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  1. Sold to someone else. Maybe they’ll show up here sooner or later.
  2. Looks like he’s second in line. Just have to hope it falls through. I’ve also got a line on a Scura and Coppa Italia if this doesn’t work. Personally I’d want the Scura. But I don’t want another bike because a) a Greenie is actually the ultimate V11 Sport and b) I don’t have room for another bike.
  3. He hasn’t gotten a response yet. Hopefully being local will be an advantage.
  4. That is not the titanium exhaust, correct? Or is it?
  5. I see now that that it's a Lemans Rossa Corsa so that explains the side covers.
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  7. There’s a RC for sale locally. Says it’s one of 50. I have a feeling that’s more Italian counting, like the horsepower rating. Doesn’t have red valve covers. My friend is interested in it. Should it have Lemans side panels? “A really beautiful Moto Guzzi Rosso in superb condition with no operational issues! Only 8,600 miles, recent battery and tires. Only defect is sligh bubbling of the right side decal, an unfortunate byproduct of ethanol gas and very sloppy fill ups! Generally not noticeable and no one has ever mentioned it to me at rallies and events. Only 50 were imported to the USA, and this one is owned by the former president of Moto Guzzi North America! Why spend $20K on a bike everyone will forget in two years and will halve it's value when you could own an are very rare and classic Guzzi!”
  8. The first thing I learned on this site was check the damn relays. Then get a Roper plate.
  9. If the regulator/rectifier died I wouldn’t expect the battery to be at 12v. Maybe some bad relays?
  10. I'm a December 2020 reservation for a loaded Badlands. No sign of it yet. These rigs are immensely capable even for the novice driver. The Off-Roadeo was an absolute blast!
  11. Mike has 50w flowing through his veins. He loves those old bikes.
  12. swooshdave

    Hello all

    Thank you for your support!
  13. This was at the Oregon Vintage Motorcyclist 43rd Annual Show. Not sure if it sold or not but if someone was interested it might be worth a call. Seemed like a decent bike. I took a look over and didn't see anything out of sorts.
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