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  1. I've done similar, even with AGM's, when they got real old and were showing "end of life" signs, and I felt I'd gotten enough life out of them to feel ok to swap it out (got my bang for the buck). For what its worth, that AMG brand (AGM) I took out of the 1200 Ducati was still getting the job done, but was cranking slower each start over the course of the summer, then in the cold wx i had the almost-no-start, so i changed it. point is it was a Li-ion, and that one seemed to show similar signs as a lead-acid to being worn out. Not sure what kind of data point that is, but perhaps of interest.
  2. From a broad perspective, it’s arguably the most common issue with any old Italian motorcycle, the electrical system. Years ago I just determined that I’d go through the electrics and do the handful of usually affordable and not-to-tricky upgrades on the front end, and life has been easier ever since, with all my beloved Italians. I’ve not done much with fuse blocks, though docc and many others have a lot of insight there. Mine have always looked great, so I haven’t messed with that. But checking for good grounding (can be a “free” fix for a lot of issues), the mosfet VR retrofit, new & good relays, and at least checking if not also just pro-actively upgrading the wire connectors is time/money well spent for longer term peace of mind. I’ve purchased a number of mosfet upgrades from roadstercycle, which were quite a bit more expensive, but he specs out some good (or great) quality connectors and wiring, which is handy.
  3. Norge seems like the right bike for that lovely route & distance. I’m doing the Lemans because it’s in the home state… perfect distance to stretch her legs a little.
  4. I assume Austin will be easier, but if by chance you’re going to the John Day Oregon event in June, I’ll have my V85 a few hours from there if u want to go for a spin. I’ll have the Lemans in John Day, but half a state away will the V85. Might even have the foolishly expensive new exhaust and other doo-dad tomfoolery installed by then… i rented the V85tt in Mandello, as the consolation prize because the new Stelvio had just been taken/rented by someone else. But ended up really enjoying the V85, much more than I had anticipated. Of course lake Como area in the sun, pasta, wine, and amazing back roads in the mountains above/behind Varenna does tend to put one into a less demanding state of mind, so hopefully i won’t regret my leap into the V85 here at home.
  5. Will indulge in some moto-modeling, since with Goldie finally back on-line, Greenie done, and Red in good shape per usual, was the 1st time the gaggle of geese could get dolled up for a family photo…
  6. Hah, it’s alive and kickin… let that seafoam do its thing for a couple more days, and the carb cleaner sprayed up into the air adjustment screw ports, and was getting ready to strip off the tank and air box, but cranked her up one more time to check TBS. Behold, she coughed a couple times, then ran just fine. Checked TPS, (slightly off, fixed), and TB synch, idle adjust, and a few other misc/normal things, and now she’s pretty much purring. Well, now I’ve probably jinxed it. Still need to get her on the road to the gas station for a test flight. Assumption is that it was all just a mess of old gas. Note that my crappy memory was mostly at fault, as it was about 4yrs that she sat there, when i checked my records, but in my head i was thinking 2yrs max. It was clear premium, with a stabilizer added, but 4yrs is just too much. a question which i assume is common, but I’ve never really thought about it, what do folks do with show bikes that usually sit and maybe get run once or twice per year? Drain all fuel, then re-prime for the occasional start/run? Or just be sure to replace all the fuel each year? i know my old flat-slide Mikuni carb’d Suzuki doesn’t like any of those options. Running it dry, or stabilizing the fuel each fall, but next spring she does not like to start and run properly on that first wake-up from hibernation.
  7. So who all from this forum thinks they’ll be at the john day event? Curious.
  8. studio version has more of a "hook" with the clean lead-in percussion, but this is good -
  9. Amen. Way, way back octane choice had a more visible effect in some ways (pinging, fuel econ), in my opinion, but that was way back, when carburators were the norm and ECU’s were not, etc. 25 plus yrs now I’ve run only regular in all my Italian and Germanic machines, 2-wheelers and 4, with zero differences other than a lower fill-up cost. LT, the somewhat well-known Ducati guru, says he never runs premium in any of his machines. I run it only in my less-ridden V11’s now, but only because it’s the only ethanol free gas I can get. All my other machines, and even the Guzzi’s on a road trip, just run regular. Sorry PO, Daveguzzi1, that we digressed into an octane discussion! But mixed in here is the good stuff/advice on the “decent tune up” to establish the baseline, so more specific troubleshooting ideas can be focused. Your choice to run 100 octane may as Phil says be making things either worse, or less clear.
  10. Ragpickers Dream, Sailing to Philadelphia, and Shangri-La fit my taste nicely, though like a good album (or albums) should be, the stuff I did'nt prefer at first then grew on me, and the stuff that had a "hook" on the first listen then faded. common them for many artists (no big secret there), and for me as a listener, to have the hook songs get you to "sign up", so that you'll maybe then develop a taste for the other tracks. I flew some well known musicians around on tour in years past, and I remember commenting to one of them about a great new song he played for the first time at a show, in prep for the next album release, and he said "ya, thats the hook, and i find it boring, but hopefully people will then listen to the stuff i'm actually proud of if they buy the album for that hook". I found all those Knopfler albums good enough to play in the background while working on remodeling my home years ago, but then later after having it as background music, I only then realized "damn, this is really good". But not for all his music...
  11. One New River, the new album from Knopfler, is out today. I just downloaded. Big fan, but while his style doesn’t vary dramatically, i do find that some albums become “best of all time” category for me, and others just barely get listened to.
  12. Got things lined up do work on goldie this weekend (noid light, etc), got some more good input from Gstallons, and decided to pop out to shop just for a minute after dinner. Had a big dose of seafoam in the fuel, circulated through the pump and filter. Cleaned up the throttle body air adjust screws, and squirted carb cleaner up in that orifice, as well as the TB sync ports. And, she started. Ran like hell, wouldn’t idle on her own, but she was firing on both cylinders. So now we’re back to running really poorly, versus not running at all. May or may not change what i go after next. when she was really parked, about 4 yrs ago, she ran sweet. That implies the usual tune-up items should be ok, and that the issue is still an “old fuel gunk” type issue. But I’ll do a quick check on some of the basic stuff first (has new plugs, can’t imagine valve adjustments moved while static, i suppose i can check TPS and Throttle body sync, and do all that pretty quick). Maybe I’m an idiot and didn’t check the air filter…. Sitting around for years maybe critters got up in there. Hmm. Love removing that tank….
  13. No argument here. And far be it from me to become an apostle for anything but the many Odysseys i have or have had. Just more or less parroting what you, others, and myself have all hit upon, which is that time has led to the evolution of the batt tech to the extent that now we seem to be mostly living with the reputation/issues of the past which may not be as applicable now. In the example noted on the posts just above, sounds like you’ve got an old odyssey thats still performing, and I also have averaged 7-9+ yrs on my odysseys, and even then they aren’t “dead”, so that has always kept me a loyal follower. I’m just adding in the data point(s) that this old shorai I’ve got is also in that age range, experienced a couple of the “too far gone” near-death experiences (voltage dropped to below the normally recoverable range due to issues on the KTM) early on, but not only is it not dead but its cranking the V11 longer and harder than any battery I’ve used…..All much to my surprise. I looked up the specs on it, and sure enough it indicates more CCA than the equivalent odyssey (no surprise, given the nature of the 2 different chemistry/techs), but i figured it would die fast given its age & abuse, and lack of amp-hr, which just didn’t happen. Weird, in a good way, and not really sure what to conclude from that. As another data point in line with the title of this thread, I did last year remove a cheap-O lithium battery from another of my (larger cc) bikes, one that I inherited from the previous owner of the bike. The brand… hmm…. I’ll think of it. I think it was 3 letters (AMG maybe?), and shows to be about half the price of the usual higher end lithium batteries. When i removed it, it was just shy of 7 yrs old. It got no special treatment, spent the winters on a 2a lithium specified tender (For better or worse?), and it did experience the bad trait of barely performing in cold winter conditions (barely cranked the bike when down around 0 degrees C). But other than that it performed fine. It just spooked me when I’d go to start the bike in cold conditions, and was getting old, so i replaced it. The new lithium battery i put in cranks the bike really well in the cold (EarthX)… so far very good, but it’s new.
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