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  1. maybe tidy up loose ends for a potential sale of MG?
  2. what about Goose, Gootsie, etc? they can't trademark everything Lots of HD places began using "V Twin" A local BMW repair shop switched to B&W must be some creative ways around it.
  3. Yes they did seem to take it seriously. Kevin was either bored or genuinely interested. I wonder how many reviews of every new ICE bike will begin with "and it's not electric"
  4. Wow, the 77 in blue was about the prettiest of all years. That's a nice tripple there!
  5. Very much so docc. I love the style of the classic standard. So many iterations to choose from. When I'm tempted with something new, I look back at mine and wonder what's the point in chasing what I already have. Early concept pic, some things have changed. it has mufflers now
  6. the raised screen is the same screen.. but extended (duh) so they can be trimmed (I did) easily with a jigsaw and the edge smoothed out with sand paper. Re-cover the edge with oem or box-store edging. I actually made mine an inch lower than stock because like scud, I like the wind lower. ... and it looks cool
  7. the one disadvantage of having "replies" in classifieds.
  8. I'm kinda with the reviewer. No real preference. I prefer the RE motor concept 270* crank, I'll bet it sounds lovely and I love twins. I'm not in love with the look however, as much as I am the BSA. Don't care for the BSA radiator but it's an advancement I'm wiling to accept. The concept of smallish/retro/standard is the only point I can consider and address, and that puts the BSA in front for me... I like that they embraced their Arms heritage coming back to market. TBH my interest in bikes in that category is firmly in the vintage originals. If I were to cave and opt for reliability and newness I'd go for a used W650 or even a new W800. For now my 1980 XS650 is occupying that space nicely.
  9. just to add... my "intermittent" issues occurred when bike was hot, resolved when cooled off some.
  10. I have had an issue that I could only explain as an intermittent relay failure. Same deal as yours. Ran fine, shut it off, won't restart, sometime later it will start. Finally it shut down while riding. Swapped out #5 (Injectors?), fixed. I was not using Omron at the time. It's possible that moving the relays around *caused* a better connection. Recalling the sequence of failure, I'm sticking with intermittent failure.
  11. I have never had a problem bleeding any hydraulic lines on anything that was not malfunctioning or leaking in some way. While doing the job I try to keep my head wrapped around the physics of it and employ consistency and patience. I'm not afraid to use a LOT of fluid to insure a fully refreshed system. Even (and especially) the clutch. Yes I over-do it. I over-do most jobs, it makes me calm, what can I say? I was educated working on vintage bikes with water in reservoirs and mashed potatoes in the calipers. I tried a vacuum bleeder on my BMW that had an ABS system. Having to bleed the abs unit and the slaves I figured I needed it. I ended up trashing the vacuum kit and finished the traditional way. The clutch presents a challenge because of less "push back" or resistance. It takes more patience and finesse. Get comfortable and watch the tube. It's a different flow.
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