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  1. Here’s an article regarding Adaptive Fuel Systems that those who’s bikes are factory equipped with the adaptive 15RC ECU may find useful in appreciating that added level of control https://tuneecu.net/Tunes_in_Hex_and_dat/TuneECU/Adaptive_Fuel_Systems_EN.pdf As an update report - my bike continues to run perfectly since it’s O2 sensor upgrade swap - irrespective of where it lies on its maintenance arc - it’s cough cure heaven! All good 👍😎 https://www.enginebuildermag.com/2021/07/oxygen-sensors-tuning/
  2. For my money I actually prefer the dress kits retaining the original V11 tank - 1. Trofeo & 2. Fiamma Traditional modernist - is that a thing?
  3. Good luck with your purchase fotoguzzi - I can see there’s a certain charm going on with that bad boy!
  4. America’s daughter - ❤️ gone too soon 54 Lisa Marie Presley RIP ~ Dancing eternally with her heavenly Daddy
  5. Met Eric once - top bloke Mild but not meek The original was a really good film We all enjoyed it
  6. Wikipedia? Crikey! C’mon man… sourcing info from Wikipedia is about as reliable as listening to the CDC Succinct Lovely
  7. 2 + 2 = 5 That JP Sears vignette of ‘kid’ in the classroom welcoming the new boy… lol 😂 Classic
  8. It’s a great little question… harder than you’d expect Have a crack at answering it before actually watching the vid So, what would you say if a spotty kid specifically asked, “Hey mister, why does Horsepower & Torque ALWAYS cross at 5,252 RPM?” As for me - I’d probably repeat my mother’s exasperated answer when I was a kid… “Y’s a crooked letter, & you should know better!” That’s when I knew the day would go well for me if I shut up… 😏
  9. MojoFuzzi Hey man… welcome aboard! In six months time it’ll be interesting if you’re as into the boxer ‘smoothness’ or jiving that V11’s syncopating jazz Six months should do… 😗
  10. Quit sitting on ‘yer fat arse… get out & pull with Red-pilled Rudolph! 😆 Ps fasting eliminates those holly proteins
  11. Are you sure? It all depends on what you like… Riding is rather boring if it wasn’t for curves imo Grounding side of boot still makes me jump mid corner & breaks concentration of the moment If given choice of dropping or lifting pegs half an inch - I’d actually choose ⬆️ now Leave ‘em where they are - the position seems more comfortable with more miles Occasionally extend out your outside leg on a curve to give your muscles & tendons a stretch & little pump of the blood flow - it’s all good Not all fiddling ends up worthwhile Just sayin’…
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