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  1. Where and what time is everybody meeting for breakfast tomorrow?
  2. Thanks Footgoose and for sharing, I did not know. So I guess I did good in two ways. If that is your LeMans, it looks very good, has that old school cafe look. Loving It ! SKIP
  3. She's been bugging me for a little face lift for a while now. So I finally caved in and gave it a little something to make it "POP". Now it's my V-11 LeMams/Superveloce .
  4. I'm the one who brought and rode the V11 and 14 Custom. My son Gus rode the Norge and our buddy Tim rode his Harley. We packed them tight in that configuration for less wind drag at 75 mph. with 175# tongue weight. Was it overloaded, YES. Tim and Gus rode the cruisers on the way home, took off almost 2000# towing weight. SKIP
  5. Well, the first [KSR] is in the books and what a GREAT gathering it was. I believe the head count was around 12, a good showing I thought. Three of us Michiganders trailered four bikes down to Kentucky (Norge, V 11, 14 Custom, and a Harley ). We had a nice ride Friday afternoon that included a stop at the dam on the lower end of Lk. Cumberland and then back to the State Park Lodge restaurant for dinner with a wonderful view of Dale Hollow Reservoir. Saturday it rained but we made the best of it by having a Tech Session held in the garage at the Park rental house that Joe and others stayed at. I brought my two lap tops with Guzzi Diag loaded, along with the diagnostic cables, break out harness, and multi-meter. After a little back and forth with the hook-ups we got connected and were able to read the ECU's on mine, Joe's and Kales V 11's. Very interesting to be able to read some of the sensors and the varying CO values. Tech Session was a success. Big thanks to Bill for getting the tab on Saturdays dinner, also for handing out commemorative 2023 Guzzi tyre pressure gauges. Thanks Doc for the air screw O-rings and the specialty (cool) front torque arm bolt. Thanks to Gene and his very top end Snap-On Diagnostic code reader(he cleared trany codes on my truck) run's great, and Kale for a complete set of wheel bearings. Great Big Thanks to Joe and everyone else who came, contributed and participated in this wonderful event. I was truly gifted. SKIP
  6. Thanks Pete, That's interesting to know about the pulse timing related to CO trim. I was always curios as to how the trim affected engine performance. Very Cool. SKIP
  7. Thanks for the video Chuck. I've been trying to get to a Spine Raid for the last few years but things got in the way. So fingers crossed, "this is the year". SKIP
  8. Not to worry, I am also bringing the TPS harness.
  9. I was hoping to hear about the ultralight project. Well, maybe a fly-by then.
  10. I was amazed with the Casswell product line, especially the tank sealer. Great info.
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