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  1. you can always do a carbon fiber wrap - unless, of course, this is about the weight savings...
  2. Scud

    Craigslist Greenie

    Sometimes I miss my Greenie... and that looks to be a fair deal. But with so few miles, I'd assume that every fluid, every filter, and most rubber would need changing. Easy project.
  3. There's some good craftsmanship, and some nice features, and better looking than several custom jobs I've seen. But overall, this just shows how hard it is to improve on the V11's original design. As as for critique - all that time and money on aesthetics, but don't upgrade the shock? I don't get it.
  4. Did you have the original tool kit? There is a small tool, looks like a an inch sawed off a hex key, that you can hold with a wrench while turning the axle nut. If not, you can buy a set of large hex keys at your local Harbor Freight. I don't recall the exact size you need, but maybe a 10mm. If you have some spare bolts lying around you can find one that fits, and then see what size socket that bolt fits into.
  5. I've heard them called Well Nuts commonly, but Swell Nuts is more fun. These are readily available in places that have a wide selection of fasteners - they are not a specialty item that must be ordered from a dealer.
  6. ^ That is one the real pleasures of riding / exploring. Getting to new places, or familiar places in novel ways.
  7. Lovely LeMans. And that Norge looks positively sporty in red with gold wheels, and sans bags. BTW - the thread title say no words, but this thread started a long time ago, and there have been more words than pictures from the start.
  8. Possibly I would buy one. I think I could have been tempted by a CARC LeMans or Daytona. The new V100 could be a nice platform for a retro-styled version of one of those, and that could tempt me. I haven't bought many new bikes, but I did get that Ducati Sport 1000 new in 2006. I couldn't wait to get that thing... and it was glorious on the back roads, but downright miserable getting there. The V11s aren't quite as fast as the Duc, and don't handle quite as well. But as you said, they are fast enough, full of character, and very nice designs. To my eye, the Thruxton R is as good looking as the Norton, and gives the same level of nod to the brand's heritage. But if money is no object...
  9. Do a run Chuck. You need 10 minimum, right. So do at least 12. I'll buy the unclaimed ones and resell them at the same cost along with my "bustling" pawl spring business. I might tuck one away in case another V11 ever follows me home.
  10. Those above videos have a lot of information about the bike and the company. Worth watching. I am attracted to the looks of the Norton, but it's performance doesn't seem so great. I think buyers will be either speculating collectors, wealthy eccentrics, or die-hard Norton fans. I don't fit any of those categories so if I wanted another modern retro-styled cafe-ish bike, my money would go to (in order of preference): MV Augusta Superveloce Triumph Thruxton R A clean, unmodified Ducati Sport 1000 monoposto (I had one of those for a while and it was great fun... investment hindsight says I should have bought the Paul Smart version and stored it)
  11. Cut the rubber away from the underside with a small knife. After that, they should pop right out the top.
  12. So that poor thing may have started life as a Ballabio. But the list of "improvements" seems to include: undersized pods, a V7 tank, removal of fenders, and a custom-fabricated rebar subframe for the seat. Look closely, the damn thing is actually made from welded rebar. Nice Joe Kenny headguards though.
  13. I've been on a garage organizing kick lately... two things I have seriously considered: 1 - a wall-mounted tire rack for my extra wheel sets and new tires awaiting mounting 2 - one of these groovy motorcycle parking lifts. But then I think, if the bike is up like that, it would get ridden the least, and if it's basically art, why not roll it into the living room? https://www.familyhandyman.com/article/hoist-your-bike-to-make-room-for-your-wheels/
  14. No - the Harbor Freight unit is gone. But if you want to try the No Mar unit, you can bring your wheels and new tires over.
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