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  1. Get a metal dipstick - much easier to read https://www.stein-dinse.com/en/item-1-1078652.html
  2. Link to mates You Tube video
  3. cash1000


  4. Ive messaged KernowNZ if he wants to discuss off air.
  5. A few photos from 2023 Tattley Rappit rally in and around Alexandra New Zealand. There is a You tube post that shows the trip on punt better. I will try and find it. Excellent 3 days. Weather great. Company great. Riding great. Well photos didn't post.
  6. Rd400 pegs fixed under exhaust. Excellent for depositing you mid corner going round hairpin at Ruapuna NZ
  7. Got home yesterday. All good. Bike ran well. Pictures to follow.
  8. I'm thinking kill switch is cause of problem. I will give it a clean when I'm home. Im not tempting fate by working on it while on trip. Bike didn't miss a beat today. Traveled 400k home to Dunedin via some back roads. Off to rally tomorrow in Alexandra which is about 200ks away.
  9. RM goes now. I've had it sitting in sun for last hour. Picking maybe water in electrics has dried out. Any way off to rally
  10. All packed ready to go the Tattly Rappit rally(NZ Moto Guzzi rally) and RM won't got. Fuel pump & starter motor not working. Ran fine on sunday. Washed it after ride. Had on trickle charge since then. Battery has 13v. Lights indicators horn work. Checked fuses Battery terminals. Thoughts?
  11. Givi supply a ring to suit V11's See VNA's post
  12. There is a speedo cable now available the does away with the 60 gear units. I've run mine for a few 1000 k's now with no problem. I've got a post in here somewhere about it.
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