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  1. It's not Marquez.... It's Pedro Acosta! First KTM out of four KTMs!!! He is 5th and the other three are 14th, 15th, 16th... before Friday, Brad Binder said he was expecting another improvement to get closer to the Ducati. I think both races are going to be strepitose!
  2. I have been stopped by the police in 2022, going 5 mph above the speed limit of 75 mph around Victoria. I was issued a warning. I thought that anything above 30 mph over the posted speed limit was an automatic arrest, even in Texas. So apparently not.
  3. We discussed this in a topic related to running the V11 with regular fuel. At the time, I took a picture of an adhesive on my rear mudguard. The recommended fuel for the V11 is 91 RON+MON/2. So in the USA, we should be using 91 Octane fuel. In Europe, the minimum Octane is 95; the equivalent of "premium gas" octane is 98. I have run the V11 with 87 Octanes without the engine knocking. Not by choice. I was in West Texas, running low on gas, and the only station within my reach only sold regular and diesel. After a complete setup of the V11 earlier this year, my engine no longer cough at 3000, but the engine knocks if I really pull hard on it.
  4. It is possible that it does not work because this is not on Facebook Marketplace, but it is within the Moto Guzzi Quota group. While there are no restrictions to surf Facebook Marketplace, it is possible those exist for a given group. Obviously, I am a member, so I cannot verify.
  5. But it brings back the discussion we had about minimum Octanes for our high compression ratio engines. The V11 is considered high compression ratio, and recommended octanes is 91 using the US calculation. Some Ethanol free gas station sell below 91 Octane gas. Actually, in Texas, 87 seems to be the norm.
  6. We are coming to COTA, and my QUOTA is still immobilized.... What do we know new and certain? Michelin is bringing a new compound to the track; the COTA racetrack has been resurfaced partially, however the asphalt is still imperfect with dips and bumps and ribs at certain places. The VR46 team has declined to be equipped with Yamaha M1s. That is all we allegedly know. I may go to see the long race on Sunday, depending on what will happen on Saturday. I am usually able to crash the free Ducati parking lot.
  7. If you live in the Australian/New-Zealand part of the world, one member of the Quota Facebook congregation is selling his immaculate 1994 Moto Guzzi Quota, 11,000 original miles. 15,000 Australian dollars OBO. Check it out as it is really stunning, beautiful. https://www.facebook.com/groups/217158779456217/?multi_permalinks=1155383002300452&notif_id=1712744953201362&notif_t=group_activity&ref=notif
  8. I particularly liked the 3D printer, and that in the future, they will also take it to the races... another very interesting information, is the metrology part of the QA/QC. I remember when I was working with machines, all the metrology controls were manual.... This video is from GPMag, a French magazine exclusively reporting on MotoGP. The magazine is translated into English by Simon Crafar who collaborates to MotoGP. GPMag is also an official Dorna media. I am a subscriber and the Magazine contains plenty of technical and pilots' interview. It is a good magazine if you are interested in MotoGP.
  9. My Veglia instruments have been rejuvenated; Here's the before, and after the ministration of "CasadiMoto.com" in Germany. The Tachometer which was previously not steady is allegedly fixed. The pointers which color was washed out white were repainted orange. Cherry on top, the Odometer shows 33160 miles instead of 33162 when it left Texas!
  10. Completely concur! My strategy is always to right whatever I find wrong, as soon as I detect it. It may not be cheap, but it could save you from a larger expenditure later. My 911 Porsche was making that rickety noise when starting cold. The distribution chain tensioner is hydraulic. However, on cold start, when there is no pressure, the tensioner relies on a spring until the oil pressure comes up. It is a few seconds. I did not like that brief rattling noise, which did not exist before. I got both left and right bank tensioner springs replaced, even if you have to take the engine down to change a ten dollars spring.
  11. @Gmc28 I use a MotoBatt Fixed Load Battery Tester on my battery(es). It is 55 USD. https://www.motobatt.us/Tester-Motobatt-Fixed-Load-12V They have more expensive Testers now, less "bulky" and more powerful up to 2000 CCA, but the final result remain the same. You can check your battery under load, and you can check your charging system input. The load test is gold! tells you exactly the health of your battery.
  12. Having worked with batteries, evolving battery chemistry since the 80's, I was never convinced about the "Battery Tender" equipment. I agree with you that it is better to be proactive, checking and charging your battery as necessary, rather than using those trickle chargers which logic and output you have no control upon. After my battery exchange, I learned that battery supplies all have different requirements for minimum and maximum voltages. This is well specified for the Lithium batteries, and the up and down limits can be very different.
  13. CCTV captured the video of the guy. He jumped a fence to get in the compound, and he is also seen dumping the bicycles he took over it. Unfortunately, we are surrounded by two Churches, and on Saturdays, nobody is there. He must have had a truck parked outside. What I found interesting, though, is that the entire community have "Ring" doorbells, CCTV, Alarms, what not.... still, the guy managed the larceny. Sure, we have now plenty of video footage of him, while he was looking around. All those alarms and the guy was still able to get away unscathed. The lesson learned, is that we need to do something about fences that can be easily jumped.
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