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  1. The Ohlins forks will fit the original triple clamps too. Been there, done that
  2. A large proportion? We have about 50.000 farmers in NL, and maybe 200 have sold their farm. Most of them have no successor and they sold their farm voluntarily and for good money. So no, I don't think we have a lot of newbie bikers here that are former farmers. Why the increase? My guess is road congestion and parking fees.
  3. Checked the bike sales in NL for 2024: First quarter: Around a 25% increase! Top seller is not surprisingly the BMW R1300GS. Bestselling brand: Kawasaki.
  4. It is on my bucket list, but sadly the Finance Minister sais no...
  5. Ah, a Mozzie, my favourite ww2 aircraft! Sadly I've never seen one in real life...
  6. Wow! € 14900,- that's more than a new one cost over 20 years ago
  7. 😅 I came to this thread to post this exact same picture!
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