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  1. Lots of magnificent roads in CA, but wonder which road that is? and as i assume audiomick would agree, sound is a wonderful attribute! Just should be part of a whole package, when applicable :->
  2. What an entertaining thread! With the Aussies on this forum, things could really go off the rails when it comes to good espresso talk. Oz, and dare i say the US(?), have really done some beautiful work with espresso in recent years, surpassing the old country originators of our favorite motor-oil like morning beverage. Some of the barista threads I watch can get real entertaining, going well beyond even a motor oil thread on a moto forum, and often have Aussies deep in the mix. In a twisted way i relish the travel coffee, the brutal brown water served at most hotels and travel stops, as a way to embrace what Forest Gump said, “the sweet just ain’t as sweet without the sour”. That said, had an excellent couple of espresso shots this morning at Steam Dot espresso in Anchorage AK….great roasts, great grinders (key), the Slayer espresso machine, and a good barista. Making me look forward to tomorrow morning! pressureangles quote: “nothing 8hrs away can be that desperate”…. Amen!
  3. I’m endeavoring to get Greenie and Goldie out for a full-speed spin every few weeks, just “riding around” to keep them exercised, and avoid the issues of letting them sit too long. (Red is a regular rider) though they are obviously all roughly the same machines (1 short frame, 2 longs), remarkable to me how different they ride. Red has the slightly different foot peg position, and cushier suspension, and Goldie’s clutch is getting toward the end before needing plates, all which make for a fairly dramatic difference when riding back to back. And of course greenies short frame and no windscreen means what that means. Sort of obvious i suppose, but riding them all back to back accentuated things. That little Lemans windscreen I’d always thought didn’t do much, but it makes a real obvious difference in reality… really smooths the airflow a lot more than i would have thought. Similarly, I’d have said “the short frame isn’t that much shorter”, but its a whole different feeling. I feel like I’m on a mini-bike on Greenie after i get off the Lemans. Must be something else to it…. Maybe I should look more closely at stock foot peg position, or maybe that frame length delta just does more than i would have thought. Greenie, with the pods, purrs like a kitten, and pulls nicely through the whole rpm range, but is “lumpier” as you run up through the rpm range. I assume thats a pod issue to some extent. Goldie is still (after much fussing) somewhat lifeless below about 4500 rpm, then springs to life like a 2 stroke above that. And Red is the Goldilocks of the group, being about perfect throughout (engine and suspension), though its nuisance gremlin is the occasional “starts hard and won’t idle” that will happen randomly each summer. anyway, just some pointless sunday morning musings about the differences in these bikes, which i think maybe all have more “artist” and voodoo in them, like proper Italians should, after an enjoyable run on all 3 of the girls yesterday.
  4. Just saw MartyNZ’s post of the WW2 bird in NZ, which reminded me: for anyone heading to the MGNOC at John day this year, at John Day you’re about 140 miles from Madras, where the owner of our company keeps his collection of warbirds. It’s truly worth seeing if you’re an enthusiast and have the time. Ericksoncollection.com. Is the website (for some reason the link won’t paste, so i just typed it) for anyone making the journey and not from around here (meaning, interested in tips on what to do out that direction), i could recommend a scenic riding route or two out toward Madras, and a fantastic steak house in Bend (50 mins south of Madras).
  5. In fairness, a trade for a ktm 390 adventure (etc) would be a seismic shift. You gotta love your greenie… they deserve and need the love 😎
  6. I sent the smoke signal last night, should be good - thx!
  7. interesting topic! i'll only add that i drug my kids to hawaii to certify, since i just wanted it to be easy and fun, and we scored on both counts (but more than a decade ago). I certified in Alaska, and loved it, but it was in fact a goat-rope if comparing it to warm water, and I'm just glad I did that when i was younger and had the ignorance to think "why not?" lots of good diving up there by the way, but its more of a "when in Rome" thing. though look up "gods pocket" down near Vancouver Island (BC canada) if you want motivation to get into dry suit diving. Maui and the big island both have multiple reputable shops/schools (padi, etc), and they go to warm, usually clear-viz sites, where the whole thing is easy and enjoyable. Bring or rent a shorty, but thats all thats needed unless somethign odd is going on with water temps. Big island had some real nice, clear water dive sites with plenty of coral and fish to gape at while they're learning. But i'd consider bringing my own regulators, as its seems like as often as not when i rent gear when traveling it's safe enough, but crappy/worn-out enough to be finicky, and less "smooth" for me and certainly for a learner. like skiing, crappy gear can make it a worse experience for the learner. For most of the gear who cares, but a mask that fits and you like, and a good regulator setup is stuff you can keep pretty much forever, easily fits in luggage, and you can assure its dialed in before you go.
  8. that would be cool, if it can be sourced and evaluated.
  9. Seem to recall the same issue on the Cagiva Gran Canyon (ducati 904, with external fuel pump), and we all used what we called the "sharkbite", which was the brand name of the 90 deg copper reducer synonymous with what LaGrasta shows above. I think Ducati used a custom hose, and we changed to the reducer fitting, and in doing so actually gained additional leeway in how the hoses routed (they were down low, bottom front of engine). Seems it might yield the same benefit here, where the issue Phil is wisely pointing out might be alleviated with use of a 90 deg fitting coming from the petcock. maybe not.... would have to look closer at the limited real estate available, but i'd think the small hose leaving the petcock could point inward toward centerline of engine, then the 90 would turn the flow straight forward, and attach to a nearly straight run of the larger diameter hose to the pump.
  10. amen. Or the sign on the way down (southwest), the yellow caution sign that shows the squiggly curve symbol and says "next 78 miles", or some such thing. delish.
  11. Sounds like you've got a good feel for the good stuff up here... Lolo is always a great run, and the area all around there. the curves are fantastic on any bike, and then if you're on an ADV bike there are lots of great offshoots into the boondocks, or on a V11 there are lots more twisties to chase. Not sure if this an appropriate place to throw out some other "snapshots" of nice roads, but here's a link to what I'm 99% sure is the run i've done a few times that I quite liked (google map link, fairly ubiquitous). You can continue up the snake river to Oxbow, which is another short distance up-and-back also: https://maps.app.goo.gl/8LiNXm6iAV2Fg6d39 Thats a neat, fairly remote route between the snake and Joseph, and then north of there up toward lewiston on the 3 is also good. For off-road (ADV, not dirt bike) riders i have a great little route between walla walla and Anatone (off route 3, north of Joseph). If you're out that way and want to do the Joseph OR area for those enjoyable riding routes around there, my favorite little hotel at Joseph I think I heard is selling, and maybe is selling or may shut down, but their web site is still up. It's a quirky place, but unique in what i'd call a good way: jenningshotel.com i don't actually know who sets these (John Day) events up, other than the generic knowledge that it's MGNOC. I know there are great day rides around John Day, but whether a guy would have to arrive armed with that knowledge or get it from a resource at the event I don't know. yesterday I did the run NW from John Day toward home, up through Fossil and Condon, which is always a great ride. A few very short sporty sections, but mostly just "mildly sporty" and lots of great scenery, and in large sections of the ride lack of vehicles. But in late June, will be strings of tourists checking out the fossil bed stuff I assume, and will likely be HOT in some sections. the "lonesome highway" from Vale OR, up the 26 to john day, was enjoyable. A few grin-inducing sections, but mostly just grand scenery and a good number of sweepers. But in that corner/quadrant of the state, there are lots of fun, remote routes.
  12. To those not familiar with John day, my humble opinion as an Oregonian and with my own subjective lenses on, is that it’s not a destination you’d normally have on your hot list. Far from it. But the area is beautiful. If I were offering advice on where to go, stay, and ride on a visit to Oregon, this area would certainly be hot on the list of recommendations. But I’d consider staying down the road perhaps at prairie city (nifty old hotel there), though I suppose maybe it’s crowded in the summer…. Can’t say for sure these days if the wonderfully quiet area turns into a zoo in summer. Maybe. long distance travelers coming out to John Day and who have time, I’d recommend including the Joseph & Enterprise area, walla walla, Bend (opposite direction), in addition to all the great more remote areas between John day and the Gorge (with the gorge also worth visiting), are where I’d generally point. Lots of scenic hot spots and sporty roads.
  13. Well, not to get too far off thread topic, but will indulge in a quick offshoot… cold riding. Partly in defense of my childish behavior yesterday on the v85 :-> i lived in alaska for a good number of years, and have mostly TomChri’s type blood in me, Norwegian, so maybe thats whey the cold is not as bothersome 😉. Used to ride year round (on a BMW RT), but In truth, I have only very rarely in the last couple decades decided to man-up and purposely ride into very cold weather, choosing instead to re-schedule whatever i had planned when the weather gods were smiling more. Last month I had planned to go get the V85 from Denver, and the weather looked good, right up until i was about to leave, then went downhill fast (dumped snow). Cancel. This time forecast was decent, a lot warmer on the western end of the ride (today… supposed to be mid 60’s in Boise later), and nothing forecasted worse than brief periods down around 42 and dry on the east/denver end. But as often happens, crappy apple weather app forecasts and spiteful weather gods conspire and i end up needing to “man up” as you alluded. Oh well… so be it. Riding for an hour or so through nasty cold, snowy conditions is what it turned into, so thats ok. You riding the Quota to John Day?
  14. All very good. Sounds like you pulled trigger on the Quota, so that should be fun. Might you ride that to John Day? I should have started my opining above about the v85 by confirming that i think such opinions are nearly useless, albeit potentially entertaining, as they are so subjective, and serve mainly to either reinforce others love of the machine, or in some cases perhaps to help someone interested avoid a trait they very much want to avoid. I know that various versions of my younger self over the years would not have loved the bike as much as I do now. I used to scoff at my good friend who first had a V11 Lemans back when I had my ST4… friendly competition. Now the V11 is my favorite. The V85 so far is doing everything well, but doesn’t necessarily win “best of class” in any category. As a total package, it needs no excuses despite some areas where it could in fact be improved, and is consistently bringing a smile.
  15. For what it’s worth, not regretting the v85tt, which is now my official opinion. Mine is a 2022 (bought it used), not the 2024 from the thread title, but today was the unintended test to settle things. Left Denver (Longmont) in unforecast light drizzle and wet snow, and being the child that i am i headed out and upward in elevation. Forecast was for 39 degrees at the coldest, but Apple weather was garbage as always and it dropped to 29 (f), in wet snow. Pavement was fine, but the moisture made it painfully cold, even with the electric gear. Sigh. But in rain mode (pioggia) to assist, she handled smooth, and then when we finally broke out into balmy 38 degree weather and dry air/road, she picked up the pace and danced along beautifully. Then on the highway slog later in the day, something i didn’t test in Italy on the rental v85, i locked cruise control at 85 and she was smooth and steady even in the blustery wind. Only complaint is I thought I had heated grips… but I don’t. Just the button. Cruel Italian. So have had her now in the Italian mountain twisties, nasty cold & wet in CO, and open highway at high speed in WY, and she’s checking all the boxes. Now to waste more hard earned cash on guzzitechs mods to juice up the HP and exhaust, something she does NOT need, but the child in me will keep the upper hand, and money shall be well wasted.
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