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  1. in fairness, his brother let him go around him and Martin crashed from the lead. It was a good run at his best track considering it all. I was happy for JR#16 getting 8th. Pretty gutsy run.
  2. Agree with @Chuck that "flying isn't particularly dangerous", the landing OTOH..............
  3. I agree with Phil, airlines only. Private pilots and general aviation, great hobby. I'll watch, thank you. If I'm going up, I'm going somewhere and will take the flying bus. I'm good with all these billionaires with their private jets and chauffeured cars that they don't even wear seatbelts. Just not good for me. Go ahead, you very smart, very rich guys, you know better. What could go wrong when you pay for the best?
  4. Had some great seats for Joe Purdy and Tedeschi Trucks Band. Some stuff I hadn't heard from them were The Letter and Beck's Bolero for a closer.
  5. Mav to Tech 3 KTM with the Beast. Binder and Acosta to factory KTM https://www.motorsport.com/motogp/news/vinales-makes-tech3-ktm-motogp-switch-alongside-bastianini-for-2025/10622885/
  6. clean it off and spray some talcum powder on it. You should be able to trace the leak. I had a timing cover gasket leak.
  7. I got an upgraded Beeline (metal case) after the first one failed. It's worked OK. Hopefully it won't fail too. I used their web trip planner recently and it worked quite well. Recommend it. I think the Bee2 has a little more sophisticated graphics than the original? I like the simplicity and layout of it. I used to write notes down with highway numbers and turns and put it in tank bag map pocket. This is essentially the same with the advantage of getting a real time distance countdown to the next turn.
  8. I think it might be burned up. Otherwise, I won't need it
  9. gees, i hope my starter switch can be rewired and fixed. nevermind. just bought it. If I don't need it. will let you know
  10. I suppose the rationale for MM93 was a business one. So far as a racing decision, we'll see. For me, I think all three deserve factory bikes in three different garages on three different teams. It would be a hoot if Martin wins the title, I'm sure he's picked a lot of new fans, me being one.
  11. So who will win first? Acosta's first or MM's next?
  12. Mine will occasionally stumble off idle, it's particularly concerning when making a turn in an intersection from a stop. A quick grab of the clutch and bump the throttle grip. My bike runs good otherwise, PC tuned, perhaps a little rich. When my bike was dyno'd, the paper showed a downward spike at aprx 1800. I've noticed that new plugs help quite a bit.
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