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  1. And Finnmark, short ride 2400km for flyfishing. Yes my proud son. Cheers Tom Sent fra min SM-A525F via Tapatalk
  2. Adding a relay is the way to go. You could try with a deasent cable from battery directly to the solenoid, to see if the starter engages,, every time. Of course bike in neutral and all that. Going thru all electric connections is a big bonus. It’s called learning to know your bike, very rewarding. Cheers Tom.
  3. Marty, after reading this you totally $§~|\£_^ my mind, soon Christmas right. It is a sweet upgrade in your head, everything more accurate. Had Pete Jackson gear drive on RB Mopar, and a BB Chevy . Yes perfect timing is of importance. Cheers Tom.
  4. Must say that Chevron got my attention. Oils oils . Simple conclusion we want the best for our machines. Had to ask again, nobody checked out Orion 870. 85-90. Has an amazing ability to follow the gears on the round trip. Climbing ability. Think about it, cars in the 60-70s , changing the oil in the manual tranny, don’t think to many was worried about yearly changes. Cheers guys Tom.
  5. Simple decision. Cheers Tom.
  6. Will be a nice upgrade for sure. Price in Norway was 10777kr.
  7. It actually scared me, but seems exhaust not connected, handlebars a little of, so back to normal now. Cheers Tom.
  8. Have had the same cable on my RC for 4years now, all good. Cheers Tom.
  9. Xmashttp://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/63a8a6b665324/VID-20221225-WA0001.mp4 Sent fra min SM-A525F via Tapatalk
  10. And check the 4connectors under the fuse box. They deliver power to fuel pump. Cheers Tom.
  11. I would go thru every connection on the bike, and recommend a regulator speaking directly to the battery. The 4 connectors under the fuse box are in shape ? Cheers Tom.
  12. Amazing Blues radio, like Aardvark. Friday will be Jive check out. Cheers Tom.
  13. Tomchri


    Some thinks can't be helped, suits me fine. Won this at an auction tonight. Original MG neon sign. MG part # from 1999. Been out of the original packing box 4years, so v nice. IPA TIME. Cheers Tom. Sent fra min SM-A525F via Tapatalk
  14. Zerk story . 2 black frames quite doable. 2001 red frame, wheel of and very helpful with another pair of hands working the grease gun. Messy and lots of cleaning after the right sound. 1999 red frame, hmm, why shoud this one be worse ? Dropped swing arm to the lowest possible, after taking rear drive of and drive shaft apart. U-joint bolts out (new T bolts was to be installed anyway) to get the drive shaft backwards. And yes, the right sound. Woud have been quicker taking the s arm of. Not that long since the s arm had been powdercoated, so figured bearings were good. Figure out. Cheers Tom.
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