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  2. You cannot directly upload photos into your thread. The site has no storage capacity. You need to post the link and the HTML code will automatically resolve for the link to embed the photo in the thread. However you need to upload your photos to a site that allow embedding. For example flickr.com; this is what I use, and you can upload 1000 photos. Once you have uploaded your photos, just copy the link into the thread, and the link will resolve to show the photo. Click on the pics below, that will take you to my flickr page test it. @activpop this is the Stelvio I went to test ride. I did not have enough strength to put it on the central stand. But as I told you, I am old and decrepit.
  3. The Auxiliary fog lamps on the '12-'15 Stelvio can occasionally short out the 12 volt supply due to wiring inside the lamp rubbing on the housing. Since the lamps are not fused, the main 30amp fuse blows and the bike will brick until the 30 amp fuse is replaced. This fuse is not located in the bank under the seat, but behind the right hand side cover to make it more interesting when you don't know about it. A popular mitigation is to replace the stock fog lights with high beams, and add a fuse on the wiring.
  4. https://www.bowtex.store/product/elite-shirt-ce-level-aaa/ Some of us have to ride in high temperatures and high humidity for a greater part of the year. BOWTEX specializes in motorcycle riding gear, using technical innovation. They presented a few interesting products at the Intermot exhibition in Germany last year. This "ELITE Shirt" can be worn as a layer or topside, replacing a jacket. Read their narrative. If you consider they ship to the US for free, and that 400 EUR includes VAT which you are exempt from if ordering from outside of Europe, this maybe something to consider. I attached the description, technical details, shipping details. Follow the link to get more specifications.
  5. https://www.af1racing.com/services
  6. Great! this is how you prefer it. I myself want a battery of gauges to survey every aspect of the V11. There is no specific rationale that you would condone, it is just how I would like to do it. Which shouldn't my motorcycle provide me with the same information than my car? I like to know what time it is, I like to know what the outside temperature is. What's wrong with me?
  7. I am not attempting to install an oil temperature gauge in that position. It will give me the oil temperature in the sump, at that is all I am looking for. Just because I am curious to know what it is. Also, I would rather have a pressure gauge to monitor the oil pressure, rather than a warning light.
  8. Hi Scud, Here's why I would like to install an analogical oil temperature thermometer among other things; Let's go back when I was a young boy, growing up in the 60's. At that time, sports cars were invariably coming from the other side of the channel. Jaguar, BL Triumph, Mini, Aston Martin, MG... all these cars had something that fascinated us, envious youth. Dashboards full of these mysterious Smith or Jaeger gauges. We quickly devised a rule; the more gauges, the better car. This is the reason why one of my early car was an Innocenti Cooper, which had those wonderful little gauges, and no or little warning lights. Amps, Volts, Watts, Oil Temp, Oil Press, Water Temp... what not. I even owned a Renault 21 Turbo which had a boost pressure gauge... how about that? I even have an anecdote about oil pressure. The mechanic forgot to put oil in my Cooper. There was no oil pressure light, but the gauge reading was zero. A sensor can fail, a light can fail, an analogical instrument? not so much. Anyway, when I was testing battle tanks, we had additional manometers and gauges. Plenty of pressures and temperatures from various components that we were testing. To finish up with this, I spent thirty five years of my professional life logging oil wells. Initially, all the readings were analogical. All the tools were monitored using oscilloscopes and other equipment plotting the response from the tools. Back to my desire to monitor the oil temperature of the Guzzi today. Nostalgia? wanting to be closer to the V11? who knows. Porsche 911 air cooled had oil temperature indicators. Why not the Le Mans? How useful will it be? I don't know, but I know I will enjoy having one more thing to look at on those long rides...
  9. The Canadian "LedPerf" proposes a complete headlight replacement. https://www.ledperf.ca/led-headlight-for-motoguzzi-v-11-le-mans-round-motorcycle-optics-approved-p-33045.html I don't know if I want the head light to look so extra terrestrial though...
  10. The Vintage Car Bulb is a proprietary design, but if you read the page, they are sold in sets of two. So the price is actually for two bulbs and not a single. I also found this, from Canada: https://www.ledperf.ca/led-conversion-kit-bulb-for-motoguzzi-v-11-le-mans-mini-size-p-23477.html They claim it is a plug and play replacement of the existing H4, and 4500 lumens! 5 years warranty. All these LED lights look identical, one from the other. They may be manufactured by the same Chinese company with different brand names. The one I purchased looked exactly like those shown in the various specifications, and at no time did they inform they had a separate driver that was too large to fit in the bucket. "No OBC" error; they must ignore that the V11 electrical circuit is not connected to the ECU.
  11. @Tomchri Your system works on 12 Volts. I am looking at something completely mechanical. No wiring modification to implement. I only need to confirm the dimensions of the spare port hole. Then I will need to look for something to go from M16 male to pipe/tube connection on the other side. The vendor of the Rochester instrument confirmed that theirs require a JIC 5/8"-18 UNF to seal around the capillary. The other information that would I would appreciate, is the length of capillary I should go for, to set the gauge somewhere at the dashboard level. The gauge diameter is about 51+mm. These gauges are designed to be mounted on a dashboard. I am thinking this should be above the existing Guzzi instruments and lights panel. The European are all offering a fixed length of about 1800mm The Rochester comes in four lengths: 48", 60", 72", 144" (1219mm, 1524mm, 1828mm, 3657mm). I can coil the excess underneath the tank (maybe), but it would certainly help to purchase the closest to what I need.
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