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Community Answers

  1. The good thing about this forum : contribution .
  2. It won't hurt to make sure it is buttoned up ! Make sure you check the continuity of the entire circuit , like we talked about , too . Measure the resistance of both sides to get a baseline for a proper value .
  3. I think Paul's TPS is new , so you can't see where it WAS . I am not sure if this is a result or a symptom he was trying to cure. Do you know what your TPS v is @ idle now ?
  4. Most of this maintenance is done for idle and just off idle "cures" .Hopefully this will affect Paul's problem.
  5. IDK if it has ever been replaced but , it would be a good idea to install a new fuel filter and have that out of the way .
  6. "Snug" to "tight" . This is tight enugh to not come loose.
  7. NoNoNoNo. the idle speed is set w/the idle speed screw Docc mentioned.
  8. I did a eBay purchase on a package of bolts from a V11 teardown . Needed a swingarm pivot bolt because I crossthreaded the original . The "new" ones wouldn't work. Removed the pork chop, screwed the bolt in from the inside out and "fixed" it.
  9. As Columbo once said "just one more thing". When you are playing w/the adjustments , you are going to have to get familiar with the turn to distance ratio . as in one half turn equals 0.002" .Get you a SMALL feeler gauge set from NAPA and use it to see how much one turn will gain you. I did all this because I didn't know the thread pitch . e.g. : thread pitch is 1.25 , this is 1.25mm between thread. One turn gives you 1.25mm movement. You will use this when you are synchronizing the throttle plates.
  10. Nope. I do know the pivot bolts/studs can be two different sizes. I found this out the hard way ! Do you recall the thread size/pitch ?
  11. I think this is the correct stuff. If the screw uses a 3mm hex . I have a stubby 1/4" drive socket 3mm hex that is 26mm overall length . part # TMAMXS3E. I have a 1/4" hex bit / 3mm hex . Part # SDMM2703B and it is 24mm overall length . W/the bit you can use a 1/4'' wrench to adjust the screw with. You can Google these tools typing in Snapon then the part # I have a bunch of this stuff and this size has the most sockets. I brought the tray inside in case this is wrong , I can post more #s.
  12. I will have to check my tool box before I leave to see the SnapOn part # of the tool I use to play with this stuff.
  13. now for all the other adjustments. EVERY one of them is critical. Make sure you follow these procedures and you understand what/why you are doing them. Once you have your epiphany , you will smack your forehead and think "this was too easy" .
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