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  1. I always thought that the action of moving the master cylinder piston was always more desirable to agitate any lodged air pockets. IMO And yes very repetitive, but then I again I always just use a clump of rags.
  2. I have an 02 LeMans that had angle drive, but converted to cable drive only. Straitened out some of the metal tube curve and rerouted the cable. It comes real close to the throttle rod and doesn't touch. Has been real smooth for 8K miles.
  3. Oh, that's good Gene. I love the Arte Johnson comparison. I could just picture it. FLOP So sad that happened to you right during prime riding, and I know you were just getting back into things. Hope you will be good to go for the Spine Raid. I'm rooting for ya !!!
  4. A great cause and worthy of a ride. Just looked up my Traverse City group at @ 21 strong and think I'm going to join.
  5. When the curve ahead turns into a hairpin and the road turns back against itself, then you know your having a good time !!!
  6. Say Doc, What color is the light weight? I switched from Lucas 80-90 to Red Line V-Twin Shock Proof (RED) and noticed a significant improvement in the smoothness of shifting. What's your input on the light weight?
  7. Right, you really want to but experience tells you its still a bit cold.
  8. Hey Gene, Did I forget to say I was wearing full thermals under the leathers, an electric vest and a balaclava to complete the outfit. Relatively speaking, I was comfy. SKIP
  9. Thanks PhiI. But I prefer the zip tie, and I enjoy seeing how much travel I use on certain sections of road especially after that one big pot hole I couldn't avoid. Its a gauge, just like my oil and temp gauge. They add some JOY to my total riding experience. SKIP
  10. Reserved a room at the Tellico Plains Lodge and TWO parking spots in the garage. Putting out positive vibes that it all comes together. XX Spine Raid, " YES " SKIP
  11. Great Job KINDOY2, All the Right Stuff Did we see this bike at last years Fall Spine Raid? Note zip tie on Right fork leg, every one should do this and check multiple times each ride. Pays dividends in suspension setup. SKIP
  12. Still some snow on the lawn and in the woods, but the sun was out and temp was 53, and wife said do it. What else does a moto guy need to know, I did it. Road for about 2.5 hours being cautious in the curves cus the roads were still heavily dusted from winter sanding. Ahhhhh it felt good to get the first ride in.
  13. Where and what time is everybody meeting for breakfast tomorrow?
  14. Thanks Footgoose and for sharing, I did not know. So I guess I did good in two ways. If that is your LeMans, it looks very good, has that old school cafe look. Loving It ! SKIP
  15. She's been bugging me for a little face lift for a while now. So I finally caved in and gave it a little something to make it "POP". Now it's my V-11 LeMams/Superveloce .
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