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  1. Yeah - Scura and Tenni were both 2002 special editions. Both with single plate clutches. There were about 600-700 Scuras made, but less than 200 Tennis. That looks a clean and all-original example. For anyone who is interested, it would be worth getting some close-ups of the engine and transmission case paint.
  2. Suspension settings and improvements are time and money well spent. Not just for the enjoyment of riding, but also for safety.
  3. The factory did use slightly different reds on the porkchops and covers. It's even more noticeable on Rosso Corsa, which is painted two more different shades of red. I did a candy-apple red powdercoat on all the red bits so they'd match. They are glorious in the sun.
  4. I have not advertised it elsewhere. If there is a picture of my bike on Facebook marketplace, it's a scam.
  5. One of the best values out there IMO. And I've heard some knowledgeable people claim that the CARC Stelvio (not the new one) is the best bike Moto Guzzi has ever made. I have upgraded suspension, seat, and windscreen, and have spent far less than the price of a stock base-level GS of same age/miles. Now that I have some street oriented tires on it's a fabulous mile-muncher, and still a lot of fun in the twisties.
  6. I think you would like a Stelvio NTX. But seriously, if you're limber the V11 would probably work for you. I suspect you might want some stiffer springs.
  7. I'm not quite an ATTGATT guy, but always full-face helmet. And damn near always serious boots, gloves, and jacket with armor. For a sporting ride or long distance, I will add riding pants with abrasion resistance, armor, or both. I will pop over the grocery store in a t-shirt in summer, but in that case, I'm on side streets and topping out around 40mph. I'm with LaGrasta on the dirt - except I call mine an exoskeleton instead of bubble wrap. Interesting video, and he seems to be citing credible sources. The main critque seems directed at the cheapest pads, not the premium ones where manufacturers go above the low standards. So my take away is to keep wearing high-quality gear.
  8. I'm looking for back-up offers. I made an agreement with another member who wants the bike, but needs to sell something else first. If he doesn't buy the Nero Corsa by April 15, then it can go to someone else. I'd prefer to deal locally, as I have heaps of original bits and goodies that can go with bike at full price - but will cooperate with shipping if needed. The bike has a California black plate "V11LMNS" that can go with the bike if it's staying in California. Asking price is $8,000 with bags and racks or $7,500 without. Here is a thread I did about the bike, where you can see everything. I have barely ridden it since doing all the work - because I got busy with life and the bike had an intermittent starting problem. I've since replaced the battery with a Shorai, and it does start up now. But I think it still needs attention and a "decent tune-up" Reason for selling... I bought Kindoy's Griso, and am keeping my Scura, along with still too many other bikes. Hard choices... but somebody's got to go. I just put a set of factory Titanium pipes on the bike. These were a used set that I bought from another member. They're in better than average condition, with a couple small dings/rubs. While the above thread documents most everything I did, here is quick list of non-stock bits: Speedhut gauges (GPS speedo) Ghezzi-Brian Carbon Belly Pan Ghezzi-Brian Carbon rear fender Rizoma fluid tanks Pazzo shorty levers Remote clutch bleeder hose Extensive powder-coating Kit Racing Titanium pipes (high hangers come with, but I don't have the small adapters for the hangers) Shorai battery All three bags and rack could be available separately now for $650 if somebody wants them. Hepco Becker fully powdercoated racks, and all three bags - the cool ones with the Moto Guzzi logos, and the paintable panels on the side bags.
  9. Wait... are you implying that the press is not totally objective, fair, impartial, and free of outside financial influences?
  10. That looks like a great value at that price for somebody who wants that style of bike.
  11. Looks like California rules are about the same as Texas in this case. Renewal date is based on date it was first registered in California. Original sales date for new sales, and purchase date for used out-of-state vehicles. And as for sales tax on private sales, yes, there is tax on that in California, even on vehicles that were originally sold new in California. That's the cost of living in motorcycle heaven... and for some reason, the registration renewal invoices roll in with alarming frequency.
  12. I don't like the idea of electronic cruise control on a motorcycle, but I do carry a clip-on throttle lock and use it longer rides - for the above stated reasons regarding fatigue. It's also handy if you need to adjust a zipper or mirror while riding that would be awkward to reach with the left hand. For example, with throttle lock on, I can open or close the air vent on the left sleeve of my jacket without making a stop.
  13. I took delivery of this exceptional motorcycle from an exceptional owner yesterday. Drove North with a friend, and had the Stelvio in the trailer. Then on the way South we rode a few choice roads together. For those of you who know the area: Hwy 25 out of Hollister, and the @Chuck 's favorite, the Santa Monica mountains. Thanks again @KINDOY2 - I am completely stoked about this bike.
  14. Lovely Scura. But I understand the desire to have a range of dual-sport bikes. Just added a Husqvarna 501s myself. Love it. What do you know about the flywheel on this bike? It would be helpful to know if that is original or something else.
  15. The red LeMans looks so much better with a red tailpiece, instead of the stock black. And I'm a fan of the high-pipe mounting. Other than that and the brake lever, it appears to be largely stock and unmodified.
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