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  1. there are enough to make me swap it out. another unfortunate the pics are gone from this post. I believe this one was the one that blew out the bell housing part of the engine case. If you saw this photo you would be convinced. It may have been reproduced in another thread. Search more, it goes waaay back. Exploding clutch, exploding flywheel, etc another
  2. There are at least 2 cases of flywheel failure documented on this forum. I don't have them archived or I'd link them. They can be found if you dig deep enough. Proof enough to make me swap my clutch and flywheel, as many others have done. If yours didn't fracture, you had good fortune. I hope it lasts. Mine didn't fail in 11,500 mi. from new, nor was it cracked when I removed it. Not everyone's shift selector spring broke either, but my personal preference was to swap it out and not be constantly wondering how much time is left before I'm stranded, or worse. All (or most) 2002 engine cases had the paint problem. The factory offered a fix but I didn't bother. When I swapped the clutch, I stripped and painted the motor.
  3. New to me artist. Maybe visited the crossroads? adderall? definitely collagen. seriously tho, the man is connected.
  4. footgoose

    V11 Special

    Maybe took style ques from the Sport Classic?
  5. Sad to hear it. Any shareable info? Obit? He was a wild man on here for a while.
  6. My first 30 years of riding I wore t shirt, jeans, gloves and boots. No helmet. Sometimes no shirt, sometimes shorts. I adjusted for cooler weather of course. Then I started thinking. Now I'm Most of the Gear, Most of the time. Always helmet, boots, gloves, jacket, sometimes armor, better boots, or better armor. I adjust for heat of course. I don't think I'd ever wear the heavy duty stuff that guy says he always wears.. And yes- a bit of cheap armor is better than no armor. Would I rather drop & slide wearing shorts, or jeans? He does make some interesting points, but in the end he is a monetized you-tuber and must create content to make it rain.
  7. I didn't know of this one but just watched it. It's a lot of Steve, but also Bud. The development of the Metisse is at the core. Steve McQueen: Desert Racer Free with a few ads @ Amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B075RR7Q4N/ref=atv_hm_hom_c_PqBHeq_brws_6_5?jic=36|CgtmcmVld2l0aGFkcxIMc3Vic2NyaXB0aW9u
  8. that Griso already knows the way to Tellico Plains
  9. "Makes you earn that first kiss Takes her motorcycles serious"
  10. I don't want to miss #XX. I've confirmed room #CCI Riding buddy Guglielmo has yet to confirm.
  11. Indiana has annual registration. It goes by first letter of last name. I'm a "B" and everything comes due on Mar 6. All plates and reg's for all 7 of mine. If I buy mid year it's pro rated.
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