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  1. Under the old Guzzi management it would have been possible as they have tried many configurations over the years! But under Piaggio I doubt it....
  2. Bloody hell Doc Thats the best looking Gold Wing custom I've seen! These were also a good looking bike as standard. Cheers Ps My GPZ 900 was 225 Kg's and my GSXR11 was 200 kg's so the V11 isn't all that heavy unless compared to todays lightweight 175-190kg bicycles....
  3. Ha ha I meant the weight, everyone carried on about the weight back in the day! I also knew a bloke with one back in the eighties who was pretty impressed with it and saw one locally not so long ago. Thought to myself, gee they still look pretty good too. Cheers
  4. Mate in this day and age of gold wings and bloated cruisers it doesn't seem as bad as it was back in the day... I reckon they still look pretty good too! Cheers
  5. I should add that I've got the bike pretty much how I want it though so no biggie really! But if ever the Tattslotto #'s come up.... There's a set of Alpina wire wheels for starters!
  6. Yep, I fear the minister has put paid to any further aspirations in this regard too.....
  7. Doc I just had a look at my 01 ...No bracket! A few years ago, I even ordered the plate from the States ( yep got an original Guzzi part) and when I gave it to Rob ( Mechanic ) he told me there was no means to attach it! Rob told me no sign of any cracking on mine and that it all looked pretty sturdy as I did get him to suss it all out at the time. Because of this I've not worried about it since. Cheers Guzzler
  8. Loved the spinendipity... I bumped into another greenie not so long ago at a servo close to home none the less! I've only ever seen one other,it was at my mechanics a few years ago and bugger me it's the same bike as at the servo... There is Lucky Phil's and possibly one other greenie that a bloke in the Vic club had and sold but seems to have disappeared. Bloody hell common as muck... Cheers Ps I've seen a red Lemans and another bloke in the club had a V11 Tenni but sold it and also disappeared. Almost forgot about the local Scura but that's gone to Qld. Pps a spine raid here in Victoria might be a lonely affair!
  9. Ha ha If I were a single man and didn't have to debate matters of finance with the minister..... I think I'd try a sportier tyre to see how they FEEL compared with sport touring tyres. I'm curious as my mate Dave runs sports tyres on his MV and we've ridden in some pretty ordinary conditions, and they've not given him any grief either. However the Angels have never given me any issues for the sort of riding I do and I get great mileage outa them.... Cheers Guzzler
  10. This place is and has always been a god send as far as keeping these bikes on the road! Especially in the early days of ownership when having ah teething issues and getting them sorted! Even when you have it sorted it's still a bloody great place to hang out as I get the feeling we're all kinda like-minded! Anyhoo it's a credit to both Jaap and Doc and long may it continue to be such a beacon! Cheers Ps actually I see new members keep on joining so definitely doing it right....
  11. Yeah, reckon I'll stick with my Angel GT11.... I just rode home from work earlier today, 70 kays 11 degrees TORRENTIAL rain and even with 13 thousand kays on them they were rock solid, stable and secure! They've still got quite a lot of life left in them and will replace with same or next gen Angels if available when I'm ready! Bloody good in the dry too ha ha Cheers
  12. Ha ha They do look good in the sun don't they....! I get quite a few WOW that looks great... is it a standard paint job? When I tell them it is they look incredulous! Cheers
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