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    '04 V11 Ballabio [gone], '98 V11 EV, '07 Norge, '10 Griso, '16 Stornello, & '17 V7 III
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    Military law, history, gardening, & riding my Guzzis while waiting (impatiently) for (more) grandbabies. OK, maybe 13 are enough!

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  1. The Haven Brothers are a class act. I include Todd in the present tense because I leave my passenger pegs down on all of my machines to give rides to "selected personnel" who are no longer with us. It always makes me grin when I recall Todd's signature line on posts and emails after he lost a lower leg: "Wherever I am, I'll always have one foot in Texas." Now ... what's the story on that Griso in your gallery? Lovely backdrop for a grand machine. Bill
  2. I did not claim "good," only inexpensive. Bill
  3. I am very much interested in making May Kentucky Month -- tho the thought of any centerfolds from this bunch skeers me. Anyway, as those who care know -- an exceedingly small group -- I have ridden for many years twice to Kentucky annually: in late May (Memorial Day weekend) and late September for "Mutton Runs." As I ride exclusively on entertaining backroads vice the slab, the most practical way to make both of these events is to do the sSSR first, then head up to Daviess County. That mean$ lodging co$t$ ju$t as $everal of our 13 (ga$p) grandkid$ have birthday$. The days of those little shixes being happy with empty boxes are long gone. Moto Guzzis are my hobby; buying things for grandkids is Kathi's. As my newest Guzzi is a 2017 model, guess who spends more. 😳 The biggest impediment to being gone that long at that time of year as it's prime weed-growing season! That sounds like a joke, but I'll need to hire a bush hog instead of my zero-turn if I don't get lucky. I only wish that dandelions and the like were cash crops. I can mooch for a few days in Eddyville with an old friend, and possibly with some other unsuspecting high-school or college friends -- tho Kathi has a no-fly list that includes a Greensburg redhead from days of yore -- that I might lean on for free lodging between the events. Still, a 1500-mile roundtrip -- something like the map here -- is otherwise enticing. I sent a PM to Joe about that cabin's room, but if that is taken or all of this is in my too-hard-do box, I'll reserve a room now at the lodge and cancel if I must later. Bill P.S. I am still licensed to practice law in Kentucky, but as an officially retired Old Flatulent and "Senior Counselor," I'm exempt from paying bar dues. If any of you end up wearing an orange suit, I can return to "active duty" for your court appearance and would only charge you those bar dues.
  4. Other than riding Guzzis, of course! Election news gets understandable first place in the media here today, but this also made our local daily, the Winchester Star! 😄 If you care, here’s a link to the “rest of the story," which even has some Guzzi content. Old Guy Collects Flags Bill P.S. Apropos the second part of this post's title, the newspaper reporter who wrote the story collects ... drum roll, please ... sink stoppers! Yes, really. Has 600 of them! Made me seem darn near normal.
  5. Ah, yes. Excellent choice, @brprider679 IM(not so very humble)O, that model is the best looking redhead charmer that ever left Mandello. I was loitering -- as I often did -- one day at (the late) ATD, my local Guzzi dealer, back in the early 'Naughties. Up pulls a truck, and I watched them, to my surprise and dismay (as I lusted to have it join my EV in the GarageMahalo) load the floor model and take it away to Barber Motosports museum. Still there, I suppose. What a temptress. My Ballabio was a joy to ride, but the Rosso Corsa was and remains a head-turner of the first magnitude. Bill
  6. @LowRyter's "sad face” reaction to my post, above, is intellectually interesting. If he meant that he was sad because I might do more damage to my GuzzisI, I am touched. Moreover, he and others who feel similarly will be pleased to know that I was able only to go down a few minutes and mostly just hooked up my EV to the battery tender. I am capable of causing sparks from that, but got lucky today. If, OTOH, he meant that PayPal should do as it did here because he shares P2’s view of things, it would seem that he illustrates my intended point. By that I mean, if he disagreed with PP’s position on a given political view, he would be appalled by, not applauding, the action. I am, of course, imputing to him things he may not have meant at all. If so, I have a fine unopened bottle of high-end bourbon waiting for him, tho he’ll after to come visit the Moto Grappa — where he and all Guzzisti are, with regard whatever to their political views, welcome. But, it seems to me that a business — especially a mega-business on the web — should be politically neutral. I am always bemused by those who will not buy a product and want others to boycott businesses because of the political, religious, or whatever views of the owners. That is, IMO, a personal matter and none of my concern. I distinguish that from a business that panders politics to the public in its marketing. Boycott away because they have chosen that course as a tool. Ben & Jerry's comes to mind, tho it's been a struggle to get Kathi to give up Cherry Garcia. I suppose — but I must tread there warily — that most of us would agree that a person, business, institution, or any other entity that espoused, e.g., pedophilia, human sacrifice, or similar shocking, immoral, or illegal conduct, deserves our contempt and more. But, nearly everything else falls within that realm of ideas over which we — at least one hopes we — might reasonably differ, discuss, debate … and vote. At the ballot box, not the cash register. When a major business entity essentially chooses sides — and it doesn’t matter which side — and acts to squelch those who see things differently, it does us all harm. Those who smugly see themselves as morally superior to the rest of us find nothing wrong with such censorship of speech. They seemingly think that what they do is so right that no one could object without being unworthy of consideration. Indeed, they think that those dissenting voices should be silenced. When, however, the position is not in keeping with their own, well, that’s a different matter. They will then learn that one can fight city hall (and the government generally) and win. That is hardly the case with the suits at corporate HQ’s. I thus am, as you might suppose from all of the above, no cheerleader for corporate activism no matter which "side" it is on. Life is too short to engage in this sort of discussion on a Guzzi forum. I’ll be happy to continue this at the Moto Grappa, under the pavilion at Tellico Lodge, down by The River in Kentucky on a Mutton Run, or most any place where we might gather in moto-fellowship and share our thoughts along with something worthy of our sipping. Until then, well, I’m out. Best to all, Bill
  7. An interesting thread. Thanks, @Pressureangle, for posting it. This illustrates how those who are driven more by content and their cause du jour than process could find themselves sputtering if the underlying reasons were reversed. For example -- to use an absurd example simply for effect -- imagine if PP had said the same thing about those who support abortion anytime on demand. Some, now untroubled by this present rule because they agree with PP's political stance, might be aflame with indignation were the rationale otherwise justified. I also like what I understand to be Poland's approach to internet censorship by government or tech corps: folks are free to post anything that is not patently unlawful. In other words, no matter how stupid or farfetched, one is free to say it, with the rest of us free to accept or reject on the merits. It is sublimely fascinating to have former commies school us in freedom of speech. To say we peasants are not capable of sorting wheat from chaff is highhanded hubris of the self-appointed elite. As for alternatives, @docc, I have used PP lots, but do find this disquieting, and will now think about bailing. I can send ACH payments directly from my online bank when cash need, or use CC for others. I have used Zelle and Venmo -- https://www.forbes.com/advisor/money-transfer/zelle-vs-venmo/ -- but much less often that PP. Enough. It's now time to focus on way more important matters. So, I'll go putz in the Moto Grappa and see if I can wrench a bit without doing any major damage to my Guzzis. Bill
  8. I did not know about Warner passing. Will look for link here or obit. Bill
  9. Dennis’s wife, Taew, has recovered and returned to the U.S.Because many of Dennis's family and friends live overseas, his memorial service was delayed, but has now been set for 16 October 2022.Here's the announcement for that in the event any of you might be able to attend. Dennis's family would be touched to see any of his extended "moto-family," too. The family understands, of course, that few might be able actually to attend the ceremony in Georgia on 16 October.Dennis’s daughter, Martina, thought, however, that some who knew Dennis — and even those who did not but had read of his motorcycling life and loss — might wish to say something at the ceremony even when not there physically.Martina found a web-based way to include those at a distance in an easy-to-use video platform that enables her to collect and combine video clips to create a group video tribute. She thus asks that anyone interested add a video using this link: https://app.memento.com/celebrating-the-life-of-dennis-kristof/SSHP8uP5nl/record Many thanks.Bill
  10. As I threatened earlier in the South’n Spine thread saga, this post is about the latest "Mutton Run" to Daviess County in western Kentucky, and includes -- at no extra cost — (a very few) pix of a Hagan family reunion. this evening As longtime readers here know, for several years, I and others similarly afflicted with a love of motorcycles and willingness to eat mutton — not necessarily a common combo! — have ridden from various points to eat mutton twice a year at the St. Mary of the Woods picnic and at restaurants in Owensboro. OK, OK, as many also know, it is possible that it is not only mutton alone that calls us, but, perhaps, beer, bourbon, and BS, all of which abound on the Mutton Runs. Here’s the latest of these, told in (yes, too many) pix and captions, of our ride to Daviess County. My moto-accomplices began arriving on Tuesday, 20 September, and we returned home on Tuesday, 27 September. My total mileage of about of 1300 miles in four riding days was hardly of the “ironbutt” sort, but not a mile was on the slab, and most on very fine backroads in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, and Kentucky. I rode my Griso. What a wonderful beast and fine tourer. Mine now has 32K miles. With the exception of the well-known "rollerization" debacle, its only problems have been self-inflicted by me. : I managed to fix -- to the "good enough" standard, at least -- the stripped threads on the rear brake and the associated severed speed-sensor cable. Neither was an issue on this trip. Larry, who started from Ormond Beach, Fla., on his shiny new V7-850, tallied 2300+ miles. His return home was less of the “smell the flowers” sort than his outbound leg, as Hurricane Ian smacked his hometown hard. Bob started in Rochester, N.Y., and rode with us on is '01 EV to Maysville, then returned home via a side trip to visit an ailing friend in Columbus, O. Larry and I rode on with a brief appearance at the Kentucky rally in Frankfort. Fun to see Zoom Zoom and other Guzzisti there. Then, Scott, on his really nifty MP-3, met us in Owensboro. Kathi [] slabbed it in one day in our little Fit, carrying enough tools to do roadside depot-level maintenance. Back to the pix. As I usually do, I have these on Smugmug in “collage landscape” form. That way, they all open in collected thumbnails first. You can then hover your cursor over the individual pix to read — if desired — the captions. That process truncates one or two captions a bit, but most appear completely. You can make the pix bigger and see (again, if you wish) all of captions in larger text size if you select the slideshow option. Nutt'n But Mutton; September 2022 As a (slightly related) aside, I dropped my laptop in the hotel on this trip, resulting in the “black Screen of Death.” Kathi gently suggested that bourbon was involved. Possibly. :boozing: Anyway, as it was long out of warranty, I decided to try some self-help “surgery.” Friend Lannis -- who has been on several Mutton Runs -- is blessed that I didn’t perform his recent bypass op. I watched a few y/t vids, donned gloves, used the right tools — delivered by Mr. Brown the same day! — and converted the MBP’s dead monitor into a large paperweight. $igh. Yes, I now have a new laptop. Hope to see some of you on a future Mutton Run! Bill
  11. I am about to post about the latest "Mutton Run" in a separate thread. But to muddle this a bit more on the whole BBQ question, I'll add these comments: * I grew up in Daviess County (Owensboro). For years, I felt similarly about Old Hickory, i.e., it's where the locals ate. We all did. That said, (most) (Catholic) church picnics were better still. Then, last May, our mutton-eating (and beer & bourbon-drinking) moto-bubbas went to OH as usual. I was very disappointed. Moonlite, then and in this latest trip, even with all of its kitschy and off-putting trappings, was much better, especially in the mutton category. * As for BBQ generally and anywhere on the planet, the critical first question is whether the meat has been parboiled before grilling. If the answer is yes, it's amateur fare. The second point is that if you need to slather meat with sauce, you are a sissy and the BBQ unworthy of tasting. * See the links: https://bbqfest.com & https://festivalnet.com/7196/Owensboro-Kentucky/Food-Festivals/International-Bar-B-Q-Festival. Note location. There is a reason for that. I knew you'd want to know all of this. Bill
  12. ^^^^^^^^^^^ My lawyer will be contacting you. As for current events, Kathi -- sag wagon driver and support-team supervisor -- and I are in Daviess County, Kentucky, for mutton and more. I rode the Griso; two friends joined on other Guzzis. A very WET first day, then a grand ride on Friday. The big mutton event is today. More pix on return, but here's one ... Bill
  13. I am at an age where memory isn't the only thing that's going, but it's up there. That said, did "we" not switch some years ago from May raids to September ones because of of several soaking T-storms? I am, of course, mindful of having been more than bit dampened by fog at the latest raid, but it seems to me that the September weather is (usually) a bit better. OTOH, as with mutton runs, we could have two. The Lodge would like it. Bill
  14. Kinda lonely around “these here parts” tonight. Just me and the Canadian Harleyists. Bill
  15. It is turning out that way. Yet, even if things were balmy and dry here, my middle name is Rainer (pronounced the way Reiner usual is). My German mother had a Weimar-era adolescent crush on Rainer Maria Rilke, so that “boy named Sue” sort of name has been part of me since the beginning. So, it is SpineRainer every time I come here! Bill
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