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  1. From 202900kr . Have Guzzi’s, that works too. Mentioned the other day, Coppa Italia 200000kr, 6732km, but he is not gone sell, I think. Cheers Tom.
  2. Yes remember CE, time for another beer. He had to disappear from the scene, l think. Prices, I’m for sure stern sail. New Duc Multistrada RS 507000kr, have a beer. Cheers Tom.
  3. Not much experience with Li-Ion batterys, but there was an EXIDE ELTX14H 48wh 240A installed in my 1100 Sport ( yellow). She was parked sep 7, chlutch gone. When parked it had 13.52V. Had the battery in now to check everything is working, no smoke. Not a lot of use, but holds 13.50V now = 7months . AMAZING i think. Cheers Tom.
  4. Cheaper, check connections from alternator. Bulletconnectors and all kind of horrible connections. Mine started to flip the tach, then misfiring and dead. Melted connectors. Cheers Tom.
  5. Yes, what a race. MM had brake problems, according to the news. Cheers Tom.
  6. Few hours ago on Finn.no, a Coppa with 6732km. 200000kr . Cheers Tom.
  7. Yes it took awhile before lesson learned about the octane hunt. Back in the days it was possible to get 110 octane from a buddy working offshore. Cheers Tom.
  8. Good. Yes they need food. They have chrome piston rings, so a little dose of starting fluid just to se if she was interested. Wild quess, still filty injectors. Sounded like everything else was sorted . Cheers Tom.
  9. Had a pullover in 2015 in Florida at 2am, going Forth Lauderdale- Pensacola. Hardly any cars, rental Camaro limited to 200km. But out of nowhere, 278$ ticket. Ok he had a Mopar Cheers Tom.
  10. Reminds me of my time in the States with diplomatic papers [emoji16]. New Jersey turnpike was privatly owned, so after to many pullovers, I was escorted of and banned there. IPA time here. Cheers Tom. Sent fra min SM-S906B via Tapatalk
  11. Since s arm is of, you are talking about front part of shaft connected to the tranny ? Can you move,slide the shaft a bit on the splines, if, tighten the bolts. Shoud be NO play in the ujoint. Cheers Tom.
  12. 820cc Denco modified to 120hk. Bought a new 72 H2, painted it maron, WHAT. Did around 28000km with those 2. The H1, nææh. Cheers Tom. Sent fra min SM-S906B via Tapatalk
  13. Finished, now weather and tuning. ECU been a trip to C Jefferies. We like clean ladies. Cheers Tom. Sent fra min SM-S906B via Tapatalk
  14. Have those bulbs in my 03, 04, V11 and patterns is like a regular H4 halogen, only brighter. 1100 Sport needed some grinding on the bulb to get the lock working. Don’t fit in my 01 Greenie steel housing. My 99 has an aftermarket smaller housing with enough length to fit. Don’t ride a lot after dark no more, but no dought, BETTER. Cheers Tom.
  15. Recomended by the doc. I have 4 going, BEST sofar. Cheers Tom.
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