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Community Answers

  1. I see you've tried to embed pics straight from Dropbox. That doesn't work. You can attach pics with the paperclip option
  2. That's really sad news... Griso owner Biesel contacted me if it was possible to integrate the griso ghetto forum in v11lemans.com. I told him it would be a hell of a job and possibly undoable. I offered him to make a subforum with all the trimmings for Griso-Ghetto members. But migrating all the content would be too much of a task, if possible.
  3. This German song by Herbert Grönemayer just popped up in my Spotify playlist. The best German love song ever IMHO.
  4. ScuRoo, please stop with whatever you're doing. You will achieve nothing. Consider yourself officially warned.

    1. docc
    2. docc


      Why is this still going on?  :huh2:

      No one wants to see your graphic video commentaries on this forum.  :bbblll:

      Please reconsider what you are posting here, @ScuRoo.

      Otherwise, I appreciate your contributions. Just not the provocative, graphic video posts. :glare:

  5. These kind of political comments are totally unnecessary and unwanted on this forum.
  6. Tank looks to be from the first red/grey LeMans. Can't visit Cycletrader because of some restrictions (regional?)
  7. Protest songs and political statements in songs are as old as the road to Rome. And everyone is free to agree or disagree. Hell, I don't agree with everything Bob Dylan wrote. But as you all know, a political discussion is not allowed on this forum! My suggestion: Everybody is free to post music vids. All I ask of you is to think carefully what you post here. And for the people who disagree with the content of some of these videos: just don't react. It's not that hard. Thanks!
  8. I really like what he did and his eye for details, but it looks like he had a bottomless wallet. What I really don't like is the closed swingarm. It's too bulky for my taste. And the red line on the fairing does not line up with the red line on the tank/seat piece. But overall: hats off!
  9. https://www.bikeexif.com/ghezzi-brian-moto-guzzi-1100
  10. As always, I'm late to the party...
  11. Sorry, but hearing the video's voice over, I couldn't help myself...
  12. I've only seen and heard it once: loud as f*ck! Defo illegal on Dutch roads. And to be honest, not that good looking as well
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