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  1. When life itself seems lunatic, who knows where madness lies? Perhaps to be too practical is madness. To surrender dreams - this may be madness. Too much sanity may be madness - and maddest of all: to see life as it is, and not as it should be! ~ Don Quixote
  2. ScuRoo

    V7 website

    Your welcome 😂 Yeah been er’… ‘moderated’ a couple of times…
  3. Yeah nah maaate The bloody roos are manageable unless the dawn sun is in ‘yer eyes… altho’ the tiger snakes can be fairly stressful flicking up from ‘yer wheels & climbing into the engine bay only to reappear pissed off on refuelling at the next Golden Fleece roadhouse On a couple occasions riding I’ve had to deal with bush chooks which can be as unpredictable as a epileptic spastic on New Year’s Eve But those angry drop bears are what I usually keep my eyes out for - you’ll be farked if they time it right & get ahold of you Luckily I don’t live out by Ayer’s Rock - the dingoes out there are bloody rug rat killers Strewth! Yeah mate..
  4. Actually there’s about 1500 degrees of difference between fog and dew One is ground level 😏
  5. Yeah… the meedia do haarp on over climate change Stay strong Lahaina 💪
  6. Aloha! What’s your experience? I haven’t had the opportunity to ride the island… but years ago, I did ride with a couple of mates up to Big Bear outside Los Angeles and the dew at 6,800 feet is bad. Dew at any level is terribly treacherous. Here’s the opening lines from a magazine review by Robert Smith. “One the most memorable and exhilarating rides of my motorcycling life was on a Guzzi: a race-tuned 850 Le Mans Mk1. I rode it from Ha’iku, Maui (close to sea level) up to the Haleakala Park entrance at 6,800 feet on the volcano’s switchback access road, and back down again. With a race cam, lightened flywheels, flowed head, Bub exhaust and flat-slide Mikunis, that baby really flew, handled precisely and would stop on, if not a dime, certainly a nickel. But what was so seductive was the way the motor loved to rev. Below 3,000 rpm, it wouldn’t have pulled a fly off a cow patty; but when it came on the cam, it surged to the red line with a rush of booming power; but on closing the throttle, all was uncannily smooth and calm.” Uncannily smooth and calm… stay strong Lahaina 💪 https://cdnbkr.ca/3893-2-motorcycle-review/moto-guzzi-breva-1200-2008/
  7. They may take away our plastic drinking straws BUT THEY'LL NEVER TAKE OUR FREEDOM! 😏
  8. Can’t remember if this has been posted previously… but genuinely plead befuddlement rousing from three craicing pints of Fixation IPA 🫤
  9. https://www.cycleworld.com/motorcycle-news/piaggio-ceo-roberto-colaninno-dies/?utm_source=Cycle+World+MC&utm_campaign=9cb51a9fd0-CW_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_082723&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_3a16588fbb-9cb51a9fd0-453096853
  10. It’s quite clear you’re on the right track LP. There is a conspiracy. But there’s nothing theoretical about it. However if you’re not comfortable with conspiracy theorist - the mind numbing alternative is being a ‘Coincidence theorist’ 🤣
  11. Hi Formula Alfa I missed seeing your post in regards to your V11 equipped with the O2 sensor which enables the 15RC ECU to efficiently autotune & trim lambda optimisation whilst in close looped rev range operation ie., constant throttle cruising - which is EXACTLY where the annoying hiccup stumble will appear breaking the glorious reverie in enjoying the moment My bike is 100% hiccup free perfect - whether at 4000rpm, 3500rpm, 3000rpm, 2500rpm, 2000rpm - I can’t even squeeze so much as an experimental ‘hic’ out of it at any rev level The annoying hiccup is but a distant memory. Gone. Please read thru the thread that docc kindly inserted - it’s all there. Change out the factory O2 sensor to the LSH24 Bosch unit & Bob’s your uncle Hiccup begone - & as a bonus - bike runs detectably smoother
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