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  1. Concur on "poses," etc. Much else is overstudied, too, but a few beers at the SSR would fix that. For me, however, always charmed by a woman's laugh, Monica's giggle at c.18:40 makes it all forgivable. Bill Do tell. Please. Tho maybe waiting for the Lodge's pavilion at Tellico might be wiser. Bill
  2. OTOH, while some bashed poor Mr. Dobbs, I just saw this on y/t while looking for a (short) vid on R&R'ing fluids on my V85.. Must go; this awaits ... ... along with "Her Grace's" task list up here at the house. Bill
  3. I just watched the vid. Have to say that I expected way worse based on the comments, above, but I liked it. [Yes, that's damning with faint, etc. ] Dobbs seems a likable fellow and, more on point, I very much like the moto. Have always thought Nortons grand, and wished the (several) resurrection efforts well. I do wish we could see more of Monika than the one photo I found out there. Bill
  4. This is an update on Josh Colon's medical condition: More here: https://www.givesendgo.com/conlonemergency Bill
  5. This is more of the serious conversation sort than the fun banter usually found here. This is about a local family in a nearby parish whose lives were turned upside-down a few days ago. Kathi and I do not know them. Given, however, the motorcycle connection and compelling story, we gave. Please join us and others in that if you find it worthy. https://www.givesendgo.com/conlonemergency Many thanks. Bill
  6. Philistines. 108K miles and still a joy. Bill
  7. I think that Guzzi sold quite a number of the Tonti California models, especially after a major moto-mag-rag named it Cruiser of the Year in '98. Bill
  8. Ditto. Maybe we could put our spousal units up at Tapoco Lodge for the weekend? My Kathi always emotes about the river and view there, leaving us to consider the charms of the Cubanos. OTOH ... erm ... probably not. Bill
  9. Good evening from the Moto Grappa at the top of Virginia! Here is the slideshow I made of last weekend’s Moto Grappa Tech Days 2024 [MGTD ’24], the seventh in the MGTD series. I took 800+ pix; yes, really. On the merciful side, while, of course, there are still too many, there are fewer than 1/4 of that original number of this weekend of aging Moto Guzzi enthusiasts (sans spousal units) reliving frat house days of debauchery under the guise of working on their Italian mounts. No dummy and experienced in the squalor that follows in a MGTD’s wake, Kathi, my Perfect Pillion & Polish Princess, flew to Seattle just before the event, and — aside from a cameo to swap the “airport car" for a better one — returned after the follow-on HAZMAT team left. 😄 ========= For those still reading, the link opens in landscape collage, thus allowing you to look at all at once rather than slogging through those individually. Hover your cursor over each pic to see captions. The system truncates some of those in the collage format. The best practice is to run the pix in slideshow form so the pix are larger, tho that can cause captions to disappear unless you keep the cursor in the lower left of each photo. Yes, I know a PITA. Speaking of PITA, the “buy photo” option is nuts. If, for some inexplicable reason, you want any pic, simply download it. If want higher-res, let me know. OK … at last, the link: https://bill-and-kathi.smugmug.com/MGTD-2024/n-cRqfHF Bill P.S. I did not include the following “bonus pic" in the slideshow proper. One of the MGTD attendees left early to rent and ride a motorcycle in Nevada.. He took several pix of his MGTD souvenir cap —à la "Where’s Waldo?” — Here’s one; read the sign!
  10. Certainly impressive riding. Says a bit about small block Royal Enfields, too. Bill P.S. Had to look up what BSF meant: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Border_Security_Force
  11. Bryan called earlier this evening, and followed with an email, to confirm we are set for 301; in Friday, out Sunday. Now to convince our travel agent that yes, we -- i.e., my Perfect Pillion & Polish Princess -- want to go to Poland at (about) that time, but not at that exact time! FWIW, have touched base with some Polish Guzzisti to meet with while there. Bill
  12. Thanks for the nudge. Have been busy for weeks (and still am) with MGTD '24 prep ... and making sure I use all of Kathi's energy in that before she launches for Seattle tomorrow. She's not about to stay around for the belching, snoring, and BS session that MGTD is. Anyway, just reserved our stay, and asked for 301 again. Bill
  13. I don't believe this for a moment. Nope. "Retirement" is simply code for being tired of giving out free advice for decades. Now, you are going to hang out a consultant's shingle on the web, complete with (1) a bio for the two or three Guzzista on the planet who do not know of you; (2) a required waiver for those with dumb questions who bruise easily, and; (3) PayPal and CC links for take-it-to-the-bank answers to the questions that the innocent and damned might ask of the wizard from Oz. Nice plan. Seriously, best wishes to you, Jude, and Michael for success and happiness. Bill
  14. My favorite — albeit for sentimental as well as qualitative reasons —is, regrettably, no longer made. Think I have mentioned it here before: Yellow Banks. Sigh. It had, iMO, that almost perfect hint of sweetness that made it a pleasant sipping bourbon that lingered wonderfully when the glass was empty … always too soon, no matter how one tried to be disciplined. At least one reviewer agreed with me; see: 2020 Review of Yellow Banks Bourbon I happen to have one unopened bottle left that I am saving for the right company to visit. Nearly [] everyone here qualifies. Bill
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