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  1. The garage is probably even harder to find than a nice place to stay
  2. I'm exploring the possibility of holding a Spine Raid in VA next year the weekend after the 4th of July 2024. I'm still looking at locations but this one is a good possibility: https://www.breakspark.com/the-lodge I've also roughed out a 5 hour ride for Saturday. May possibly add a side route that takes us up to Burkes Garden. Other possibilities are the Tazewell and Wytheville areas but there doesn't seem to be anything other than hotels for lodging. Buchanan County ⇄ Corner.gpx
  3. A Duc, a Yamaha, and a Beemer all with intense riders. It's going to be interesting.
  4. Lodging seems to be scarce in the area unfortunately. May shift a little west to Breaks Interstate Park. Nice lodge: https://www.breakspark.com/the-lodge And a nice 5 hour loop. Buchanan County ⇄ Corner.gpx
  5. I'll start looking for the lodging in a nice location. I have a house in Abingdon so I can preview routes over a few weekends. Tie these two loops together and you get a 4 hour, 170 mile or so loop that includes the Back of the Dragon. Bastian Loop.gpx Bland Loop.gpx
  6. Maybe we can start looking into a Tazewell, VA mid season (weekend after 4th of July?) RAID for next year. Lots of nice riding there and beautiful countryside.
  7. Well, going to Barber for 5 days to catch the Motoamerica races. Not going to make the inaugural RAID.
  8. Randy


  9. I'm assuming you work up a new map for it as well?
  10. Stumble after coming off of idle sounds like fuel issue.
  11. He states on the site that he has direct fit kits for the V11. Makes me want to find another one just to do this to.
  12. http://www.ghezzi-brian.com/en/modelli/dr-john-tribute-2
  13. Yep, I'm on the 939 board. I wound up putting bar end mirrors on and absolutely love them. No arms blocking the view and zero vibrations.
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