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  1. Mine doesn't ping. It has a PC. Likely the timing is a little too advanced and/or lean. I'd guess they were a little aggressive with the re-tune. And a contributor could be a little carbon build up given the age of the engine.
  2. My neighbor across the street has a similar set up with his M240 BMW. it's got that 8 speed auto that's super quick. As a stick shift guy, I have to admit it's a slick set up. it doesn't have the wild ride like my 'vette, its controlled and gets the power to pavement. Lot's of cool do dads and huuuuge dash screens
  3. I have replaced regulators on both Guzzis and at least one stator.
  4. My first failed relay on my two Guzzis was a replacement Omron. Luckily I have plenty, starting with the OEMs. The ones taken from the Greenie were Bosch. Now one of those has been returned to service.
  5. We had nearly two weeks of sub freezing, down to single digits F and windchill below zero. Nearly 70 today. Took 50 mile ride today.
  6. I'd guess that Indy is the only track that could hold a GP as just a date. I'm not sure that Montreal or Mexico F1 tracks would be acceptable. I suppose Sears Pt, Laguna and Barber are too short but either would be great.
  7. From my experience, no. Keeping these Guzzis going, or even my last showroom bike, needing to be re-jetted just to take it home. Whether riding the new V100 or my Duc, they're great right of the box. Lots of power and smooth delivery. And tell me about all the "computer and electrical" gremlins, and I'll just counter with Guzzidiag, relay and fuse issues. The most trouble free bike I've ever owned (knock wood) has been my '17 Ducati 937 with 31k miles. Old bikes are fun. I know hobbyists here enjoy keeping them going and turning wrenches, solving problems the factory inflicted. Some of us just enjoy the feel of the ride and only minor tinkering.
  8. Phil does the advantage of the 285 crank for a parallel twin over the 270 also work for 75 degree V-twin vs the 90? Of course, no one is running a race engine on the street.
  9. KTM doesn't run a 270 crank, I think they run a 290 to match their 70 degree V twins. However lots of parallel twin are 270 like Yamaha and Suzuki. I think Kawa runs 180 and Triumph runs several types. Edit, I just saw the video and he makes the point about KTM. He says they run a 285 crank, so I stand corrected. That's what I get when I read the titles and ASS-ume that I might know something.
  10. Kenny Roberts was one of the first to complain as well. As soon as he went to Europe. And it must've been REALLY bad because he came from American Flat Track! Sheene and Nixon #7 & #9 !!!!!!! What a pair of characters
  11. Actually the Q format is sometimes more exciting than the races. It's super exciting watching them all come into the chex going for the Pole or just to advance to Q2. So don't change that! I'll agree MM has been tailgating since I first saw race at COTA when he was following #46 around on the first practice as a rookie. He won his first race that weekend. The best thing I've seen him do at COTA was when his primary bike quit, he ran over the pit wall and got his backup bike, made it around with just a second before the chex, and set the lap record. But I've never liked the guy once he ruined Rossi's last chance for a title in '15. The FIM shoulda sanctioned him and given him the meatball. They've allowed him to run roughshod over the entire series. But with supreme talent comes corrupt power I suppose. Unfortunately, we don't get the qualification on TV here anymore. And I'm two cheap to buy the streaming package <Guzzi content>
  12. No, there weren't but a few bikes fast enough to keep up with those guys. So you couldn't draft Hailwood because he had the only 6 cyl Honda in the race. None of those racers had more than three or four other bikes in the field that were competitive. Part 2. Racing was fatal in those days. It's much safer now. The riders take more chances and crash with regularity now. Almost all the riders will go down once on a weekend. In those days, even one lowside could kill or cripple. Part 3. Aerodynamics wasn't really a thing then. Part 4. During the race they drafted like they do now- even if it was among two riders.
  13. I'm not fan of MM93 but following another rider doesn't bother me. Interfering during qualifying and in the race, dangerous moves and taking rides out, another issue. It's is racing. Drafting and sizing up another rider, following lines, well that's racing
  14. When I was having an issue on my EV, I'd listen for the fuel pump. And I carry a spare plug, so I could pull of a lead, snap in the spare and see if it sparked. Sometimes I'd play with the fuses and make sure they were making good contact. My V11 Sport was a different story. I was always playing with the relays. I'd keep spares and intermingle them. It was usually that they weren't seated. Last time one of those Omicons crapped out. Replaced it with an OEM Bosch. Actually I carry a full set of relays since I've replaced them all for better brands for both bikes. Since it was cranking, I can assume all the kill switches weren't the issue. I'd play with the relay and fuses.
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