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  1. The video is from Metropolis . A very powerful movie itself. you need to watch. 1984 came by and was never addressed. IDK if 2525 is gonna be much different
  2. Whew , I really don't know where this EV stuff is going ? And the idea you are going 100% EV ? I am not sure about this.
  3. I wish I knew for sure but people are stupid so I am not sure . It was in a clip News of the Weird by Chuck Grizzard
  4. Since the conversation has gotten lighter........... there was an article (back in the 70s) about this guy that bought a "conversion" van w/all the accessories , options , etc. After pulling out on the interstate he turned on the cruise control , got up and went back to the mini bar to fix a drink . The rest up to the reader's imagination !
  5. It should not be difficult to decide "who" is in charge of driving/operating the vehicle .
  6. I am speechless. It is getting more deadly every year.
  7. Unless it has changed , there is a large fuel distributor in Paducah and when a tanker fills up , they use a "credit card" to swipe and get the additives mixed in when the fuel is filling the tanker. Shell , BP . Exxon , etc. comes from the same terminal . These cheap gas pumps at convenience stores have ZERO additives to their fuels. This is where mileage becomes a factor. AFA , water in the tanks , truckers delivering the fuel should be sticking the tanks before and after w/this paste applied to the end of a long wooden stick to check for water . There E85 fuel pumps over in Mo. and they sell a lot of fuel. Whew , talk about poor MPG !
  8. I just realized , my V-strom is a counterfeit Stelvio
  9. 10cc of fluid leaving the master cylinder will be 10cc of fluid added to the volume of the slave cylinder. Now as far as the leverage portion goes it depends upon the size of the slave cylinder vis-a-vis master cylinder bores. The hydraulic jack proves this point.
  10. The volume of fluid "pushed" by the master cylinder has to go somewhere , so it goes into the slave cylinder . Leverage works in this system but it has nothing to do with the volume of fluid moved.
  11. My memory fails me but , I never heard of the Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac until right around the first round of Covid 19 . I was in one of my favorited haunts in Cape Girardeau at CD Warehouse and a Fleetwood Mac CD was playing . I asked the salesman some ?s , he pulled the CD out of the player , I bought it and things were never the same !
  12. #1 verify the throttle kicker is fully closed. #2 look at all the throttle linkages and be certain there is no binding anywhere and be sure throttle plates are snapping shut when you are releasing the throttle
  13. @thelonewonderer Can you explain the first sentence a little better ? It will benefit the people that took time to help you .
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