through, so will be looking at some crafty epoxy work there, while also looking for another new-to-me housing if one can be had.
  14. Makes sense. Getting access to the empty cup should yield a fairly straightforward task of flattening the back side.
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