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  1. Gene, ride your bicycle over to Hanson, eat good BBQ.
  2. MPH riser kit works good for me.
  3. Agree 100%, riding MG spine frames fast all weekend through curvy roads ☑️ Don’t forget the Southern BBQ and endless tech sessions
  4. Good looking bikes Guzzimax, the Bullet is def a blank in that group.
  5. Gene, Hanson isn't too far from Wickliffe, they served BBQ sandwiches with coleslaw.
  6. They served ribs but wanted something different, like my locally made soda Ale8-1 🥤
  7. Joe


    Guzzimax, the silver bike is very clean and original, brings back memories of when I purchased mine new at the dealership, beautiful motorcycle.
  8. Ok, so just got home from a work trip where I traveled through western KY. I was told by a local to try Swaggy P's BBQ, man am I glad I did. I ordered a bowl of KY burgoo and a smoked bologna sandwich. The KY burgoo had such good taste from the smoked meat and a kick of heat that lasted for a few hours down the road. During the process of smoking bologna it changes and creates an unreal taste, simply put both were Western KY BBQ perfection.
  9. I could be wrong but I thought the Chinese bought the rights to produce the Aprilia 850 motor. https://www.topspeed.com/motorcycles/motorcycle-news/the-chinese-zongshen-cyclone-is-really-an-aprilia-in-disguise/
  10. I’m thankful for John Madden Thanksgiving NFL Football games today.
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