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  1. My father's Ariens riding mower did similar to this , A pushrod would bend and start missing out. after two pushrods in one summer , the dealership told us to run premium fuel only . It has additives regular Jiffy Mart fuel doesn't . The valves will stick in the guides and this is the result . Bent pushrods and or bent valves . You can add Marvel Mystery Oil to your fuel along with premium fuel for safety's sake too.
  2. What bothered me the most was her looking at instruments and circling around the airport she just left w/o looking out to see anything...... and , no , I have never been in a cockpit .
  3. A very important video to watch . I have been watching this guy a long time . He is pretty sharp .
  4. What would these fasteners be equal to as in grade 2 , 5 or 8 ? In fractional standard fasteners.
  5. You can't even talk about Coke or Pepsi w/o it becoming a fistfight . I do know , I don't have the answers.
  6. When a black man or woman pick up a musical instrument or microphone they become one and they give it EVERYTHING they got .
  7. Something for you to consider . Lawn & industrial power equipment produce more emissions than do vehicles .
  8. I've never worked on a CARC rear end so IDK how difficult it is ?
  9. If these are sealed roller (ball) , you can remove the dust cover and pack the bearing cavity w/grease and reinstall the dust cover .
  10. Are you talking about greasing the u-joints and everything else with the axle shaft ?
  11. I have a hydraulic press and I can straighten it out .
  12. What are you going to do w/your old switch ?
  13. Sure , keep me posted ! Now , there is a plastic cover in the switch that is broken and occasionally hangs . Result ; not good .
  14. That is why it is best to purchase the factory part and part # . Sometimes it matters .
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