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  1. …you guys are gonna laugh, it doesn't fit! I was so excited, it came very quick, via FedEx. I open the box and at first think it's the wrong color, appearing very brown. It did say it's Oxblood, but it far too brown for my liking. Then I try it on and can't zip it, literally. If you met me, you'd really laugh, I'm a skinny guy (5'10", 160lbs, 33" waist). 65 euros for return postage, swapping from a 40 oxblood, to a 42 black. Sheesh!
  2. Phil, you mentioned letting him by, I know it's not often done in MotoGP. In SX, this happens surprisingly a lot. I don't believe it's team orders, just those recognizing they're not in the hunt. With this said, I sort of thought they should have allowed him by, considering it was a last chance, championship deciding race. There are argument for both sides, but the selfish in me wanted to see the fight!
  3. I nearly bought the Merlin, very nice. Maybe I will after I outgrow this one in a few years.
  4. https://goldtop.co.uk/collections/jackets/products/the-bobber-jacket?variant=40068147970219 I've been wanting an asymmetrical zippered coat for awhile as I'm tired of cold air funneling in through the normal style zipper on cold days, but not ala Marlin Brando style. After much research, I went for the Goldtop Bobber, and to my surprise, in Oxblood. I cannot wait to get it! It has 1.4 thick leather, cool history, and very good reviews, even priced much better than similar styles. I was hoping for a Black Friday deal, but instead of a discount, they included two gifts, wool gater and a leather keychain.
  5. Wow, such an exciting race! Being a BB33 fan, it was soooo exciting. Until 2024
  6. Here in SoCal, Teslas are more common than 911s, Camrys, and pickups combined. They are everywhere and always following behind too close or speeding far beyond all others around them. Most of their owners don't realize how fast they are, or how non-intelligent they are. They seem to get in, and let go. My self-braking Kia also does a poor job of identifying cyclist quick enough. I must always be manual when cycles are around. I hate to admit it, but it is getting more dangerous. Texting while driving was bad, and this only adds to eh danger.
  7. I've had incredible performance from lithium batteries. My V7 had a Shorai for nearly 10 years! I own a total of 7 bikes, and aside from the two scooters, the other 5 all have lithium. My new favorite brand is NoCo, (currently in my KLX250) really impressive product, and price!
  8. Did you need to extend the cables, to fit these?
  9. It's missing the very best part of any motorcycle, a V twin!
  10. I wouldn't worry about that now. That will burn up in no time. As for the fast idle, check your linkage, and the "choke" cable. it gets hung up sometimes, mine did.
  11. Being a Binder fan, that was an amazing, breathtaking race to watch, wow!
  12. https://no.co/products/lithium/powersport
  13. I wonder if it's grounding out, maybe positive to the frame?
  14. That fact you have zero electrics, but the battery is good, it can really only be key, fuse, or battery cable.
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