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  1. I found out motorcycle in the link has a known history by a good friend of mine and long time member here.....I personally would pass on that one.
  2. Here is the TechSpec special order part number for V-11's SKU: 62-Cust-SS
  3. They make em but its not on their site..I had a set made last year..and the year before, you have to call them and ask them to look in their "special orders" file they will find the template there and then they can makethem...
  4. "The Scura R is technically identical to Cafe Sport and Coppa Italia" Not sure what you mean by that........
  5. I think its an excellent name!
  6. Rack system by Ventura Includes Lft and Rt mounting brackets and hardware..and 3 differant choices of set ups..Top Rack with High back, Top Rack with loe back or just low bar with no bottom rack Most of this has never been used and is still sealed in the package..All is in great condition $100 plus shipping for the lot. Pls PM me if interested.
  7. 50 is the correct number....That is a steal on that bike with that milage imo. If he wants it he better make a deal NOW, like fast as I see it being talked about and the ad reposted on 3 other forums..including AF1 It won't last long.
  8. 1989 Saab 900Turbo SPG ..In the mountain twisties it was one of the Fastest and best handling and most fun to drive production cars I ever owned..a real ticket getter...
  9. They are expensive..I have purchased 3 from these people in the past...good people https://motodemic.com/
  10. I tried a few times on my V11's with the "Pit Bull" head lift stand that I have used on my Ducati's and Aprilia's..even with the right sized pin to fit inside the steering tube ..I couldn't see anyway it could be compatible with the front fairing and headlight, its too low and too far out for the Pit Bull stand to be able to fit under and back to the steering tube . I don't remember the pin size needed but its very small inner diameter compared to most bike..and I don't have a V'11 right now I can measure.
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