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  1. oooh, this explains the e-mail I received today: HMB-GUZZI (info@hmb-guzzi.de)To:you (Bcc) + 1 more Details Dear customer, as of next week (week 6 2023) we have to change our internet access as well as our email addresses. The shop itself will remain unchanged, the existing customer/login data will continue to apply. The new shop address: www.hmb-moto.de The new email address: info@hmb-moto.de Until Sunday 5.2.2023 everything will remain as it is, orders will be processed normally. On Monday, the internet shop will not be accessible during the implementation. As soon as the shop is available again, we will inform you. This notification will then already be sent from the new email address info@hmb-moto.de. Michael -- Mit freundlichem V2 Gruss, Michael Behrendt HMB-GUZZI Zeppelinstr. 48 91187 Röttenbach Tel: 09172-669918
  2. There's something wrong with that company. I've talked to a few dealers that have had issues with them, more than the other brands. I've heard that Aprilia is one of the worst. Now they want to go after their most enthusiastic customer base? What's next, the owner's club too? Hopefully the silliness will stop and won't affect the couple of forums that I participate.
  3. at that price, I'd at least to hope they're bright. OTOH.... I haven't any bulbs to burn out on a bike since my '81 Seca 550. <knock wood>
  4. I've got one of those H4 LED replacements on both Guzzis (headlight buckets). They were cited here a few years ago. They're no brighter than OEM. All in all a disappointment. If someone has a better solution that will fit my Sport and EV, great to know. thanks
  5. does anyone know if the LeMans headlight and the naked/sports are interchangeable? https://www.ledperf.us/led-headlight-for-motoguzzi-v-11-le-mans-round-motorcycle-optics-approved-p-33045.html
  6. Whichever bikes are "better", the spineframes win the beauty contest.
  7. Just curious. I wonder if there is a mark (or memory) of how far the TPS was moved during the reset and if it could be returned to the original position? Is it possible to set the TPS by ear and to continually adjust it until the cough went away? Perhaps it would be good to make a pen marker when adjusting. My bike has a low rpm power crater and occasional cough when I take off. It was shown on a dyno. I have to be careful sometime because it's right when I get my feet on the pegs and taking off. I have to be vigilant on the throttle. New plugs really help.
  8. I sent you a PM on WG a week ago. it looks like you have some folks that are within a day's drive of you. All have a great reputation.
  9. She looks expensive to maintain....where have I heard that before?
  10. Dusty runs a Spring Rally that caters to the old Guzzi crowd and a Fall Rally that set up on Adv Riders board. Just to clarify to help determine which one or both rallies you might want to attend. Me, I saw the Sultan on New Year's and still didn't get it straight.
  11. you could do worse http://www.ghezzi-brian.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/IMG_4859_l-min.jpg
  12. I will tell you there are die hard Breva Sport fans out there, 1200 2V. One of my buddies like it better than his Griso Red Devil. But calling Pete, those Breva dashboards are harder to fix than LeMans fairings. None look better than a spiney. Not sure they handle as well either....but the Devil did have more motor, I'll admit. Never ridden a Breva, I do know a fellow that ride cross country all the time on one and goes by moniker TravelByGuzzi.
  13. @RandyI used sorbothane pads in the mirrors for mine. They're still a little jumpy and narrow... You're on the 939SS board? https://www.ducatisupersport939.net/ Note: I have no memory of reading or posting here. I was so sick at the time, I was totally out of it.
  14. I periodically clean the the switch with contact cleaner and cycle it a few times. Sometimes play with the relays also clean those contacts and fuse as well.
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