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  1. Yeah, airplanes. I grew up thinking I'd be a fighter pilot, but at age I realized they were all jets and the romance (of youth) of dogfights was pretty much gone. Truly, I never had sufficient working memory to be anything more than a private pilot, and had neither resources nor reason to fly. Helicopters, now, that's a different story. After extensive travel by rotary in military craft, I'll say that if the resources show up I'll do that. Given my history with motorcycles, it's unlikely that aircraft would be more dangerous in my hands lol I have very good spacial awareness and sense of direction. I don't get seasick. I'm not afraid of heights. I consider myself marginal for licensed flight. There is no profit in shaming the dead, but this woman really shanked the ball and wasn't overconfident- she was ignorant of her own shortcomings, which was kinda the point of this video.
  2. Phil's spot on. Here's the thing about exhausts; unless the system you are replacing is poorly designed and the system you replace it with is very well designed, they have near zero effect on engine tune. 99.9% of exhaust effect on fueling happenss in the headpipes and crossover, if there is one. After that it's sound mitigation. Even then, a quiet muffler has very little effect except at WOT. The main advantage to an exhaust change is weight, particularly if it has a catalytic converter. And of course we all love the boom.
  3. The 'nut' (little crimped on ring, right?) is there so the inner doesn't fall out of the outer, for instance if your cable comes loose from your transmission. I don't think it matters for operation as long as it has clearance in the ferrule.
  4. Tinnitis has always been a fascinating topic to me- I've always had it, since my earliest memories. It doesn't bother me at all, in fact in a very quiet environment I find myself playing with it rather like a musical instrument. I can ignore it to the point of 'absence' or I can make it amazingly loud. I suspect these are artifacts of perception more than a physical condition. In no way does it ever affect my hearing. I struggle to imagine what it would be like without it, and also what it must be like to acquire it after a life without it; Lastly, if there isn't some way to replace the annoyance with accommodation such as I must have. Separate thread?
  5. It's really a matter of semantics. There is no difference beyond the frame of reference. 'intake vacuum' is mostly an automotive prase, and measured relative to atmospheric pressure, as cars rarely go to altitude enough to change the frame of reference. 'manifold pressure' is used in aviation, because aircraft obviously gain enough altitude that the atmospheric pressure changes so much you can't use differential between atmospheric and intake pressure meaningfully. 'manifold pressure' is an absolute measured above zero, 'intake vacuum' is a differential between above and below throttle plates. Additionally, many aircraft (and modern autos) have turbo/superchargers which boost pressure above 'vacuum' so the phrase isn't applicable. Glad I could make that clear lol
  6. I watched the Laguna Seca GP in 1988, had the good fortune to have a good view of turns 3 & 4. Schwanz had time through that section on everyone, including Wayne Rainey. He braked late and heavy, and slid the front so heavily it striped the pavement. Then he transitioned off the brake and heavy throttle, the stripe went from front tire to rear within a bike length. He simply changed his heading in the course of a couple bike lengths, both entering and exiting the corners tighter and faster than everyone else. That was the weekend I knew I was never going to be better than a club racer.
  7. i think I have every version of Ghost Riders ever recorded in my digital collection. The Outlaws' is still my favorite.
  8. WEF; "What do the plebes who most like their freedom, the free thinkers, the control-resistant ones, like to do that proper slaves do not?" 1. Guns 2. Motorcycles 3, Travel to places where we don't have revenue streams, so list as dangerous on the Department of State website Let's eliminate those things.
  9. So yeah, went to the post office to pick up some priority boxes, felt funny on the way home. Drywall screw in the rear tire. That's twice; this one was only 3 inches away from the first and worryingly close to the sidewall. Another plug for errands and city work. I guess it's a new rear shoe for the Spine Raid.
  10. Just not going to have the time for it, unless it's on the way back. Just too much to see...if only that stock would come in lol
  11. Already got my Permethri-Jammies packed lol https://www.insectshield.com Thanks for the salve recommendation, though. I'll find it and hope we don't have much occasion to need it. We'll see.
  12. Probably won't have a day on the way up, but maybe; not my decision. However, I'll take the route in case we can, or if I come back South on the return trip, and even if not I'll get up there again sometime hopefully before I age out.
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