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  1. There's Coppo on BAT. $3500, no reserve and a spot at the Quail https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2004-moto-guzzi-coppa-italia-4/
  2. actually we traveled to Dallas and got an airBnb apartment across from Texas Stadium, about a mile from 6 Flags. We were worried about the weather. And more so, finding a venue since my wife is recovering from knee replacement. My youngest son ordered 6 Flag tickets on the drive down.
  3. The photo is just more a commemoration rather than an accurate portrayal of the experience. The appearance to the eye was a completely black dot with a bright narrow white ring around it. The ring was almost like round neon or fluorescent light. Totally bright white with sharp edges (no yellow). It got cool for perhaps a half hour as the sun was shadowed and it was dark enough that stars were visible. At full eclipse you could look at it with the naked eye, in fact you couldn't see with dark glasses regardless of the bright ring. This was my second try. I had gone to Kansas City in '17 and we got cloud cover that obscured totality. Finally got to see it this time in Dallas. The amusement park shot fireworks, played 2001 theme, the Floyd (Eclipse) and then 5th Dimension (Let the Sunshine In).
  4. My son took these with his phone. We went to 6 flags my other son's treat
  5. I might share my experience when I was high sided from the California EV and rolled twice on the pavement. The worst of it was my left forearm just down from elbow. My Phoenix jacket ripped right at the top of elbow protector. I lost good size patch of skin about 2 x 5 inches. Looks to be permanent scar. In better news my brother gave a Klim mesh jacket which seems much better quality. it's roomy and the armor feels more substantial.
  6. #2,557 · 2h ago Liberty Media announce sweeping changes to MotoGP Liberty Media announce sweeping changes to MotoGP: New commercial rights holder Liberty Media aims to combine MotoGP and Formula One. www.cyclenews.com Liberty Media announce sweeping changes to MotoGP Rennie Scaysbrook | April 1, 2024 New MotoGP commercial rights holder Liberty Media has announced a raft of changes for the two-wheeled series as it aims to more closely align it with the crown jewel in Liberty’s portfolio, Formula One. Liberty Media purchased approximately 86 percent of Dorna, the Spanish-based enterprise that has been in control of MotoGP since 1992, for €4.53 billion ($4.51 billion). Liberty will also take over as the exclusive rights holder of Moto2 and Moto3, the FIM Enel MotoE World Championship, the MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship and the new FIM Women’s Circuit Racing World Championship. Liberty Media has confirmed Pirelli, the Italian brand responsible for the control tire in Formula One and in WorldSBK, will become the sole tire supplier for MotoGP, replacing French company Michelin who will be demoted to supplying the tires for the Dorna personnel golf carts seen in the MotoGP paddock. 🤪 🤪 🤪 🤪
  7. Got the bike picked up today for service. I'll report the bad news as it comes.
  8. I hope to go to COTA. I'm prepping the Duc and hope to get the Greenie in the shop in the next day or two. So far as LM? Well, I'm not a fan given to how they were complicit to deny Andretti an F1 slot. The entire F1 sport seems corrupt and inept. The latest is a harassment claim against Christian Horner.
  9. Hopefully they'll pass it in Colo unlike Texas where it failed with no support in the Lege. It just shows how little practical knowledge is out there. I suppose that I can't blame legislators that don't ride but there should be professionals from the Dept of Public Safety that should know better and advise. Hopefully Colorado will do a better job.
  10. What a race. This track is so good. It makes me think that Barber would be a great venue. I actually feel bad for Mav and Marc. We figured that Marquez would be a net negative on the entire Ducati GP effort. Even though I think Peco was at fault (it was a racing incident IMO, not intentional), I think the fireworks are just starting. Let's not forget Martin, who's itching for a factory ride. The announcer said that Acosta thought the GP riders were too buddy-buddy and the sport needed rivalries. Well, here we go. This Acosta kid is really good, like a young Stoner, Rossi, Marquez. Incredible bike control. I really wanna go to COTA just to see him ride T17-19.
  11. this track is the most entertaining in the entire series.
  12. https://www.ducati.com/ww/en/news/ducati-corse-and-audi-sport-partners-in-the-motogp-world-championship
  13. On a long trip, particularly on straight roads like interstates, cruise comes in handy to rest your hand and wrist. Usually just for a few minutes. Many of us have throttle locks for the same purpose.
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