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  1. The Kazakh MotoGP has been officially cancelled for 2024. Substituted by another race on Misano in Italy. Jack Miller is almost certain to move to PRAMAC next year.
  2. The boys work without PPE. They use a chain to screw the DP which is known to have claimed so many fingers. The ladies are doing it by the book. I have to admit, this is my first time seeing ladies floorman. When I was working in Aberdeen, I came across a few Scottish girl roustabouts, but they weren't really doing anything physical.
  3. This one is not from Italy, unfortunately. It is from a Britton who claims to have some "non disclosable" sources. I don't really believe the Le Mans will be resurrected, and if it is, it would make sense to use the V100, not the V85. That being said, the previous Le Mans will always be more attractive to me.
  4. I don't know why they switched from Red Corsa to Orange KTM. Maybe because the red was associated with Ducati? They still do the green though, which is commonly named British green because of Jaguar. I think the V100 Mandello in red looks pretty good. We just have to wait to see if they come up with a Le Mans again. I read somewhere they could unveil one for ECMA 2024; said to be powered by the 850cc... I don't know if this is a reliable information.
  5. When I was in the army, I was given the opportunity to apply to become one. Initially, it would have been riding horses, but with the objective to evolve to motorcycles. I was already riding both in my hay days... Those guys are military, not police. The video is in French but there are a lot of photos that you can scrub through. You will note they initially started to ride British before evolving to be BMW fanatics. I never learned to ride a horse the distinguished way, I did not even purchase the equipment. Sneakers and jeans, that's all it took. It took countless falls before I understood how to jump with a horse. I never thought it could be dangerous to take a tumble. Something you would not be able to do today. At this club, we were let loose in the forest without any supervision. If you fell, the horse would go back to the stables, and you would have to walk back. Lol!
  6. I have deluge tested the Skwal i3, and I can happily confirm that no water comes through the slider that operates the sun visor. Furthermore, the lights come handy in the kind of storm I went through today. The sky was completely dark, only lightning would interrupt the penumbra. Even if the lights make it look like the entrance of a brothel, I think it has some other useful purposes! ha!
  7. I have wet tested the KNOX Armored shirt under a tropical deluge this morning, and I can confirm if you could be totally drenched by the rain continuously, then riding in the searing heat would be no problem.... At speed, the droplets of rain seriously ping you through the mesh fabric. It was an interesting experience.
  8. I did not listen to the narrative, I just watched the video soundless.
  9. I am usually not a big fan of "electronic" music, but I have to admit Neon Vines, a.k.a. Jackie Buono from Austin Texas is incredibly talented to get all that equipment under control while singing live, her own compositions. Sadly, she seemed to have vanished... she has not published anything new since 2021; we are many followers wondering if she has not gone away for ever.
  10. The faired one is not my cup of tea. That red one above, I could have gone for it if it had been available. I am glad it was not... 16k? something puzzles me with the FB adds; especially with a six cylinder, you ought to post a short video with the engine singing.
  11. Having been born and raised in the city of lights, I had access to a lot of cultural exhibitions from an early age. Either with family or with school, as part of our history lectures. I have also had the opportunity to travel Europe from the early 70's, and I elected Manhattan as my home away from home in the early 80's. Today, when I go back, it feels like being in an active ant-hill. Long lines at each and every sight; almost impossible to take a photo of anything without other people standing in the shot. Some locals have started to take matters into their hands. It has started in Greece, but it is quickly expanding. I read that Barcelona has anti-tourists brigades that hunt tourists with water guns. This is new! I was in Arizona a few weeks ago, and I did feel the same when attempting to visit the Antelope Canyon; I realized that I was myself part of the problem, but the experience was horrible. Each and every visitor fighting for a little bit of space to try to take in the beauty without having the atmosphere ruined by the other eager viewers. It brought back memories of visiting the Eiffel Tower in the 60s, on a Sunday, you would have maximum ten people ahead of you at the ticket booth, and almost no waiting time. I can make the same comparison with any popular place worldwide. Even the little local gems that used to only be known to the few have been given away by all those YouTubers avid of an audience. Trying to get out of the beaten path is more and more complicated. Last year, I booked my Parisian trip for November, hoping to escape the multitude. No chance. There will always be someone with time off at the same time as yours. I am now considering the places which are still not very well known because not really open to world tourism. Such as the Pyrenees away from the Atlantic or Mediterranean coasts. Houston has never been much of a tourist destination, but I can tell how Austin has become from 2007 to today. Difficult not to notice, should mass tourism be curbed somehow?
  12. I am amazed at what you carry with you, in terms of spares. I take nothing because I like to trust my motorcycle. So far, it has not "really" let me down... I am interested in the "vapor lock" discussion, because I used to have a car that you could not leave in the sun for long periods of time, else, it would be really hard to start. This was a 504 Peugeot, with the carburetor right beneath the hood, and no insulation, mechanical fuel pump and long feed lines. From what I understand, vapor lock vanished with injection and electrical fuel pumps. But motorcycles do not have direct injection, so could vapor lock still be present under certain conditions? I did experience a problem that I reported here last year, during an extremely hot ride and several starts and stops to relocate the V11 for best photography. I lost idle and the V11 would immediately die. Docc you told me the temperature sensor may have been the culprit?
  13. @docc you could, I just find it sad. Someone's life defined by his former possessions, dilapidated to the wind.... This is all that remains when we go? putting cherished treasures to better pastures?
  14. Two Moto Guzzi for sale, and a lot of odds and ends....
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