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  1. Yes Was thinking I could make Footgooses' tail tidy bracket. But I was also interested in what he did to the exhaust, because that back end looks all the business!! I like the high exhausts.
  2. Footgooses' Tail tidy looks fantastic here.... just love how clean the back of the bike looks. Theres a reference in this thread to "how he groomed the titanium exhaust" but I searched and couldn't find anything about that... I also wonder if anyone would be interested in the bracket.... he kindly provided the template for it .... it would be an easy waterjet project just like the Roper plates. Anyone interested ? ... and if it is not too much trouble to ask, where could I find more info on Footgooses back end? ....(OMG that doesn't sound right does it!)
  3. Good to know Phil would love to have some quality Ohlins front and rear on my Greenie but I cant find anything online apart from using later V11 models' stuff...... and even then, how to know what fits and what doesn't??? I had been considering Andreani but not an option now.
  4. Sorry FreyZi, they are all gone. Set up to make one would be pricey but if you wish, I can get a cost. Send me a PM if you want to pursue it.
  5. Recycled. Not much good for anything. Almost all plates are sent. Once all payments are in, I'll do the donation and let Pete know it's done.... The one that was left over is available for Dragonknee and I emailed him. Will send payment details to the overseas guys this weekend. US Mail will likely take a couple weeks.... but was by far the cheapest option. As an example, UPS to Victoria, Australia was something like $260 USD. Mail was $39 USD.... SO ..... this means Guzzler really can live up to his name and guzzle the saving... $221 USD of beer! Please send a photo of a row of beers Guzzler! Cheers.
  6. i'll check DHL and Fedex costs tomorrow and email individually.
  7. Sent prices to overseas guys for UPS delivery. Seems way too expensive. Awaiting your feedback.
  8. Guys The comments about a check / cheque were directed to the locals here and not to you four international people. I know that is not possible. All good ... Paypal will be your method. Back to you asap.
  9. Plates shipped to all but the overseas people yesterday (Saturday) (Tom Phil Mike and Richard I'll work on tomorrow, Monday) Photos of the shipping labels with tracking numbers have been sent to you. Fedex ended up being a dollar or so cheaper than UPS so all tracking should be done on the Fedex website. Insurance for $100 is included with these shipments. I have emailed total costs to each of you and if there is any chance of sending me a personal check ("cheque" as spelled everywhere else in the world) then that would help because I totally forgot about the fee PayPal charge me to receive payments. I'll update the others tomorrow.
  10. Oh... and I do have one 1 plate left over.....
  11. I'll start sending a few emails to people today with a final amount to pay. I have the commercial invoices filled out for the overseas people. Final cost per unit came out to $89.65 USD plus whatever the shipping cost will be. I'll be off to UPS Monday Seattle time and will get the shipping cost for the overseas guys and will email them then. Got a couple family things on this weekend but I'll keep on this until they are all sent. Thanks!
  12. And just to be clear, I got costs online. I'll let everyone know actual cost once sent.
  13. For Tom in Norway, Phil in British Columbia, Michael in Germany and Richard in Australia, I will need to fill out a "commercial invoice" to accompany the plate because international shipments require a statement of value and purpose of sending the item. It will be noted as a $12 USD value so may sneak in without import duties although places like Australia are draconian in their approach. I just want to check if they want it via US Mail or UPS. Mail isn't insured or trackable with the same level of confidence that UPS offers but it is cheaper. Dealing with a lost package through US Mail is bloody hopeless, I'd prefer going to the dentist for a root canal!
  14. Emails sent Each one is wrapped in a layer of foam and then wrapped inside cardboard so that it occupies a small volume to reduce shipping cost.
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