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  1. Wasn't there some in metal available, was it a beemer part ? Will look some more. Cheers Tom.
  2. 99 V11 = ZGUKR0000XM111333 01 V11 = ZGUKR00001M114451 03 V11 = ZGUKTA0202M211214 04 V11 = ZGUKTA0203M211381 Cheers Tom.
  3. No TAG, engraved left front. Have not spotted anything else,, hard looker. Cheers Tom.
  4. And my 2 bolts were botton left and middle rear cover. Cheers Tom.
  5. Spotted a drip on the floor from the Rosso Corsa 1 month ago, WHAT. Happened to be the same, 1 a bit loose, 2nd just needed a touch. I'l keep an eye on it. Cheers Tom.
  6. Enjoying myself with the 1164ccm, rear part cleared. CF fender and a homemade protection plate fitted. Woud anybody know what fork holders are mounted? Moving forward on the bike. And what was inside the tranny when doing the Chuck spring [emoji85]. None of the metal parts, bits was hardened, gears undamaged The ss bolt, how the H ? Tranny worked fine, but she was charging 18V, so not many km this season. Beliveing tranny had plenty of Molycote, took some to clean the level glass. Taking care of that in hibernation time, and will she come back to a Greenie? Cheers Tom. Sent fra min SM-A525F via Tapatalk
  7. Tomchri


    Looks very familiar. Shindengen 847 after that on my V11's. Cheers Tom.
  8. Was a couple for sale, reasonable on kleinanziegen.de Cheers Tom.
  9. Middle bolt ? The long bolt thru pork chop that hold the lever ? There is a nut at the other end,, Cheers Tom.
  10. Handling is EX, and 700nm stock. Yes the misses like it. Cheers Tom. Sent fra min SM-A525F via Tapatalk
  11. Relax it's only 11.30. Seriously B guy not wearing a watch , thanks about PP. Cheers Tom.
  12. Down to 2, so 1 more please. liked what Scud said, if another V11 want's to follow me home . Actually woud like 2 springs from Scud also. Have to contact Scud to send it to Chuck, saving postage, may be ? (Guzzi content). But then, is there a problem paying with PP ? IPA time Cheers Tom.
  13. 40200km, 6300Euro. Looks clean. Cheers Tom.
  14. 750 RE Interceptor 1967, ALL SHINY, that made a big impression on a 15year old guy . Mother not impressed after seeing my freshly painted closet doors filled with bike pictures,, a 750 Interceptor was at the top. They were made underground, I think, stable temp for better clearances. Were they leaking, yes, a lot, but I still like them . Cheers Tom.
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