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Community Answers

  1. Whew , it was a long time ago . Joe Eish stopped me from buying a head gasket for my SE and sold me o-rings instead . 25 or so years ago.
  2. Order plenty , they are not expensive. Is it #16 or #21 ? Whatever it is , they are difficult to dig out .My vision is blurry right now Thank you Docc for the technical support .
  3. Well , the facts are the facts. Today's gasoline has the shelf life of a gallon of milk. You need to go and see why 6 emergency generators throughout the county would not start/run . Problem #1 a vendor put bio-diesel in all of them. Not his fault , it was during a "go green" phase of life. Problem #2 and the people "in charge" didn't think it was important to program them to start/run on a weekly basis to verify operation. I spent 40 man hours to find all this out . Lessons learned . Never use bio-diesel unless you are burning a dozer pile. People will tell you just enough to mislead/ make that just enough for you to make poor decisions . I am leaving out the bad part of the story because it smokes me too much to tell .
  4. There are o-rings between the rocker arm assy. and the cylinder head that are hard , brittle and no longer doing what they are supposed to do . Look at a parts catalog and you will find them . Replace them and perform a valve adjustment while you are into it.
  5. I can't get to the order page but I will take 6 of them !
  6. The only fastener you are going to replace this with is another jam nut from M/G OR if you are a machinist and want to make one , you can go that route.
  7. If it matters , what is the reason you are wanting to know about the different size pivot pins ?
  8. Do you have a part #, @cash1000 ?
  9. Remove the jam nut and measure the O.D. of the pivot and see what you get.
  10. I got these #s with an old vernier caliper and a metric thread file . I hope I am good at this conversion stuff
  11. These pivots in the red frame are smaller than the black frame pivots . 20mm x 1.0mm thread pitch I have a pivot for the red frame in stock and that is what I measured . 1.0mm thread pitch .
  12. Go to a tool store or auto parts store and purchase a metric thread gauge . Measure your pivot and you will have it. You can remove the jam nut so you can get access to the threads.
  13. Our hometown (Barlow) had a solar eclipse in 2017 and 2024 . It was in a pathway for both eclipses . This year's eclipse was spectacular v the one in 2017. I did remember where my Pink Floyd CD was and went back home , retrieved it and put in to play when the big show was taking place . Incredible as it seems , it was the first time hearing it w/o the influence of illegal substances .... hmmmm . The sky was DARK whereas the earlier eclipse turned everything hazy like someone was burning wheat fields . There were people ALL over the place around here from Oregon , Canada , etc. I thought The Beatles had reunited !
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