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  1. Rydfly... Was that a Scud spring or OEM?
  2. My real question is what's the best method of getting the transmission itself into neutral. Itried pushing the "slee es back and forth while my buddy bumped the rear tire back and forth....not very productive. We only stayed at it a short while. My friend had betterthingsto do. I appreciate the help.
  3. Ah thanx.... I know I've had them like that a dozen times.. and I was looking for that picture. Working w greasy fingers and researching dosent go well ....and when I'm done wife don't want to see me on the phone after I've been in the garage for days... Thanks
  4. Gaaaa ! Put the cove on. W 4 bolts... rolled it around and went thru all 6 gears...down to first ..back up to N. Took the cover into garage and carefully-neatly applied sealant,,.cover would NOT go back on ! !...tried rolling it...ITS IN GEAR !. How the heck do I get it to shift? My helper bounced it back and forth while I pushed the "movable hoses" back and forth WITH fingers. Got a couple shifts but no neutral. IS this the method? Bounce the back wheel like at a stop light looking for N or first while applying presure to " movable hose" until you get lucky ? And hope it's not a false N. I know those movable hoses gotta be driving FORKS and sliding gears on the shaft but it's all random to me. Is there a starting point? And the "be sure the dogs are equal distance" ? Equal distance from what. The case? Each other? Above and below? Side to side ? Baaa..it ain't nothing but a thing and I should be celebrating the good news from Piaggio..I just WANT TO RIDE !! 55⁰ SATURDAY !
  5. Yaaa Hoooo... Out of nowhere... after a 2nd prodding... Good Morning Victor, This campaign has already been performed on 5/26/2004, which included a complete gearbox replacement. Best, Steven Espinoza E-commerce Sales (Aprilia & Moto Guzzi) Credits & Rebates / Consumer Affairs olm://attachment/AQADAAAAyQAAAAAAAAAAGgmvAAAAAAAA1AAAAAAArNSXAAAAAACvCRoAAAAAAKzUlwMAAIAAAAAALXZpY3RpbTE3N0Bob3RtYWlsLmNvbV9BY3RpdmVTeW5jTWljcm9zb2Z0X0h4Uw%3D%3D/AQADAAABagAAAAAAAAAAIQmvAAAAAAABZwAAAAAArNO-AAAAAACvCSEAAAAAAKzTvgMAAIAAAAAALXZpY3RpbTE3N0Bob3RtYWlsLmNvbV9BY3RpdmVTeW5jTWljcm9zb2Z0X0h4Uw%3D%3D 860 Washington St, 9th Floor New York, NY 10014 M: 212-380-4400
  6. 02/2000.... .is Aprillia- Guzzi USA giving me a hose job. ... ?
  7. Your library of this manucia is astounding..
  8. Thanks Gents...the xxx was me but I do have odd leters...an ROY in there ..will definitely refer to build date. How often have you hoped the vehicle you just bought is a year older than you thought?🤣 and I might get that remote bleeder...or just bleed it with each Tyre change. Really thanks.. ... yuz guz are great. !
  9. Continuing on.... Called Piaggio again...got Willie again. Cross examined him on expiration of recall records. He was adamant there was no recall on that vin .... and they stay "forever". Mean while I decided I'd put the shift spring in so I could get to the clutch bleeder... well I got the clutch bled and the brakes while I had the $7 dot 4 open. Never got to the tyranny cover because I spent hrs getting the shock bottle off. Pulled the starter and side cover off to get to the 10mm nylocks and invented a tool to hold the stripped out Allen button heads. I got it but had to give up because I was all out of swear words...wanted to just put theT dain plug back in so I annealed the crush washer.........🤣😄😅 then I smelled the rubber ..and that was my last swear.. .
  10. Ya...can't understand leaving it gobbed like that. Even I would have scraped off the excess.... 🤣 maybe they cracked it open, smeared goo in the crack and sealed it back up....?? Ain't leaking now... Called Seacoast Sports who had a record of servicing it 4 times but never saw a recall or see one now on that vin. ... Going to change the oolong tea clutch juice. See if it still SNICKS. Was waiting to do that when I did my shift spring... I guess I'm doing that sooner than latter....pull my panties up and get at it. I was NOT looking for a project or death trap. Any tales of warning signs besides doccs false neutrals?
  11. Presently clinging onto signs the work was done ....
  12. Thanks docc. Not the news I was hoping for but always good to get your input...what the heck do I do? Try to get the kit, look for a tyranny or wait for it to blow up in 6th at 80mph infront of a trailer truck. ? Did you go thru this. ?
  13. Just called Puaggio /Moto Guzzi USA............WILLIE says my VIN not on recall "uneffected" hmm...not from my reading on this thread. .. zGUKRAKXXXM112170. And there's that SNICK! into 3rd...haven't played with 6th. ..I take it they're on the same SHAFT (shut yo mouth!)
  14. Not going to sweat the Conrod's. " " "Extended riding at redline" That ain't happening.
  15. Has anyone done the tranny job?? (No..not THAT tranny!)
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