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  1. P6X, Thanks for the sage advice. As you said, forums do not seem as popular as they once were. Facebook has taken up much of the turf, for better or worse. I think FB is popular because it's "one stop shopping" and easier for the occasional visitor, although FB's layout, and terms/rules for operation are negatives, at least for me. I apologize, I did not mean to drift this thread from the primary purpose; photos with recreational appeal. Joe
  2. PX6, The Gilera group is on groups.io, at: https://groups.io/g/Sears-Gilera-106 There is very little action, few postings, so I must concluded that the two people left because of the vintage ad, which really isn't that salacious by any standards. I could see where some women might be unhappy w it, if they have thin skin.
  3. I run a vintage Gilera group, with few members. An offshoot of the old Yahoo group days. Mr brother, a big shot businessman, suggested increasing the group's internet presence to get more people, so I posted a vintage Gilera advertisement photo ... and two members just quit. Is this really that salacious, that over-the-top? I'm just trying to stay afloat in these facebook days.
  4. From Poland, who would have thought. I'm sure they enjoy some potato or cabbage pierogies after a cold ride.
  5. Here's an old advertisement that I hadn't seen before. Was this from an old catalog?
  6. "Gotta love that instant she looks down and declares, "OH! La benzina !! " " Wasn't that before Guzzis had a fuel gauge? They would merely start to sputter, so you'd know to turn the petcock to the reserve tank. So there was nothing for her to glance down at, and exclaim. I could be wrong.....
  7. Scud, thanks for sharing that theory. Van Gogh's bullet wound was in the stomach or chest, right? An unlikely place for a self-inflicted wound. I saw the exhibit when it was in Boston. One of the best elements was the pre-exhibit room, that had panels of information on his life and history.
  8. Ya know, that really is true Italian.
  9. Not a Guzzi, but a classic Gilera, and she even has safety gear! ;
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