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  1. 43rd Annual Show, and always dear in my heart as it was the first time I saw a Greenie in person and I haven't been so insufferable since. Much to the consternation of the president of the club I park my bike on the field but don't register it so it can get voted on. I just do it because I can keep an eye on it. Pit stop on the way home. Also because the green looks fabulous in the sun.
  2. @Pressureangle What's the tipping point for another run?
  3. I should have put in a disclaimer about my questionable math skills. It's comes from telling my wife how many bikes I have vs. how many I may have...
  4. Four years but zero marketing? Just the crazies here on the forum. Not bad I think. But then again I didn't have to look at a stack of them for all that time.
  5. My friend will take one. @Pressureangle Maybe not 50 this time but I bet 10-15 would go pretty fast. Of course I may have said that about the 50...
  6. Well, this one’s off the market. Earlier I was mentioning a friend of mine who got the bug bad when I let him ride my bike.
  7. That happens in every single community... except the Ferrari folks. Unless they are talking about the Daytona they bought in 1981 for $5000. We want the prices to be low so we can buy more. But we want the prices to be high when we sell. Fickle are we.
  8. Very much a member. The link still didn't work.
  9. I don't know how they keep that forum going.
  10. https://seattle.craigslist.org/est/mcy/d/kirkland-2001-moto-guzzi-v11sport/7618725612.html $6500 What is it with these expensive Greenies? Are people finally appreciating the beauty?
  11. Sold to someone else. Maybe they’ll show up here sooner or later.
  12. Looks like he’s second in line. Just have to hope it falls through. I’ve also got a line on a Scura and Coppa Italia if this doesn’t work. Personally I’d want the Scura. But I don’t want another bike because a) a Greenie is actually the ultimate V11 Sport and b) I don’t have room for another bike.
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