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  1. And then "Electric Ladyland"....Mitch Mitchell.....Crosstown Traffic.....
  2. It is Katarzyna Jaskulska, that was a false rumor..She was in a bad accident not long after this shot.., a car went through a stop light and hit her ..but she was not terribly hurt . Professional Stunt rider..She did not die..she is still with us.
  3. I'm not talking about "DRAFTING".. I'm talking about chicken shit waiting to go out and targeting specific rider's to annoy...I was around then..., and racing myself.
  4. Can you imagine Roberts( either) Hailwood, Hayden, Sheene, riding like that..waiting around for a Tow so they could make qualifying?...Shameful.
  5. Your clutch sounds great to me, I have had much louder on the multiple v-11's I have owned. including a R. Mandello....in Fact My current Griso's clutch is much louder..You will learn to love the sound...:-) IMO..Don't be concerned , just enjoy the bike..:-)
  6. https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/news/2023/9/97-year-old-grandad-sets-record-as-worlds-oldest-motorcycle-racer-758426
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