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  1. The listing says 11 days old, but you never know. Boise is just around the corner from Houston (); who's never dreamed to do a 1850 miles trip on a QUOTA? Let's see if someone answers.
  2. I drove a Kawasaki KZ1300 back in the 80's; you remember? the 6 cylinder water cooled shaft driven.... 710 lbs it was truly a heavy bike. However the music coming from the engine helps you forget the weight.
  3. Did too... when we had that conversation about ladies on motorcycle. It is in a thread somewhere in this forum; When I was dreaming about riding long distance, I purchased the "Une Demoiselle sur une Moto" (Girl on a motorcycle) written in 1973 by Anne-France Dautheville. In that thread, someone suggested "The Perfect Vehicle". She depicted pretty well what the past used to be, and to some extent, the present for us aging V11 enthusiasts. However most of the new generations are never going to get it first hand. The secret pleasure of riding a motorcycle is vanishing fast. We are still somewhat perpetuating it, but it is fading. My 27 years old son never understood that craving. No matter how hard I tried to pass it on. When I attempted to depict the derived intense emotions of riding, he just did not connect with it.
  4. Aren't we all habit's creatures? The way I look at it, I want to try as many as I can, to find out if I am able to distinguish what is tagged to have better performance. With the mileage I am putting out while doing the Texas Tour, I can justify poking around to find out what I think suits the V11. I shall hit 30k miles by year end.
  5. When you look at the peanuts difference between those tires' performance, there is no bad choice here. They did say though, the Michelin braking performance is affected because it is the only tire that triggers the ABS extremely early in the test. As we know the ABS helps in control and not in braking performance. Just out of curiosity, I looked at the prices and availability using Revzilla; The Metzeler Roadtec 01 are ALL out of stock. There are the cheapest. The Michelin Road 6 are the most expensive. Some of the GT versions of these tires were not available.
  6. Motus designed two motorcycles based on a V4 90degrees, push-rods, two valves, 1650 cm3. The MST 165 hp, and the MST-R 180 hp. Motus beat the pushroad production speed at 154.76 mph (249.06) and did even better at 165.85 mph the following day. Unfortunately, Motus lost their investors in 2018, a few months before the commercialization of the motorcycles. A 4 cylinder V twin made in the USA... that would have been cool, no?
  7. In the current issue of Moto Magazine, www.motomag.com, the BMW R1250RS, Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello S and Yamaha Tracer 9 were put through their paces. Their format is to bring a non professional rider amid the journalists. The Moto Guzzi held its own pretty well. The classification was as below: Styling: Moto Guzzi Ergonomics: Yamaha, Moto Guzzi; mainly because the reach to the bars. Engine sound: Moto Guzzi City usage: Yamaha, Moto Guzzi; because of its turn radius. Dynamism: last; Pillion: last Engine: deuce Electronics: Moto Guzzi Braking: Moto Guzzi/BMW Here's what they say: Pro: -engine output -global comfort -driving and performances Con: Suspensions a bit firm, turn radius in city, active aerodynamics not useful, front a bit heavy when driving fast in tight curves. Here's the results:
  8. I received the latest issue of Moto Magazine, and there is a comparative test of six tires designed for Sport-Tourism motorcycles, such as the V11; Dunlop Roadsmart IV Pirelli Angel GT II Bridgestone T32 Metzeler Roadtec 01 SE Continental Contiroadattack 4 The test took place at the Goodyear Mireval track in France. It used to be a racing track purchased by Goodyear and transformed into a tire test track for all kind of vehicles. This track has multiple asphalt quality and a "wet" loop. The testing was conducted with a Yamaha Tracer 9, one of the motorcycle used for a sport-tourism comparative test with the Moto Guzzi V100S, BMW R1250RS, results will come in a separate post. Each tire sets was ran for two laps on the fast track, length 6.6 km. When the tires are manufactured, they are covered with a thin layer that facilitates their removal from the molding machine; The braking tests were measured with a VBox Sport from Racelogic, using GPS data. In the dry, for each tire the speed was set to 125 km/h, and the braking distance measured between 100 km/h until 5 km/h. In the wet, the set speed is 90 km/h and the braking distance measured between 80 to 5 km/h Maneuverability was checked; the Goodyear track has all kinds of tests to verify how easy the motorcycle respond to impulses. Also, behavior on wet asphalt such as fast, slow curves, banked curves, skidding under acceleration, stability. Now we need to keep in mind that the braking results on the Tracer are carried out using the ABS, I don't really know how it translate on our V11. Find the results of the test herewith: -The top performance was given to the Dunlop Roadsmart IV, the second best was the Pirelli Angel GTII; Some of these tires have a GT version for heavier motorcycles and SP for Sport roadsters. I believe the V11 can use the standard version. Note that all the tires tested are manufactured in Europe and Japon for Bridgestone. Michelin is the only manufacturer to have dual compound for the front and rear tire. All the rest have dual compound rear tires. Again, one important aspect of tires is never measured: average autonomy. I am currently on ROAD 5, since the ROAD 6 were not not in stock. The Roadsmart IV neither earlier this year. Only the Roadsmart III was in stock. The Roadsmart IV is given as the best in terms of maneuverability and stability. Something that I have been told; the Tires we purchase in the USA are not coming from Europe. It should not make any difference in terms of quality though... I am completely happy with my Road 5, and will attempt to install Road 6 at the end of year. Then I will check the Roadsmart IV at the end of 2024.
  9. There is the "make an offer" button enabled, you may be able to get it for less, but probably not less enough to make it a better alternative. This was just in case you wanted to keep your V11 as before.
  10. @cowtownchemist Would a QUOTA ES Tachometer work for you? Check this out on ebay.it. There are other QUOTA tachometers for sale too. https://www.ebay.it/itm/385292189872
  11. True, but Lithium batteries are particularly affected by low temperatures.
  12. In the oilfield industry, we started to experiment with chemistry in batteries from the 80's. The Lithium batteries came out eventually late 80's early 90's. They outclassed any other chemistry type in terms of autonomy, however they were known for being poor performers at cold temperatures, difficult to put out if catching fire, and less known to the general public, if stored for long time without use, to develop a passive layer around the anode preventing high amp draw at start. Today, Lithium batteries are used in vehicles, planes; they have probably improved on some of the earlier drawbacks, but as far as I understand, cold is still an adverse factor. I have conventional batteries in all my vehicles, including my V11. I have seen Lithium fires, part of the training from our main battery provider, and while they don't happen often, they are impossible to put out without specific means. A Lithium battery fire would salivate at the perspective to involve your V11 plastic gas tank... In cold environment, we had to "warm" the batteries before they could deliver up to their normal specs. For that, we had a contraption connected to the battery, that would draw current through various resistors until the battery became fully "primed". I am curious to understand how well your V11 Lithium battery performs in the cold, in situations when you have not used the motorcycle for several days, weeks?
  13. I agree with you. However, it is too modern for my taste. I like old machinery; even if its not helping in the reliability department. I am still too sore to have missed on those two QUOTA to think about anything else.
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