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  1. Wonder when they'll carry a wee SUV on the trailer....or at least a couple of electric mobility scooters so they can run into town!
  2. I've had the chinese Rizoma rip-offs on mine for a few years now! Apart from the adjustability factor as Phil has mentioned they're ok and work for me. I cant remember the price but it was significantly cheaper than the real deal. Cheers
  3. Do let us know mate... Mine was sorted years ago as the bike was serviced by Brad Black and hasn't missed a beat since. Probably will now that I've mentioned it eh! Cheers
  4. Thanks fellas. Yeah, it looks like piggy backing it with something else is the go, to justify the freight. Cheers Guzzler
  5. G'day mate. What were the other sources you found if you don't mind? I contacted Stein Dinse and it's $103 ( Australian ) to get it here. $37 for the part and $66 in freight! Mine looks to be chromed as a piece has chipped off it so re-chroming it may be cheaper or I could just live with it as I have since day one. Cheers
  6. Yep, this happened to me early in my ownership! Sorting the linkages out stopped it completely! Cheers Guzzler
  7. G'day mate. 20.3 litres....Wow I can only ever get 17 litres in! Mind you I do look for a servo at 250K's when the ole light comes on so not sure how much I'd get in if I ever let her run dry. After pushing a GPZ900 around the Boulevard many many years ago due to running out o gas..... I'm not about to try and find out! Cheers
  8. G'day Mick. Not anymore mate. We don't have rego stickers now and bloody glad to get rid of that holder too. Big brother has much better tech to determine whether your vehicle is registered or not these days! Cheers
  9. G'day folks Mine turned up today, took pretty much 3 weeks so the ole US postal service didn't do too bad eh! Thanks again D.G.I Guzzler Gotta love this forum!
  10. Bloody hell. All these variations...does your head in eh! Cheers
  11. If it's the early version with the bypass holes, then try doing as Guzzimoto says and blocking them! I did and it makes quite a difference. Cheers
  12. Ha ha Probably best if those with a nervous disposition steer clear of Guzzi ownership.... Cheers
  13. Needs some legnano green on it....ha ha . Cheers Ps it is a good looking car.
  14. I just checked my invoice and it has part # 30157400 for the breather so hopefully the better quality one. Don't fancy going through that carry on with oil everywhere again anytime soon ha ha . Cheers
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