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  1. ScuRoo

    ECU talk

    If it’s O2 sensor equipped - when operating in closed loop it will always eventually optimise fuelling to stoichiometric ratio of approx 14.7:1 even if you free up the breathing. As soon as you crack open the throttle it’ll be into open loop by which although a generally richer air fuel mixture from factory you can focus on changing and optimising to suit your mods and performance tastes. After my own experience on my bike - I now would always start by upgrading the O2 sensor for a quality, sensitive (as in quick-changing) sensor first. And proceed from that starting point onwards
  2. Spent 10 ripping days zigzagging from Biarritz on the Atlantic across the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean on my Scura R with a couple of English mates where we discovered Carajillo after Foie Gras to power the nights. Lucky to get a few hours morning sleep in a hammock. Outstanding! Politically correct is caving to the vagaries of over bloated offence. Stuff ‘em Vive la Basque!🪿
  3. This world in my hand dissolves when riding thru the bush in the hills to the syncopated beat - pulling into a no reception pub my pint filled hand soon becomes more than the sum of its parts In reality it’s a lovely break… from the matrix! My Guzzi rides are my grounding Cheers 🍺
  4. Locally? Dystopian Downunder substack and Aussie17 #1 by a country mile? Ex- Pfizer VP Mike Yeadon
  5. You could be totally correct on the congestion and fees But I tend to take a more nuanced view 😏
  6. This is an intro into the above post. The report itself is a little long to read so it will only appeal to some, but for those who find detail interesting it is a fascinating in depth dive into what’s driving the transport agenda in the UK Question is: why are all these US billionaire's inserting themselves into another sovereign country’s processes
  7. There’s a mishmash of searching for a solution and all slightly improve but not 100% cure These issues appear to have been resolved in the European spec bikes - it’s a done and dusted issue in the Italian Anima Guzzista discussions Did Daveguzzi1 get his resolved?
  8. The social trends you speak of seem to be driven by a lot of US philanthropy dollars! This report is revealing https://togetherdeclaration.org/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/CleanAirDirtyMoneyFilthyPolitics_pub_2.pdf
  9. That’s a massive increase - 25% ! Was sales way down last year or have a large proportion of farmers come into money and decided to splurge on a bike instead of a JD?
  10. That’s a bold statement - longevity for sure but they aren’t that good Raw Rock n Roll as it should be? Not many would argue against AC/DC
  11. Is Britain the canary in the coal mine? I’m expecting a V100 LeMans to be released by end of 2025 to coincide with completion of MG factory production revamp. If this tips a trend will that realistic expectation turn into a vain hope? Geoff Buys Cars keeps a close eye on the UK scene
  12. It’s not so much the bubbling but the paint deteriorates to a faded grey looking salt lick
  13. One reason nobody’s listening is that there’s a lot of ‘in plain sight’ obfuscation going on under our noses that various levels of grubberment are implementing. Here in Australia it’s rife. Here’s an insightful discussion about how the climate emergency scare will move people and communities from their homes
  14. Rational teenagers? How very dare you! Only Asperger teens are rational https://dailysceptic.org/2024/03/31/the-green-energy-mess-that-nobody-will-admit-to/
  15. ScuRoo

    V11 Special

    Looking at that seat I was visibly wincing But then I scrolled on a few more pics… and quietly sighed with relief Phew! Now that’s custom
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