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  1. How many purchasers do we have down under? Might be able to lower their freight costs but I would need an answer by Tuesday USA time / Wednesday Oz NZ time…..
  2. Plates should be ready in 2 or 3 weeks so things will be quiet for a while. Will update everyone once I have them.
  3. @Speedfrog______ x1✔️ @PhillipLarsen____ x1✔️ @guzzler________ x1 ✔️ @Joe____________ x2 ✔️ @Tomchri________ x1✔️ @audiomick__ ____ x1✔️ @swooshdave's friend____ x1 . . . . . CONFIRMED @activpop________ x1✔️ [edit to add @DucatiGuzziIndian ___ x1✔️ as of Nov 6, 2023 = ten plates] + @Dragonknee ...... x1 . . . . . .CONFIRMED So if I am not mistaken the list above is correct and we need 10. ...... I will order 11 to have 1 spare. EDIT: I better check my math... forgot to count 2 for @Joe... so that makes 12 total with 1 spare. Ya know, there's only 3 types of people in this world; those that are good at math, and those that aren't! I'll get them inscribed with "V11 ROPER PLATE".
  4. All good Added one to the list for you I think we are at 11 or twelve now but will check again. Needing one for myself as well of course. If we want some inscribing on them, I just need to know before Monday......
  5. OK well seeing it is so close to Friday I won't stress over a couple days. I'll order Monday. Thx docc
  6. I just realized I have severely and negligently broken protocol here by hijacking this thread... I should have checked for a "Other Bikes" thread first. Apologies gents.
  7. And all thats left of my original Greenie The new one is on its way..
  8. Well docc I think we are probably good to go now...??? what do you think? Happy to wait a few more days if needed. Pic of my 2010 StreetFighter
  9. Dave Its a 2015. Ill try sending other photos later! ;-)
  10. I do understand the concern. In these times when nobody could give a s**t about things, the risk is high. I am a little fussy about stuff! i tried to insert a couple photos but what’s with the 1990’s era 1.46 Mb file size limit?!!?
  11. I understand the concerns. Im a 66 yr old mechanical engineer. I came to the US to start my own business in ‘98. Didn’t know a soul here but spotted an opportunity. Happy to post more info to give anyone more confidence. I sent a link to my business website to Pete. Happy to send to others.
  12. Ideally I’d like to order these and our other stuff by the end of next week but I can add a couple days. Ill need a final quantity by say Sunday 11th……. Hopefully that’s enough time for everyone. OK????
  13. OK Ladies and Gentlemen.... Roper Plate in 304 grade Stainless Steel, 2mm thick. Lead time is about 10 days from the time I order them. I will ensure each is clean with no sharp burrs or roughness before they ship out. Each will be packaged in a box with protection. (Something sturdy like a Fedex box or UPS box). Pricing: If we can get orders for 10; $87 USD each. If we only get orders for 6: $99 USD each. All prices exclude shipping. Will advise the cost when they ship.... Prices include a $20 USD donation to MSF, per Mr. Ropers wishes. I do not want to end up holding multiple plates for months and months so will only do one run. If someone else cares to carry a couple then thats all good too.... just order what you want. I will likely order these in a weeks time. Let me know by making a list of names below. Cheers!
  14. I have pricing for the plates and have reached out to Pete to see what he wants donated to MSF. As soon as I have that I can post the unit cost. Just FYI, the cost difference between 3/16"/ 5mm aluminium (spelled correctly!!!) and 0.080" / 2mm 304 stainless steel is less than 50 cents a unit. So I think the stainless option is best.
  15. That's funny Pete! I will work with pressureangle and see how we go... Of course the big thing will be determining a final cost. This isn't a money making exercise... it's to help everyone out, so I will post all costs once determined and see where we go from there. PhillipLarsen: We can ship to Canada with a declaration that it is a Trivet... tax rate is probably better that way. ;-) ha ha.
  16. Pete Thanks for the reply and sorry to bother you with this. Ex Sydneysider here (and part Kiwi but don’t hold that against me, OK?) 100% behind you, your beliefs and intentions. Same guy here! Not sure how many people may want one but I’ll look at making 4 or 5 and will sell them with attribution to you and a donation to MSF. Will post more details once I get the file. I’ll message pressureangle …. Thanks! Andrey
  17. Just bumping this.... Can anyone throw some light on this? I am not sure if Mr. Roper is around or if anyone has the file for the pattern. If not then I am obviously not able to help. Just curious thats all. I will be running parts in a few weeks from now... some time mid to late November. Thanks in advance to anyone that answers.
  18. I need this for the V11 I picked up recently, if still available. I’ll send you a message! many thanks
  19. I know I am new here and I do not want to hijack this thread but... I have my own construction related business in Seattle, Washington. I am in the process of having some aluminum water jet cut at a local shop for a project we are doing. I would be happy to cut some of these if people wanted them. I need one for myself. If someone were to provide me with following I could get it done in the next few weeks or so: A dxf file of the part. Material required Any royalties that need to be paid to Mr. Roper if any A quantity for those who need them. Just offering to help out..... that is all. Regarding any concern about burrs, I would be happy to run over them with a file and sand edges. (I am a mechanical engineer with machine shop experience so not an amateur when it comes to this) Let me know if I can help.
  20. Many thanks to those that replied. I really appreciate the info and this gives me a lot to work on. Cheers guys!
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