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  1. While that doesn't seem very friendly, there is legal need to maintain trademarks and not let them slip into the public domain. I would hope there are licensing terms where a shop can use Moto Guzzi in signage or advertising without claiming a business name that includes "derivative" or "confusingly similar" mark.
  2. I've done this job several times, simply relying on feel for that torque value. All you need is enough tension to stop the pin from backing out.
  3. $350 seems about right if it includes labor to remove, clean, and reinstall with new gaskets. But it's too much for a trip to the powder-coater with clean parts in hand. Anyways, it's obvious that the owner(s) cared about the bike. Nice set of Mistrals, the repaint seems good. I'd probably want the stock airbox back on. You could definitely spend $5,000 elsewhere and get a lot less for you money.
  4. ^ yeah it made a huge difference. And I will feel better about her running around CA Central Coast in it. She took my wife's Subaru Crosstrek back to school while I took time to get her truck sorted out. Hoping to swap back this weekend.
  5. Toyota Tundras... had three of them. Bought a new Limited Crew Cab in 2005, which lasted until an accident a few years ago (still sore about that guy that lost control and hit my truck in a driveway...) Have had two others, both used with over 200,000 miles. Still have the 2006 SR5 Crew Cab that my daughter drives. Spent last weekend on my back replacing the steering rack, struts, shocks, tie-rods, sway bar bushings, rotors, calipers, etc. I think everything I took out was original parts (except brake rotors). Almost ready for another 200,000 miles.
  6. Website says: "The kit is available also to fit on 1100 Sport, V11 and Centauro." That would be a fabulous upgrade on a Centauro, which already has the fancy motor like a Daytona. Or you could buy a V11 that somebody made a mess of. Would seem a shame to convert a solid 1100 Sport or a well-sorted V11.
  7. Agreed. And the Ballabio has the odd feature that the flyscreen is frame-mounted, not bar-mounted. IMO a tiny windscreen should move with the bars.
  8. ding ding ding... winner. The best bike is the one you want to ride the most. And personally, I would take the LeMans over the Ballabio. It's so much more distinctive, and it's really not that much sportier than the Ballabio. You can always raise the bars a bit if you feel the need.
  9. True, here is the topic I created for it. @Jake it sounds like the problem appeared somewhat suddenly after a reasonable period of normal operation. To me, this suggests that you either have a big gap somewhere, or a failed pump. My bet would be on the gap. First suspect would be the oil filter - but for it to drop to zero, whatever is going on there should be totally obvious. The problem I has was a bit of gasket missing - that reduced the pressure, but did not drop it to zero. It would have to be a mighty-big bit of missing gasket to drop the pressure to zero.
  10. ^ that's a lovely Nero, and with the Titanium Kit Racing exhaust.
  11. I think it's damn funny. Good on him. Is that a CalVin Skunk seat? Such a nice touch. Would have even funnier to pop on a front wheel with no brakes (like some of those choppers actually run).
  12. The first and last LeMans make great stable mates. Would love to see more pics of the handlebars and fairing on the 850. Do you know what fairing that is?
  13. The only complaint I have with the Speedhut speedo is that the trip meter numbers are so small. My old man eyes cannot read the trip meter while riding. They are a bit time consuming to install properly in the stock gauge cups, but several of us have done so with some variation in methods (I think all documented in the previously posted link.) If you swing by, I can show you the Speedhuts on my Nero Corsa - and I think I have a set of functional gauges in a drawer if you want to take a look at those before pulling yours out.
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